Goodman Family History

The Goodman Family Coat of Arms

Family Graves, Peterborough Cathedral

THOMAS GOODMAN, chandler, of Peterborough, Northamptonshire, m. 18 Dec 1664 at St. John’s, Peterborough, FRANCES, bapt 22 May 1642 at St. John’s, Peterborough, younger dau of VALENTINE PARKER (who d. Jun 1657), yeoman, Town Baily of Peterborough 1652-57 and his wife JANE (who d. 19 Sep 1653 and was buried in Peterborough Cathedral and whose inscription reads: ‘Here lyeth the body of Jane Parker; The Wife of Valentine Parker; She departed this life Sep. 19, 1653 Here lyeth a Midwife brought to bed, Deliveresse delivered; Her body being Churched here, Her soull gives thankes in yonder sphere’). See GOODMAN – Burke’s Family Records 1897. He d. between 1692 (see the Peterborough will of his brother-in-law, John Wyldbore, Lord of the Manor of Glinton) and 1721 and she d. 2 Jan 1721/22 and was buried in the Minster Precincts on 4 Jan 1721/22 having had issue (see gravestone):

  1. THOMAS, of whom presently.
  2. Elizabeth, bapt 5 Nov 1667 at St. John’s, Peterborough, buried at St. John’s, Peterborough on 17 Dec 1667.
  3. Frances, bapt 27 Feb 1669/70 at St. John’s, Peterborough.

THOMAS GOODMAN of Peterborough and Caistor, Lincolnshire, b. circa 1681, m. MARY, possibly dau of BENJAMIN TOMLINSON of Brattleby, Lincolnshire. He was buried in the Minster Precincts on 24 Jan 1721/22, aged 40, and she d. 21 Jun 1742, aged 56, and was buried in the Minster Precincts on 24 Jun 1742 (see gravestone) having had issue:

  1. Thomas, bapt 21 Dec 1709 at Caistor, buried at Caistor on 10 Oct 1710.
  2. FEAST, of whom presently.
  3. Thomas, bapt 6 Dec 1717 at St. John’s, Peterborough, apprenticed to John Booth, grocer, of Peterborough in 1730, d. unmarried 20 Nov 1741, aged 24, and was buried in the Minster Precincts on 22 Nov 1741 (see gravestone).
  4. Frances, bapt 4 Oct 1713 at St. John’s, Peterborough, d. 24 Oct 1721, aged 8, and was buried in the Minster Precincts on 26 Oct 1721 (see gravestone).
  5. Mary, bapt 14 Jul 1720 at St. John’s, Peterborough, buried at St. John’s, Peterborough on 11 May 1725.

FEAST GOODMAN, grocer and tallow chandler, of Peterborough, bapt 9 Mar 1710/11 at Caistor, m. 12 Nov 1744 at Woodston, Huntingdonshire, MARY, bapt 9 Oct 1717 at Broseley, Shropshire, third dau of EDWARD EDWARDS of Broseley and his wife CATHERINE, dau of JOHN HINCKESMAN. See Edwards Family History. She d. 31 Aug 1780 and he d. 8 May 1784 (Consistory Court of Peterborough will dated 21 Apr 1784 and proved 2 Jun 1784) and they were both buried in the centre of the nave at St. John’s, Peterborough (see monumental inscriptions) having had issue:

