Burwell Family History

Burwell Family Coat of Arms

EDWARD BURWELL of Harlington, Bedfordshire, m. JANE, dau of EDMUND WINGATE of Sharpenhoe in the parish of Streatley, Bedfordshire and his second wife MARY, dau of WILLIAM BELFIELD of Studham, Bedfordshire. See WINGATE of AMPTHILL – Visitations of Bedfordshire 1634 and Carter Hall and Some Genealogical Notes on the Burwell Family of Virginia by Stuart E. Brown, Jr., and Ann Barton Brown published in 1978 by the Virginia Book Company. They had issue:

  1. EDWARD, of whom presently.
  2. Jane, m. 25 Aug 1619 at Maulden, Bedfordshire, her first cousin, Edward, third son of Roger Wingate of Barn End, Bedfordshire and his wife Jane, dau of Henry Birch of Sundon, Bedfordshire.

EDWARD BURWELL, member of the Virginia Company and subscriber to the Second Charter in 1609, of Houghton Park, Ampthill, Bedfordshire, bapt 24 Aug 1579 at Toddington, Bedfordshire, m. 1615 at Catworth, Huntingdonshire, DOROTHY (who m. 2ndly her former husband’s first cousin, Roger Wingate, Treasurer of Virginia 1639-41, and had further issue), dau of WILLIAM BEDELL of Great Catworth, a brother of Sir John Bedell of Hameston, Huntingdonshire. See BEDELL – Camden’s Visitations of Huntingdonshire. He d. Oct 1626 (P.C.C. will dated 18 Oct 1626 and proved 9 Nov 1626) having had issue:

  1. Edward, bapt 14 Apr 1616 at Houghton Conquest, buried at Ampthill on 4 Mar 1621/22.
  2. LEWIS, of whom presently.
  3. George, bapt 17 May 1624 at Ampthill.
  4. Edward, bapt 19 Feb 1625/26 at Ampthill.
  5. Dorothy, bapt 24 Jun 1618 at Ampthill, m. 1636 in Gloucester County, Virginia, John Woodington.
  6. Elizabeth, bapt 25 Feb 1619/20 at Ampthill, m. 1638 in Gloucester County, Robert Vaulx, merchant, of London and Vaulx’s Hall, Queen’s Creek, York County, Virginia and had issue.

Major LEWIS BURWELL, member of the delegation sent to invite Charles II to Virginia, bapt 5 Mar 1621/22 at Ampthill, granted his first patent on 18 Apr 1648, together with Thomas Vaulx, for 2,300 acres on the south side of the York River, Virginia accruing as a result of the abandoned 1633 Kingwell expedition and subsequently patented 2,350 acres on the north side of the York River on 12 Jun 1648, which became his own plantation of Fairfield (later called Carter’s Creek), Gloucester County, m. LUCY, only dau of Captain ROBERT HIGGINSON, a prominent Indian fighter, who commanded at Middle Plantation, Williamsburg in 1644-45, and his wife JOANNA (née TORKESY) and grand-dau of THOMAS HIGGINSON, Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Painter-Stainers, of Berkswell, Warwickshire. He d. 18 Nov 1653 (and she m. 2ndly Colonel William Bernard, member of the Council 1642-59, of Nansemond County, brother of Sir Robert Bernard, Bt, of Brampton Hall. He d. 31 Dec 1665 having had issue and she m. 3rdly 1667, Philip Ludwell, Governor of Carolina, of Green Spring, near Williamsburg and had further issue. Among the great-grandsons of the third marriage were the brothers and signers of the Declaration of Independence, Richard Henry Lee and Francis Lightfoot Lee) and she d. 26 Nov 1675 and they were both buried at Fairfield having had issue:

Colonel LEWIS BURWELL, member of the Council 1702-10, Burgess for James City County 1698, of White Marsh, Gloucester County and King’s Creek, York County, Virginia, b. circa 1650, m. 1stly 1674, Abigail, dau of Anthony Smith, tanner, of Colchester, Essex and his wife Martha, dau of Rev James Bacon, Rector of Burgate, Suffolk. Abigail Smith was a niece of Nathaniel Bacon, President of the Council, second cousin of Nathaniel Bacon, the rebel, and great great grand-dau of James Bacon, Alderman of London, who was a brother of Sir Nicholas Bacon, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal, and uncle of Francis Bacon, Viscount St. Albans, Lord High Chancellor of England. See BACON, Baronet – Burke’s Peerage. She was b. 11 Mar 1655/56 and d. 12 Nov 1692 having had issue:

  1. Nathaniel, Major, Burgess for Jamestown 1710-12 and Gloucester County 1720-21, bapt 14 Oct 1680