  1. THOMAS, of whom presently.
  2. Feast, draper, of Peterborough, City Commissioner in 1790, b. 14 Apr 1757, bapt 22 May 1757 at St. John’s, Peterborough, m. 18 Sep 1785 at St. Peter at Arches, Lincoln, Theodosia, dau of John Parsons, Mayor of Lincoln in 1789, and his wife Sarah (née Proctor) and sister of Rev John Parsons, D.D. (see below). He d. 6 Apr 1836 (P.C.C. will dated 23 Apr 1829 and proved 4 May 1836) and was buried at St. John’s, Peterborough on 12 Apr 1836 and she d. 30 Jan 1855 having had issue:
    1. Benjamin Bull, draper, of 7 Crescent, Peterborough and Wilmington Square, London, b. 2 Feb 1788, godson of Benjamin Bull (see below), m. 13 Jan 1816, his first cousin, Sarah, only dau of Rev John Parsons, D.D., Fellow of Brasenose College, Oxford, Rector of St. John, Wapping (see above). He d. 28 Jun 1868 at 6 Pavilion Parade, Brighton (Will dated 11 Jun 1868 and proved 25 Jul 1868) and she d. 22 Dec 1878 having had issue:
      1. Benjamin Whitsed, b. 8 Jan 1818, bapt 24 Jul 1818 at St. John’s, Peterborough and d. 27 Feb 1822.
      2. Rev John Parsons, M.A., Rector of Keyston, Huntingdonshire 1848-91, b. 6 Aug 1820, bapt 5 Sep 1820 at St. John’s, Peterborough, educ Emmanuel College, Cambridge, m. 16 Jun 1846, Charlotte, dau of Edward Jenkins of Peterborough and sister of Rev Edward Charles Frederick Jenkins (see below). She d.s.p. 17 Jun 1886 and he d. 9 Jun 1891.
      3. Mary Parsons, of 29 St. Luke’s Road, Westbourne Park, London, b. 25 Dec 1816, bapt 28 Mar 1817 at St. John’s, Peterborough, m. 20 Apr 1843 at St. John’s, Peterborough, John Ray, Bank of England clerk, son of Thomas Ray of Badger, Shropshire and his wife Elizabeth (née Barker). He d.s.p. 20 Feb 1885 and she d. 19 Mar 1900 (Will dated 22 Mar 1894 and proved 1 May 1900).
      4. Sarah Bowker, b. 23 Oct 1821, bapt 2 Dec 1822 at St. John’s, Peterborough, m. 13 Feb 1845 at St. Mark’s, Myddelton Square, Lemuel Goddard, merchant, of 27 St. Lawrence Pountney Street, London and The Crescent, America Square, bapt 21 Mar 1804 at St. George in the East, son of Lemuel Goddard. He d.s.p. 28 Nov 1877 at St. Ann’s Hill, Wandsworth and she d. 20 Feb 1904 at 11 Melrose Crescent, South Kensington.
      5. Theodosia Caroline, b. 17 Oct 1823, bapt 16 Nov 1823 at St. John’s, Peterborough, m. 10 Sep 1850 at Keyston, Rev Henry Lewis Distin, M.A., Curate of Bythorpe, Huntingdonshire 1844-65, Vicar of Horninghold, Leicestershire 1869-84, son of Henry Distin, M.D., of Savannah La Mar, Jamaica. She d. 19 Sep 1867 and he d. 28 Mar 1884 at Hallaton, Leicestershire having had issue:
        1. Alban Lewis Goodman, tea merchant’s clerk, of 11 Melrose Terrace, Hammersmith, b. 11 Jul 1851 at Bythorpe, d. unmarried 3 Mar 1920 (Will dated 23 Mar 1919 and proved 7 May 1920).
    2. Feast, farmer, of Farcet Fen, Huntingdonshire, b. 9 Sep 1792, educ Oundle, d. unmarried 29 Mar 1829 (P.C.C. will dated 16 Dec 1828 and proved 12 May 1829) and was buried at St. John’s, Peterborough on 3 Apr 1829.
    3. Theodosia, b. 1 Aug 1786, bapt 5 Nov 1786 at St. John’s, Peterborough, m. 31 Jan 1806 at St. Mildred, Poultry, Dr. John Whitsed, M.D.(Edin), M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., author of On Diseases Resembling Syphilis, published in 1813, a leading freemason, Mayor of Wisbech in 1845 and 1850, son of William Whitsed of Peakirk, Cambridgeshire. He d. 8 May 1862 (Will dated 16 Aug 1861 and proved 2 Jun 1862) and she d. Sep 1871 having had issue:
      1. Thomas, bapt 19 Jun 1807 at St. John’s, Peterborough, d. young.
      2. Theodosia, bapt Nov 1808 at St. John’s, Peterborough, m. George William Veasey of Huntingdon and later of Liverpool Terrace, Islington. She d. 1831 and he d. 14 Jun 1851, aged 50, at Islington having had issue.
      3. Susan, of Wentworth Villa, London Road, Peterborough, bapt 19 Apr 1811 at St. John’s, Peterborough, m. 25 Nov 1832 at St. George, Bloomsbury, Rev Edward Charles Frederick Jenkins, M.A., Rector of Billinghay with Walcot, Lincolnshire 1832-1881, son of Edward Jenkins of Peterborough (see above). He d. 4 Mar 1881 and she d. 14 Mar 1892 having had issue.
      4. Frances, bapt 19 Apr 1811 at St. John’s, Peterborough, m. at St. George’s, Bloomsbury (Faculty Office marriage licence dated 4 Sep 1832), Richard Edward Arden, J.P., barrister-at-law, Sheriff of Pembrokeshire in 1872, Master of the Pewterers’ Company in 1852, Principal of Clifford’s Inn 1879-94, bapt 15 Jan 1805 at St. Andrew, Holborn, son of Joseph Arden, barrister-at-law, Master of the Pewterers’ Company in 1848, of Red Lion Square, London. See Modern English Biography by Frederic Boase. She d. 21 May 1836 and he d. 17 Apr 1894 having had issue.
      5. Elizabeth, of Brookside, Park Road, Peterborough, b. circa 1816, d. unmarried 17 Dec 1906 (Will dated 3 Apr 1900 and proved 19 Feb 1907).
    4. Frances, b. Sep 1794, bapt 1 Jan 1795 at St. John’s, Peterborough, m. William Nathan Gray of March, Isle of Ely. She d. 6 Sep 1826 and he d. 14 Mar 1842, aged 56, at Boulogne.
  3. Mary, b. 10 Jul 1746, bapt 15 Aug 1746 at St. John’s, Peterborough, m. 28 Jul 1772 at St. John’s, Peterborough, Benjamin Bull, mercer and draper, of Minster Close, Peterborough, City Commissioner in 1790, son of John Bull, farmer, of Peterborough. She d.s.p. 3 Sep 1825 and he d. 26 Jul 1828 (P.C.C. will dated 29 Feb 1828 and proved 30 Sep 1828).
  4. Catherine, b. 9 Jan 1748/49, bapt 9 Feb 1748/49 at St. John’s, Peterborough, buried at St. John’s, Peterborough on 21 Nov 1753.
  5. Jane, b. 3 Apr 1750, bapt 2 May 1750 at St. John’s, Peterborough, buried at St. John’s, Peterborough on 3 Jan 1768.
  6. Frances, b. 19 Feb 1752, bapt 31 Mar 1752 at St. John’s, Peterborough, m. 20 Nov 1776, her first cousin, George Maxwell, of Fletton Lodge, Fletton, Huntingdonshire, agriculturalist and Steward to Lord Eardley, son of Robert Maxwell of Folksworth, Huntingdonshire and his wife Katherine, second dau of Edward Edwards. See Edwards Family History. George Maxwell was painted by Benjamin West, wrote several pamphlets on the subject of land drainage and taxation of the North Level 1781-93, was one of the pioneers of modern surveying and is said to have enclosed more parishes in England than any other man. She d. 26 Jun 1790 at Fletton Lodge, he d. 25 Dec 1816 at Fletton Lodge (P.C.C. will dated 2 Mar 1816 and proved 7 Jan 1817) and they were both buried at Fletton having had issue:
    1. John Goodman, surveyor, of Spalding, b. 7 Sep 1777 at Graveley, Hertfordshire, bapt 26 Nov 1777 at Graveley, m. 18 Oct 1800 at Kimbolton, Bedfordshire, Mary, dau of Rev William Peacock of Woolley Manor, Huntingdonshire and his wife Ann (née Prime). He d. 4 Sep 1801 in the hunting field at Great Burford, Bedfordshire and she d. 26 Sep 1856 at Bideford, Devon having had issue:
      1. John Goodman, M.A., of Coham House, Black Torrington, Devon, b. 2 Dec 1801 at Woolley, Huntingdonshire, educ St. Paul’s, Caius College, Cambridge, m. 1stly 3 Aug 1826 at Huntingdon, Ann Sarah, elder dau of Sir John Arundel (formerly Brazier), Mayor of Huntingdon in 1807 and 1820, Master of Huntingdon Grammar School until he was dismissed in 1836, of Castle Hill House, Huntingdon, and his wife Sarah Anne, dau of Stephen Arundel of Huntingdonand had issue: 1 son. She d. 9 May 1831 at Babbacombe, Devon and he m. 2ndly 31 Jan 1833 at Hartford, Huntingdonshire, Eliza Harriett, dau of Thomas Keyse, coach builder, and his wife Elizabeth (née Jones). She d. 1 Jan 1866 at Hipperholme, Yorkshire and he d. 20 Jul 1876 at Okehampton, Devon having had further issue: 8 sons and 5 daus.
    2. Benjamin, bapt 28 Dec 1778 at Graveley, d. 5 Jun 1789 at Kimbolton School.
    3. Oliver, b. 1 Sep 1782, d. young.
    4. George, bapt 25 Apr 1788 at Fletton, d. 9 May 1788.
    5. George Cleaver, b. at Tencett, Northamptonshire, bapt 8 Jul 1789 at Fletton, m. 14 May 1812 at St. John’s, Peterborough, his first cousin, Mary, dau of Thomas Goodman (see below). She d.s.p. 16 Oct 1839 and, having spent a number of years in asylums, he d. 15 Nov 1862 (Will dated 16 Jan 1841 and proved 16 Dec 1862) at Swimbridge, Devon.
    6. Mary, bapt 27 Nov 1781 at Graveley, buried at Graveley on 18 Dec 1781.
    7. Catherine, b. 19 Sep 1784 at Orton Longueville, m. 27 Aug 1811, Rev William Strong, J.P., Chaplain in Ordinary to Queen Victoria, first Chairman, Peterborough Petty and Quarter Sessions, of Thorpe Hall, Peterborough, son of Ven William Strong, D.D., Archdeacon of Northampton and Canon of Peterborough, of Minster Precincts and his wife Margaret, dau of Rev John Wakelin, Rector of Fletton. See STRONG of THORPE HALL – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1952 Edition. She d. 6 Oct 1816 at Stanground, Huntingdonshire (see monumental inscription in Stanground Parish Church) and he d. 16 May 1866 at Thorpe Hall having had issue:
      1. William Bate (twin), B.A., bapt 28 Jun 1815 at Stanground, educ Rugby, Trinity College, Cambridge, d. unmarried 3 Nov 1843 at Cambridge. See monumental inscription in Old All Saints’, Cambridge.
      2. Margaretta, bapt 5 Nov 1813 at Stanground, d. young.
      3. Margaretta, bapt 28 Dec 1814 at Stanground, d. Jan 1830, aged 16, and was buried at Stanground. See monumental inscription in Stanground Parish Church.
      4. Catherine (twin), bapt 28 Jun 1815 at Stanground, d. young.
  7. Catherine, b. 10 Aug 1759, bapt 12 Sep 1759 at St. John’s, Peterborough, m. 1 Aug 1785 at St. John’s, Peterborough, Samuel Harris Bowker, grocer, of Peterborough, son of Thomas Bowker of Peterborough and his wife Mary Harris of Daventry. He d. 1 Aug 1795, aged 42, and was buried at St. John’s, Peterborough (P.C.C. will dated 13 May 1795 and proved 9 Jun 1796) and she d. 6 May 1846 (P.C.C. will dated 15 Apr 1831 and proved 23 Jul 1846) and was buried at Fletton having had issue:
    1. Samuel, bapt 24 Aug 1787 at St. John’s, Peterborough, d. 26 Apr 1797, aged 10, and was buried at St. John’s, Peterborough.
    2. William, solicitor, of 2 South Square, Gray’s Inn and Sutton, Heston, Middlesex, b. 1789, entered Oundle on 19 Jul 1797, d. unmarried 3 Mar 1867 and was buried at Fletton.
    3. Thomas, D.L., J.P., of Manor House Farm, Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire, b. 8 Aug 1791, educ Oundle, m. Sarah Eagles Cowley. She d. 1 May 1848, aged 44, and was buried at St. Mary’s, Whittlesey on 6 May 1848 and he d. 10 May 1882 (Will dated 14 Jul 1873 and proved 19 Jun 1882) having had issue: 6 sons and 6 daus, of whom 3 daus d. young. See monumental inscriptions and the reredos in St. Mary’s, Whittlesey.

THOMAS GOODMAN, grocer, of Priestgate, Peterborough, City Commissioner in 1790, Churchwarden of St. John the Baptist in 1803 when the new Cowgate burial ground was decided upon, b. 26 Jul 1754, bapt 4 Sep 1754 at St. John’s, Peterborough, m. 16 Apr 1788 at St. Peter at Arches, Lincoln, MARY (correspondence), bapt 19 May 1767 at St. Peter at Arches, dau of ROBERT VERGETTE, butcher, Sheriff of Lincoln in 1765, (P.C.C. will dated 5 Mar 1803 and proved 27 May 1807) and his wife MARY, dau of WILLIAM HODGKINSON and eighth in descent from WILLIAM VERGETTE, Sheriff of Lincoln in 1555. He d. 1 May 1829 (P.C.C. will dated 26 Jun 1827 and proved 2 Jun 1829) and she d. 1 Feb 1845 (P.C.C. will dated 2 May 1835 and proved 28 Oct 1845) and was buried alongside her husband in the burial ground at Cowgate, Peterborough on 7 Feb 1845 having had issue:

  1. THOMAS, of whom presently.
  2. Robert, miller and brewer, of Ringstead, Norfolk, b. 1 Jul 1795, bapt 16 Oct 1795 at St. John’s, Peterborough, educ Oundle, m. 1stly 10 Nov 1825 at Ingham, Lincolnshire, Mary, dau of Thomas Brown of Lincoln. She d. 10 May 1828, aged 31, and was buried at Ringstead on 14 May 1828 having had issue:
    1. Robert, b. 10 Jan 1828, bapt 15 Jan 1828 at Ringstead, buried at Ringstead on 17 Jan 1828.
    2. Mary, bapt 23 Dec 1826 at Ringstead, d. unmarried 27 Dec 1854.
    He m. 2ndly 22 Oct 1832 at Ringstead, Sarah Bunn of Snettisham, Norfolk, dau of a farmer on the Sandringham Estate. She d. Jan 1862 and he d. 15 Nov 1875 at King’s Lynn (Will dated 11 Oct 1873 and proved 28 Feb 1876) having had further issue:
    1. Thomas, grocer and tea dealer, of Peterborough, b. 4 Feb 1838, m. 10 Jan 1867 at St. Mary’s, Whittlesey, Caroline Sarah Robinson (Carrie) Bowker (who m. 2ndly Henry Garne, stationer, of High Street, Egham, Surrey and had further issue), dau of Thomas Burgess Bowker, farmer, of Whittlesey and his wife Rebecca (née Burnham) and d. 17 Oct 1869 at Peterborough (Will dated 26 Feb 1868 and proved 1 Dec 1869) having had issue:
      1. Thomas, b. 1868, d. unmarried 24 Oct 1892.
      2. Catherine Burnham, b. 1869, m. 18 Jan 1896 at East Hill Congregational Chapel, Wandsworth, Sydney Janes, Master Outfitter, of High Street, Egham, son of Thomas Janes, draper.
    2. Catharine Maxwell, of 30 Durlston Road, Stoke Newington, b. 1 Sep 1833, bapt 13 Sep 1833 at Ringstead, m. 1868, George Barnes, corn factor, of Mangate Terrace, Swaffham, Norfolk and d. 28 Nov 1919 at 1 The Terrace, Camden Square having had issue:
      1. William Goodman, accountant, of 12 Goodmayes Lane, Ilford, Essex, b. 1870 at Swaffham, m. 1897 in Hackney, Ray Maude Emanuel and d. 17 Jul 1949 having had issue.
      2. Minnie, m. 1896 at Swaffham, Hessel Joshua Levinsohn.
    3. Charlotte Sarah, of 29 Pulteney Road, South Woodford, Essex, b. 13 Mar 1836, bapt 28 Mar 1836 at Ringstead, d. unmarried 22 Feb 1922 (Will dated 17 Nov 1899 and proved 15 Mar 1922).
    4. Agnes, b. 21 Jun 1839, d. unmarried 28 Aug 1858.
  3. Mary, b. 16 Jan 1789, m. 18 Jun 1812 at St. John’s, Peterborough, her first cousin, George Cleaver Maxwell, son of George Maxwell of Fletton Lodge, Fletton and his wife Frances, fourth dau of Feast Goodman (see above). She d. 16 Oct 1839 and he d.s.p. 15 Nov 1862 at Swimbridge, Devon.
  4. Catherine Elizabeth, b. 12 Jun 1790, d. unmarried 17 Dec 1871 and was buried in the family vault at Edgbaston Parish Church on 22 Dec 1871.
  5. Jane, bapt 18 Aug 1791 at St. John’s, Peterborough, d. 1791.
  6. Jane, b. 13 Apr 1807, bapt 29 Sep 1807 at St. John’s, Peterborough, d. 7 Jul 1810 and was buried at St. John’s, Peterborough on 9 Jul 1810.

THOMAS GOODMAN (reminiscences), grocer, of Westgate, Peterborough and later of Frederick Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, b. 20 Jun 1792, bapt 5 Oct 1792 at St. John’s, Peterborough, educ Oundle, left Peterborough in Apr 1835, travelled in England and Scotland and on the continent before settling in Birmingham in Oct 1836, Trustee, Birmingham General Hospital, Trustee, Birmingham Institution for the Blind, Director, District Bank from 20 Jul 1848, m. 1stly 6 Apr 1815 at St. Swithin’s, Lincoln, MARY, bapt 31 May 1789 at Timberland, Lincolnshire, dau of JOHN DENT, farmer, of Martin in the parish of Timberland and his wife ELIZABETH, widow of Edward Cartwright and dau of GEORGE PRIESTLEY. She d. 15 Mar 1823 and was buried at St. John’s, Peterborough on 20 Mar 1823 having had issue:

  1. JOHN DENT, of whom presently.
  2. Thomas Henry, b. 15 Aug 1818, bapt 7 Oct 1818 at St. John’s, Peterborough, buried at St. John’s, Peterborough on 11 Jan 1819.
  3. Canon George, M.A. (obituary), b. 17 May 1821, bapt 24 Jun 1821 at St. John’s, Peterborough, educ Hazelwood School, Edgbaston, Christ’s College, Cambridge, Curate of St. Bride’s, Fleet Street 1846-53, sailed from Bristol for Australia on 23 Jul 1853 on the Corfield, arriving in Melbourne in Dec 1853, Vicar of Christ Church, Geelong 1855-1906, Secretary of Geelong Grammar School Council for 45 years, Canon of St. Paul’s Cathedral, Melbourne and examining Chaplain to the Bishop of Melbourne for 51 years, serving four Bishops, m. 1 Jul 1853 at St. Bride’s, Fleet Street, Margaret Elizabeth, b. 3 Dec 1821, sometime Governess to The Marquess of Normanby, dau of Henry Powlett Mortlock, bookseller, of Stamford. See the Australian Dictionary of Biography, Who’s Who and memorial window in Christ Church, Geelong. She d. 26 Sep 1901 and he d. 25 Jun 1908 and was buried in the Eastern Cemetery, Geelong having had issue:
    1. Charles Powlett, b. 17 Mar 1861 at Geelong, d. 26 Dec 1865.
    2. Ada Laura (biography), b. 11 May 1855 at Geelong, Secretary, Geelong Nursing Society, Council Member, Church of England Grammar School, Geelong, living in 1922.
    3. Fanny, b. 9 Aug 1856 at Geelong, d. unmarried 28 May 1895.
    4. Laura Jane, b. 8 Jan 1858 at Geelong, d. unmarried 8 Nov 1879.
    5. Edith Mary, b. 15 Jun 1859 at Geelong, m. 25 Aug 1917 in Geelong Grammar School Chapel, Rev Clement Henry Lea, M.A., Chaplain, Geelong Grammar School 1913-16, Assistant Chaplain, Church of England Grammar School, Melbourne 1924-32, who d. 19 Nov 1939 at Toorak, near Melbourne.
    6. Ethel Margaret, b. 1 Jun 1862 at Geelong, d. Sep 1864.
  4. Jane, b. 31 Jul 1817, bapt 17 Sep 1817 at St. John’s, Peterborough, d. unmarried 9 Nov 1887 and was buried in the family vault at Edgbaston Parish Church.
  5. Mary Dent, of 45 Onslow Gardens, South Kensington, b. 17 Sep 1819, m. 5 Oct 1840 at Edgbaston, Edward Woods, President of the Institute of Civil Engineers in 1886, consultant railway engineer, son of Samuel Woods, F.G.S, of Whitehart Court, Gracechurch Street, London and his wife Lucy (née Webb). See WOODS – Burke’s Family Records 1897. She d. 15 Apr 1879 at 45 Onslow Gardens and he d. 14 Jun 1903 at 45 Onslow Gardens having had issue:
    1. Edward Harry, M.Inst.C.E., b. 25 Jun 1841, m. 9 Jun 1864 at Clifton, Bristol, Emily Wilson, second dau of Matthew Stow of Leeds. She d.s.p. 19 Feb 1915 and he d. 12 Mar 1919.
    2. Rev Frank, Vicar of All Saints’, Hereford and St. Andrew’s, Nottingham, b. 21 Nov 1846, m. 4 Sep 1872 at Hornchurch, Essex, Alice Octavia, third dau of Joseph Fry, D.L., J.P., of Fairkytes, Hornchurch and grand-dau of Elizabeth Fry. See FRY of WOODBURN, Baronet – Burke’s Peerage. He d. 15 Jan 1896 at Nottingham and she d. 30 Aug 1923, aged 78, at The Court, Buntingford having had issue:
      1. Rt Rev Frank Theodore, D.D., Bishop of Peterborough 1916-24, Bishop of Winchester 1924-32, b. 15 Jan 1874, educ Marlborough, Trinity College, Cambridge, m. 15 Jun 1898 at St. Nicholas’s, Nottingham, Nina Katherine, eldest dau of Henry Edward Thornton of Nottingham. He d.s.p. 27 Feb 1932 and she d. 13 Oct 1951 at Hampton Court Palace.
      2. Rt Rev Edward Sydney, D.D., Bishop of Croydon 1930-37, Bishop of Lichfield 1937-53, b. 1 Nov 1877 at Hereford, educ Marlborough, m. 30 Jul 1903 at Hoddesdon, Clemence Rachel, second dau of Robert Barclay of High Leigh, Hoddesdon. See BARCLAY of HIGHAM – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1965 Edition. She d. 14 Oct 1952 and he d. 11 Jan 1953 having had issue:
        1. Most Rev Frank, K.B.E., D.D., M.A. (obituary), Archbishop of Melbourne 1957-77, Primate of Australia 1971-77, Chaplain to H.M. King George VI 1951-52, b. 6 Apr 1907, educ Marlborough, Trinity College, Cambridge, m. 1936, Jean Margaret, dau of Major Robert George Wallbutton Sprules of Harpenden and his wife Edith Charlotte, only dau of C. T Adams of Wendover and niece of Frederick Archer Adams. He d. 29 Nov 1992 having had issue: 2 sons and 2 daus.
        2. Ven Samuel Edward, Archdeacon of Christchurch, New Zealand, b. 13 Jul 1910, educ Marlborough, m. 1940, Sybil, dau of Canon Arthur Frederick Williams of Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand and d. 2001 having had issue: 2 sons and 2 daus.
        3. Rt Rev Robert Wilmer, K.C.M.G., K.C.V.O., M.A. (obituary, Dean of Windsor 1962-70, Bishop of Worcester 1970-81, b. 15 Feb 1914, m. 14 Aug 1942 at Churchill, Worcestershire, Henrietta Marion Wilson, J.P., third dau of Kenneth Henry Wilson, O.B.E., J.P., Chairman, Albright & Wilson Ltd., of Park Hall, Kidderminster and his wife Mary Isabel, dau of George Cadbury and d. 20 Oct 1997 having had issue: 2 sons and 3 daus. See CADBURY of NORTHFIELD – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1972 Edition.
        4. Josephine Priscilla, b. 7 Aug 1905, m. 12 Apr 1939 at Lichfield Cathedral, Rev John d’Ewes Evelyn Firth, Chaplain of Winchester College 1932-54, Master of The Temple 1954-57, only son of John Benjamin Firth of The Daily Telegraph and his wife Helena Gertrude, dau of d’Ewes Lynan. He d.s.p. 21 Sep 1957.
        5. Janet Clemence (obituary, b. 1 Dec 1912, m. 1938, Alan Reynolds Stone, C.B.E., R.D.I., F.R.S.A. (obituary, wood engraver and artist, of Eton, Buckinghamshire. See Who’s Who. He d. 23 Jun 1979 and she d. 30 Jan 1998 having had issue: 2 sons and 2 daus.
        6. Mary Gabrielle, C.B.E. (obituary, Chairman, National Federation of Women’s Institutes 1961-66, of 199 Dry Sandford, Abingdon, b. 29 Jul 1916, m. 1941, Major George Livesey Stenhouse Pike, Scots Guards, Headmaster, Cothill House School, son of Major S.A. Pike, M.C., The Royal Berkshire Regiment. He d.s.p. 14 Jun 1992 and she d. 12 Oct 1999.
      3. Evelyn Mary Alice, of Ware, Hertfordshire, b. 15 Dec 1875, m. 6 Aug 1928 at Layston, Hertfordshire, Rev Frank Ricardo Williams, M.A., Vicar of Bourn, Cambridgeshire 1892-1907, Rector of Anstey, Hertfordshire 1907-28, who d.s.p. 19 May 1937.
      4. Richenda Margaret, b. 20 Mar 1879, m. 2 Oct 1901 at Buntingford, Hertfordshire, Rev Hector Alexander Powell, M.A., Vicar of Shirehampton with Avonmouth 1905-12, who d. 8 Apr 1927 in Toronto having had issue: 3 sons and 2 daus.
      5. Josephine Adelaide, b. 21 Oct 1881, m. 5 Aug 1913 at Buntingford, Ernest Charles Hugh Moule.
    3. Vincent Sydney, J.P., Assoc.M.Inst.C.E., b. 19 Feb 1856, m. 1stly 12 Apr 1888 at Hornchurch, Margaret Adelaide, younger dau of Joseph Fry, D.L., J.P. (see above). She was b. 10 Feb 1851 and d. 31 Aug 1906 having had issue:
      1. Margaret Sydney, of Cuttmill Rise, Puttenham, Guildford, b. 25 Aug 1890, m. 17 Aug 1914 at Chelsea, Arthur Gordon Leach, C.I.E., son of Arthur Francis Leach and had issue: 1 son and 1 dau.
      He m. 2ndly 22 Oct 1914 at St. James’s, Piccadilly, Alice Margaret, dau of Major Cossey of Birchington, Kent.
    4. Mary Jane, b. 26 Jul 1848, m. 22 Jan 1878 at St. Jude’s, South Kensington, as his second wife, Rt Rev Frederick Barker, D.D., M.A., Bishop of Sydney, Australia 1854-82, fifth son of Rev John Barker, M.A., Vicar of Baslow, Derbyshire, and his wife Jane (née Whyte). See the Australian Dictionary of Biography. He d. 6 Apr 1882 at San Remo and was buried at Baslow and she d.s.p. 31 Jan 1910.
    5. Lucy Margaret, of 11 Bolton Gardens, South Kensington, b. 24 Feb 1858, d. unmarried 5 Feb 1911.

He m. 2ndly 23 Jun 1824 at St. Martin’s, Birmingham, Mary Anne, b. 5 Dec 1791, dau of Thomas Warner, manufacturer and jeweller, of Newhall Street, Birmingham and his wife Amy (née Porter). Thomas Warner’s sister Anne was the wife of Clement Cotterill , father-in-law of Joshua Scholefield, M.P. (see below). She d. 6 Mar 1870 and he d. 23 Apr 1874 at Edgbaston (Will dated 14 Apr 1870 and proved 2 Jun 1874) and they were both buried in the family vault at Edgbaston Parish Church having had further issue:

  1. Thomas Warner, architect, in partnership with Charles George Vinall at 27 King William Street, Strand, lived at 2 The Grove, Highgate Road, London, b. 18 Jan 1827, bapt 7 Feb 1827 at St. John’s, Peterborough, m. 3 Aug 1858, Elizabeth, second dau of James Page of The Swiss Cottage, Mount Vernon, Nottingham and his wife Frances, third dau of Robert Pidcock. He d. 25 Mar 1899 (Will dated 9 Jun 1898 and proved 6 Jun 1899) and she d. 12 Feb 1906 at 35 Brookfield, Highgate having had issue:
    1. Lilias Emily, L.R.C.S.Edin., L.R.C.P.Edin., L.F.P.S.Glasg., a pioneering women doctor, of 136 Haverstock Hill, London and later of Oakdene, Oakleigh Park North, Whetstone, b. 5 Jun 1859, m. 28 Feb 1888 at Lahore Cathedral, James Frazer Nash, Assistant Superintendent, Sind Revenue Survey, son of George Nash and his wife Charlotte, dau of Daniel Frazer. He d. 11 Jan 1891 at Karachi, aged 51, and was buried there on 12 Jan 1891 and she d. 8 Feb 1950 having had issue:
      1. Archibald Goodman (later Frazer-Nash), of Ardua, Kingston Hill, Surrey, Chairman and founder of Frazer Nash Ltd., founder and council member of the British Automobile Racing Club, winner of over 150 trophies in races and hill climbs, Captain in the Royal Flying Corps during the First World War, inventor of the Nash safe load indicator for cranes and the Frazer Nash hydraulic gun turrets (FN5) used extensively during the Second World War, designer with H.R. Godfrey of the Godfrey Nash racing cars and also the Frazer Nash racing cars, sold the first Porsche in England in 1954, remaining the sole franchisee until 1965, b. 30 Jun 1889, bapt 20 Jul 1889 at Hyderabad, m. 23 Dec 1911 at Golders Green, Alice Maud, dau of John Richard Nation, civil servant, of Finchley. He d. 10 Mar 1965 and she d. 15 Feb 1972 having had issue: 2 daus.
      2. Malcolm, analyst, of 52 Park View Gardens, Hendon, b. 1 Jul 1891, m. Elizabeth Macdonald McDonald. He d. 8 Mar 1960 and she d. 15 Dec 1968 having had issue:
        1. James Macdonald, who d.s.p.
    2. Frances Marion, of Oakdene, Oakleigh Park, Whetstone, Middlesex, b. 17 Nov 1860, d. unmarried 6 Jun 1918.
    3. Helen Constance, of 28 Cromwell Court, Kingston Hill, Kingston, Surrey, b. 26 Dec 1862, m. 10 Jun 1898 at the Catholic Apostolic Church, Kentish Town, Henry Claude (Harry) Beves of 8 Holly Village, Highgate, son of Edward Beves, estate agent, of 5 Grove Terrace, Highgate. He d. 31 Dec 1924, aged 68, at 8 Holly Village and was buried in Highgate New Cemetery and she d.s.p. 3 Jul 1948.
    4. Rose Ethel, of The Red Cottage, Shawley Green, Guildford, Surrey and later of Greenways, Alfriston, Sussex, b. 26 Oct 1864, m. Joseph Henry Vignoles Fisher, landscape painter, who exhibited at the Royal Academy, the Royal Society of British Artists and Dowdeswell Galleries. She d.s.p. 20 Dec 1943 and he d. 6 Oct 1945.
    5. Elsie Warner, b. 8 Mar 1871, d. unmarried 26 Jan 1902.
    6. Isobel May, of Greenham Mill House, Greenham, Newbury and later of 84 Kingston Hill, Kingston, Surrey, b. 12 May 1875, m. 31 Jan 1900 at Highgate, her first cousin, Commander Reginald Ernest Page, R.N., seventh son of James Bentley Page, cotton merchant, and his first wife Clara (née Delves). He d. 29 Jan 1932, aged 63, and she d. 13 Sep 1952 having had issue:
      1. Francis Reginald Warner, cruising representative with McDonald, Hamilton & Co. Ltd., Sydney, who lived at 5 Toongarah Road, Waverton, Sydney, Australia, b. 6 Jan 1902 at 2 The Grove, Highgate Road, served in the R.N.R. 1917-19, enlisted in the Auxiliary Air Force on 3 May 1931, discharged on 21 Jan 1933, m. 17 Feb 1939 at St. Peter’s, Cremorne, New South Wales, Australia, Helen Ann, b. 31 May 1914 in Bournemouth, dau of Edgar Walter Lawrence Gordon Hyde, company director, and his wife Rhoda Constance, dau of Richard Martin and d. 2 Jun 1970 having had issue: 1 son and 1 dau.
      2. Theodore Claude Vignoles, of 31 Walmer Road, Point Chevalier, Auckland, New Zealand, b. 5 Jan 1908, m. 13 Jul 1944, Florence May Carman. She was b. 26 Dec 1919 and d. 26 Mar 1983 having had issue: 2 daus.
      3. Elsie Gabrielle, b. 14 Feb 1910, m. 1stly 31 Jan 1940, John Hugh Shirley O’Neill, who d. 24 Dec 1950 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaya having had issue: 1 dau.
        She m. 2ndly Harry Logan.
  2. William Benjamin (Will), Inspector of Schools for the Diocese of Sydney (diary, b. 4 Jun 1828, bapt 13 Jun 1828 at St. John’s, Peterborough, sailed to Australia on the Blanche Moore, leaving Liverpool on 10 Mar 1855 and arriving at Port Philip, Victoria on 9 Jun 1855, d. unmarried 2 May 1856 in Sydney.
  3. Francis, b. 1 Oct 1829, bapt 23 Oct 1829 at St. John’s, Peterborough, d. 7 May 1830.
  4. Emily Baynes, b. 10 Apr 1825, bapt 2 May 1825 at St. John’s, Peterborough, d. 5 Feb 1840 and was buried in the family vault at Edgbaston Parish Church.

JOHN DENT GOODMAN (alternative photograph, obituary, correspondance), J.P., of Peachfield, Ampton Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, Chairman, Birmingham Small Arms and Metal Company Ltd. (B.S.A.) 1855-1900, Chairman, The Birmingham and Midland Bank Ltd. 1880-1898, b. 15 Apr 1816, bapt 6 Jun 1816 at St. John’s, Peterborough, educ Peterborough Grammar School and Hazelwood School, Hagley Road, Birmingham, m. 12 Aug 1844 at St. George’s, Camberwell, MARY MARTIN, dau of RICHARD BUCK, ship and insurance broker, of 36 St. Mary-at-Hill and 52 Eastcheap, London and his wife MARY, dau of THOMAS MARTIN of Blackfriars Road, London. He was a Governor, King Edward’s School, Birmingham 1859-99, Chairman, Birmingham Eye Hospital 1866-79, Chairman of the Council, Edgbaston Church of England College for Girls, was appointed a magistrate on Oct 1865 and was a partner in the firm of Scholefield, Goodman & Sons (see below), of 135 Edmund Street, Birmingham. She was b. 8 Feb 1818, bapt 20 May 1818 at St. Giles, Camberwell and d. 24 Feb 1893 at Peachfield and he d. 11 Feb 1900 and they were both buried in the family vault at Edgbaston Parish Church. See Modern English Biography by Frederic Boase and the memorial window by C.E. Kempe in St. George’s, Edgbaston. They had issue:

  1. Frederick Buck (obituary), J.P., Chairman, Birmingham Chamber of Commerce 1898-1904, a partner in the firm of Scholefield, Goodman & Sons, who lived at Stanton, Farquhar Road, Edgbaston, b. 4 Mar 1847, educ Harborne, Keir House, Wimbledon, appointed Lieutenant, 1st Warwickshire Rifle Volunteer Corps on 29 Jun 1867, m. 29 Apr 1873 at St. Andrew’s, Plymouth, Annie Mary Wilkinson, dau of Ven Charles Thomas Wilkinson, D.D., Archdeacon of Totnes, Vicar of St. Andrew’s, Plymouth 1870-1901, and his wife Louise, widow of William Phillipps of Leigham Villas, Plymouth and fourth dau of Edmund Rich of Willesley, Wiltshire. See the Dictionary of Business Biography and memorial window in St. George’s, Edgbaston. She d. 27 May 1909 and he d.s.p. 8 Jun 1931.
  2. CHARLES JOHN, of whom presently.
  3. Edward Martin (obituary), a partner in the firm of Scholefield, Goodman & Sons, of Rocklands, Edgbaston, The Manor House, Meriden and later of Uplands, Ledbury, Herefordshire, b. 17 Nov 1850, educ Clifton, m. 1stly 2 Dec 1876, Flore Diana Josephine Leontine, b. 17 Oct 1847, dau of Dr. Pierre Joseph Van Diest de Bove, Chevalier de l’Ordre de Léopold, of Louvain, Belgium. He was also Director, B.S.A., Chairman, Birmingham Metal and Munitions Company, Chairman, Birmingham Lying-in Charity and Chairman, Edgbaston Church of England College for Girls. She d. 8 Jul 1908 and was buried at Meriden having had issue:
    1. Edward Leonce, D.C.M., M.A., Director, Mcleod Russell, Madras, and Britannia Engineering Co., Calcutta, of The Maltings, Weybourne, Norfolk, b. 17 Jul 1887, educ Marlborough, Jesus College, Cambridge, Adjutant, Special Police, Bengal, Lieutenant, R.N.V.R., England Hockey International playing at centre-half before and during the First World War, m. 12 Feb 1916 at Birmingham, Anna Meta Augusta Marcella Marguerita, only dau of Alexandre Graff of Antwerp. He d. 28 Apr 1959 and she d. 1 Mar 1975 having had issue: 3 sons and 1 dau.
    2. Marie Louise, b. 22 Dec 1876, m. 28 Aug 1902 at St. George’s, Edgbaston, Arthur Colin Kenrick, b. 22 Apr 1874 at Fallowfield, Edgbaston, second son of John Arthur Kenrick, J.P., Director of Archibald Kenrick & Sons Ltd., of Berrow Court, Edgbaston and his wife Clare (née Taylor). See Kenricks in Hardware – A Family Business 1791-1966 by R.A. Church published in 1969. She d. 13 Jul 1918 at Fieldhouse, Clent (and he m. 2ndly Ethne Tatham and had further issue) and was buried at Clent on 17 Jul 1918 having had issue: 2 daus.
    3. Margaret Diana, b. 30 Apr 1878, d. unmarried 21 May 1905 and was buried at Meriden. See memorial in Meriden Church.
    4. Frances Flore, of Allerslie, Ampton Road, Edgbaston, b. 4 Aug 1880, m. 18 Apr 1906 at Edgbaston, Clive, youngest son of John Arthur Kenrick, J.P., Director of Archibald Kenrick & Sons Ltd., of Berrow Court, Edgbaston and his wife Clare (née Taylor) (see above). She d. 17 May 1917 at Allerslie having had issue: 1 son and 1 dau.
    5. Ludwine Elizabeth (Minkie), of 37 Kingscote Road, Edgbaston, b. 25 Sep 1882, d. unmarried 3 Jul 1946 (Will dated 5 Apr 1943 and proved 9 Sep 1946).
    He m. 2ndly 5 Feb 1910 at Exeter Cathedral, Ethel Maud, third dau of Rev Percy Scott, Prebendary of Exeter Cathedral, Rector of Tiverton, Devon. He d. 15 Jan 1917, she lived later at Halescroft, Kidlington, Oxfordshire and d. 15 Sep 1952 in Oxford and they were both buried at All Saints’, Coddington, Herefordshire having had further issue:
    1. Martin Richard, Lance Bombardier, 83rd Battery, 16th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery, b. 17 Mar 1911, d. of disease in the Middle East Theatre on 1 Jun 1942 and was buried in Heliopolis War Cemetery, Egypt.
    2. Thomas Dent, Lance Bombardier, 7th/4th Maritime Regiment, Royal Artillery, b. 14 Nov 1913, member of the London Rowing Club, killed in action at sea on 13 Apr 1942, commemorated on Plymouth Naval Memorial and in Coddington churchyard.
  4. George Henry, M.A. (alternative photograph), a partner in the firm of Messrs. Henderson, Buckle and Goodman (Solicitors), of 9 Mulberry Walk, Chelsea, b. 2 Oct 1859, educ Clifton, Trinity College, Cambridge, m. 10 Feb 1898 at St. Mary Abbots, Kensington, Mary Alice, only child of Thomas James Reeves, Master of the Grocers’ Company 1887-88, of 16 Essex Villas, Kensington and his wife Sophia Anne (née Dyer-Edwardes). He d. 22 Jul 1928 at 9 Mulberry Walk and was buried at Worthing, Sussex and she d. 5 Jul 1962 having had issue:
    1. Sir Victor Martin Reeves, K.C.B., O.B.E., M.C., (alternative photograph, alternative photograph, alternative photograph, obituary) Clerk of the Parliaments 1959-63, Trustee, The British Museum, b. 14 Feb 1899, educ Lockers Park, Eton, served in The Coldstream Guards during the First World War (M.C.), m. 1stly 24 Jan 1928 (marriage dissolved) at St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Julian Ottoline, b. 18 May 1906 at 44 Bedford Square, London, only surviving child of Philip Edward Morrell, J.P., M.A., M.P., of Garsington Manor, Oxfordshire and his wife Lady Ottoline Violet Anne (née Cavendish-Bentinck). See MORRELL of HEADINGTON HILL HALL – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1952 Edition, DUKE of PORTLAND – Burke’s Peerage and Who’s Who. She d. 11 Dec 1989 having had issue: 2 sons and 1 dau. He m. 2ndly 25 Aug 1948 at the Town Hall, Lausanne, Switzerland, Beatrice Anstice (obituary), second dau of Canon Arthur Stafford Crawley, M.C. and bar, M.A., Chaplain to H.M. King George VI, and his wife Anstice Katharine, second dau of Anthony Gibbs, D.L., J.P., of Tyntesfield. See ALDENHAM and HUNSDON – Burke’s Peerage. He d. 29 Sep 1967 and she d.s.p. 4 Jan 2001.
    2. John Michael, Commander, R.N., b. 29 Mar 1901, educ Osborne, Dartmouth, m. 16 Jun 1927 at Christ Church, Lancaster Gate, Betty, b. 4 Nov 1902, dau of Stanley Bousfield and his wife Jessie Mary (née Hutchinson). See BOUSFIELD formerly of SCARSYKES – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1972 Edition. He was killed in action while serving on H.M.S. Glorious on 8 Jun 1940 and she d. 22 Oct 1992 having had issue: 2 daus.
    3. Christopher Noel, M.A., an archaelogist who assisted Sir Mortimer Wheeler at Maiden Castle 1934-38, served in the Royal Observer Corps during the Second World War, worked for many years at Dorset County Museum, b. 21 Nov 1904, educ Gresham’s School, Holt, Trinity College, Cambridge, m. 12 Jan 1935 at St. Paul’s, Knightsbridge, Joan Alisoun, dau of Captain Harry Thomson Whybrow, Motor Machine Gun Service, (who was killed in action in German East Africa on 21 Mar 1916 and is buried in Moshi Cemetery, Tanzania) and his wife Francesca (née Hampson). He d. 19 Dec 2002 and she d. 2 Feb 2007 having had issue: 1 son and 1 dau.
  5. Mary Emily (Poppy), b. 16 Nov 1845, m. 12 Jul 1872 at St. George’s, Edgbaston, as his third wife, Edwin Arthur Brassey Crockett, architect, son of Captain Benjamin Crockett, 1st Bombay Native Infantry, and later Editor of The Bombay Gazette and his wife Mary, fourth dau of Richard John Brassey, High Sheriff of Essex in 1813, of Roxford, Hertingfordbury. He was b. 1 Aug 1834 at Poona, d. 30 Jul 1915 at 69 Festing Road, Southsea having outlived all but the last of his five wives and was buried at Crofton, Lee-on-Solent, Hampshire. She d. 15 Dec 1878 and was buried at Norwood having had issue:
    1. Rev Oliver Goodman, B.A., Vicar of St. Paul’s, Poole 1915-31, Rector of Pulverbatch, Hereford 1931-48, b. 6 Jul 1873 at Edgbaston, educ Haileybury, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, m. 5 Dec 1904, Maude Genevra, dau of Frederick John Hordern of Cheadle, Staffordshire and d. 1 Feb 1948 having had issue: 5 sons and 4 daus.
    2. Basil Edwin, D.S.O., Lieutenant Colonel, 11th Battalion, The Hampshire Regiment, of Longdown Cottage, Lower Bourne, Farnham, b. 14 Jul 1877, educ Wellington, m. 27 Dec 1910 at Bombay Cathedral, Jessie Sheila, twin dau of William Sinclair Thompson, M.D., Physician to H.M. Queen Victoria, and his wife Jessie, only dau of George Addison Cox, J.P., of Invertrossachs, Perthshire. See COX – Burke’s Family Records 1897. He d. 13 Oct 1936, she d. 23 Aug 1959 and they were both buried at Crofton having had issue: 2 sons.
    3. Mary Frances, of Balholm, Alcester Road, King’s Heath, Birmingham and later of Hill View, Locking Road East, Weston-super-Mare, b. 6 Jul 1875, m. 12 Oct 1898 at St. James’s, Kidbrooke, Alexander Brodie Creak, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., second son of Captain Ettrick Creak, C.B., F.R.S., R.N., of Blackheath and his wife Grace Mary, dau of William Bird Brodie, M.P. See BRODIE, Baronet – Burke’s Peerage. She d.s.p. 27 Jan 1961 and he d. 1 Apr 1961.
    4. Dorothy Margaret, b. 28 Aug 1878, bapt 22 Mar 1879 at St. George's, Edgbaston, m. 20 Apr 1899 at St. Stephen’s, Birmingham, Ven George Henry Cameron, M.A., Vicar of St. Stephen’s, Birmingham 1890-1900, Archdeacon of Johannesburg 1914-24, Vicar of Furneux Pelham 1933-40, second son of Rev Francis Marten Cameron, M.A., Rector of Bennington, Kent and his wife Hannah, dau of George Dale. See Who’s Who. He was b. 28 Aug 1861, educ King’s College, Canterbury, Christ’s College, Cambridge and d. 8 Jun 1940 having had issue: 1 son and 3 daus.
  6. Frances Louisa (Fanny), of 12 Vicarage Road, Birmingham, b. 21 Jun 1855, m. 16 Jun 1880 at St. George’s, Edgbaston, Robert Edward Couchman, F.S.I., land agent, of New Street, Birmingham, b. 11 Jun 1847, son of Rev John Couchman, M.A., Rector of Thornby, Northamptonshire and nephew of Colonel Edward Holbeche Couchman (see below). See COUCHMAN of SOLIHULL – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1952 Edition and Couchman Family History. He d. 3 Feb 1915 at 12 Vicarage Road, she d. 14 Jan 1921 at Downing Street, Farnham and they were both buried at Thornby having had issue:
    1. Hugh John, M.B., B.Ch., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., medical practitioner, of Upton-on-Severn, Worcestershire and later of Morland, Ferndown, Dorset, b. 25 Apr 1886, educ Marlborough, Caius College, Cambridge, served in the R.A.M.C. during the First World War (mentioned in despatches), m. 27 Apr 1927 at Ripple, Worcestershire, Alma Doris, elder dau of Rev Samuel Wallis Frost, Rector of Ripple and Vicar of St. Mary, Worcester, and his wife Alma Elizabeth, third dau of James Dormer of Nottingham. He d. 18 Mar 1960 and she d. 5 Jan 1991 having had issue: 2 sons and 1 dau.
    2. Cecily Frances, b. 10 Feb 1882, educ Edgbaston Church of England College for Girls, m. 28 Jun 1906 at St. George’s, Edgbaston, Philip Boughton Chatwin, O.B.E., second son of Julius Alfred Chatwin, architect, of Wellington House and his wife Edith Isabella, dau of Edmond Boughton and great uncle of Bruce Chatwin, the well-known writer. He was a partner in the firm of J.A. Chatwin & Son (Architects), of York House, Great Charles Street, Birmingham. He was b. 21 Jul 1874 and d.s.p. 17 Dec 1964 at 26 Binswood Avenue, Leamington Spa (Will dated 21 Mar 1949 and proved 26 Jan 1965) and he d. 25 Dec 1968.
    3. Mary Beatrice, of Abbotshill, Abbey Road, Malvern, b. 3 May 1884, educ Edgbaston Church of England College for Girls, m. 21 Aug 1915 at St. George’s, Edgbaston, Gerald Theodosius Leigh Spencer, son of Rev Gerald Leigh Spencer, M.A., and his wife Harriet Agnes, dau of Rev Theodosius Egerton Boughton Ward-Boughton-Leigh. He served as Lieutenant and Adjutant, 14th Battalion, Royal Warwickshire Regiment during the First World War and was later a solicitor in Hereford. See WARD-BOUGHTON-LEIGH of BROWNSOVER HALL – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1972 Edition. He d. 9 Sep 1948 and she d. 1 Mar 1950 having had issue: 1 son.
  7. Margaret Jane (Maggie), b. 10 Oct 1857, m. 12 Jul 1888 at St. George’s, Edgbaston, Rev Charles Edward Craigie, M.A., Vicar of Kington, Herefordshire 1888-1913, Rector of Weston-under-Penyard 1913-20, Prebendary of Hereford Cathedral, younger son of Admiral Robert Craigie, R.N., and his wife Charlotte, dau of Alexander Grant. See CRAIGIE of POSSINGWORTH – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1952 Edition and Who’s Who. He d. 30 Aug 1922 and she d. 2 May 1943 having had issue:
    1. Kenneth Robert, farmer, b. 7 Oct 1891, m. 27 Mar 1921 at Christ Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Eleanor Mary, dau of Lieutenant Colonel Pollard of Kingsholm, Crick, Rugby, and d. 28 Jul 1958 having had issue: 2 daus.
    2. Ronald Charles, of 395 Obed Avenue, Victoria, British Columbia, b. 12 Feb 1895, d. unmarried 23 Jun 1976.
    3. Bertram Edward, of 191 Boultham Park Road, Lincoln, b. 14 Aug 1897, d. unmarried 30 Jul 1940 at Kington.
    4. Lizetta Margaret (Zetta), of The Old House, Kington, b. 14 Apr 1889, d. unmarried 9 Mar 1953 in Plymouth.
    5. Marjorie, b. 5 Mar 1890, d. 1 Aug 1890.
    6. Mary Evelyn (Molly), b. 14 Aug 1893, m. 5 Feb 1925 at Kington, Leo Alfred Fullagar, youngest son of Rev Hugh Scales Fullagar, Vicar of Hunworth, Norfolk. He d. 18 Jun 1964 and she d. 25 Aug 1989 having had issue: 1 son and 1 dau.
    7. Ethel Maud, of 23 Fairlawns, Putney Hill, London, b. 30 Aug 1899, d. unmarried 15 Aug 1983.

CHARLES JOHN GOODMAN (obituary), partner in the firm of Scholefield, Goodman & Sons with responsibility for the London office, of Cottesbrooke, 15 Mostyn Road, Merton, Surrey and later of Temple House, Oxted, Surrey, b. 10 Aug 1848, m. 12 Sep 1882 at St. Helen’s, Thornby, Northamptonshire, AMY HARRIET (alternative photograph), only surviving dau of Colonel EDWARD HOLBECHE COUCHMAN, Madras Artillery, and his wife FEDERATA HARRIET, second dau of Lieutenant General Sir GEORGE CORNISH WHITLOCK, K.C.B. See COUCHMAN of SOLIHULL – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1952 Edition and Couchman Family History. J.D. Goodman (see above) was apprenticed to Clement Cotterill Scholefield of Joshua Scholefield & Sons in 1831. Clement was the son of Joshua Scholefield, M.P. for Birmingham 1832-44, and Joshua Scholefield & Sons was a firm of Birmingham manufacturers established by Clement Cotterill, father-in-law of Joshua Scholefield, in 1780. J.D. Goodman became a partner in the firm in 1842 when the firm became known as Scholefield & Goodman and Joshua’s son William Scholefield, M.P. for Birmingham 1847-67, continued in the business until 1861. From 1861 E.W. Agard was associated with the firm but J.D. Goodman continued with his three sons (see above) from 1878 onwards. The partnership was dissolved on 31 Dec 1912. She d. 6 Sep 1915 and he d. 6 Dec 1927 at Hinde Street, Manchester Square, London having had issue:

  1. ERIC WHITLOCK (Ricka), of whom presently.
  2. Helen Margaret, b. 18 Oct 1883 at Cottesbrooke, Merton, m. 15 Feb 1919 at Oxted, Sir Frederic William Metcalfe (alternative photograph, obituary), K.C.B., M.A., Clerk of the House of Commons 1948-54, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nigeria 1955-60, son of William Percy Metcalfe of Stone Hall, Oxted and his wife Mary Dixon Nash. See Who’s Who. He was b. 4 Dec 1886, educ Wellington (Governor), Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge and d. 3 Jun 1965 and she d.s.p. 28 Jun 1976.
  3. A dau, b. and d. 3 Oct 1884 at Cottesbrooke, Merton. Two months before, according to J.D. Goodman’s diary, Amy had been attacked roughly, but not savaged, by a large dog belonging to John Innes.
  4. Violet Amy, b. 20 Jul 1886 at Cottesbrooke, Merton, d. 29 Jul 1899.
  5. Ellice Mary (Bobs), of 7 Knaresborough Place, Kensington, b. 1 Jun 1888 at Cottesbrooke, Merton, d. unmarried 18 Dec 1969.

Brigadier ERIC WHITLOCK GOODMAN (alternative photograph, war diary, obituary), D.S.O., M.C., Royal Artillery, b. 12 Feb 1893 at Cottesbrooke, 15 Mostyn Road, Merton, Surrey, educ Wellington, went to France on 15 Feb 1915 with 121>st Heavy Battery, R.G.A. (mentioned in despatches 30 Nov 1915), was Adjutant, 9th Brigade, R.G.A. 1916-17, commanded 119th Heavy Battery, R.G.A. from 30 Jan 1917 to the end of the war (M.C. 1 Jan 1918), served in Iraq 1919-20 (medal with clasp), commanded 5th Bombay Mountain Battery, R.A., Waziristan 1936-37 (D.S.O., mentioned in despatches 16 Nov 1937), commanded 21st Mountain Regiment 1939-40, served in the Ahmedzai Salient (mentioned in despatches 20 Jun 1941), was C.R.A. 9th Indian Division, Malaya 1941 and B.R.A., Malaya Command 1941-42, (mentioned in despatches 1 Aug 1946) and was a prisoner-of-war in Singapore, Formosa and Manchuria 1942-45, m. 25 Sep 1929 at Christ Church, Cheltenham, NORAH DOROTHY, b. 25 Apr 1895, only dau of RICHARD JOHN STACPOOLE, D.L., J.P., of Edenvale, Co. Clare, Ireland and his wife GERALDINE NORAH ISABELLA, dau of ROBERT HUME CROWE, J.P. See STACPOOLE – Burke’s Irish Family Records 1976 Edition. He d. 8 Dec 1981 and she d. 7 Mar 1986 having had issue:

Major General JOHN DAVID WHITLOCK GOODMAN, (obituary), C.B., Royal Artillery, Director, Army Air Corps 1983-87, Director, ML Holdings Plc 1989-97, b. 20 May 1932 at 27 Welbeck Street, London, bapt 3 Aug 1932 at the Garrison Church, Larkhill, Wiltshire, educ Wellington, m. 21 Dec 1957 at the Church of St. John the Baptist, Burley, Hampshire, VALERIE ANN, only dau of DOUGLAS HARRY HUGH McDONALD, company director, and his first wife ELIZABETH HILDA CAROLINE, dau of RUDOLF ARTHUR WOLFF, Senior Partner of Rudolf Wolff & Co. (Metal Brokers). See McDonald and Wolff Family Histories, Who’s Who and the memorial in the Garrison Church of St. Alban the Martyr, Larkhill. He d. 29 Sep 2000 having had issue: 1 son and 2 daus.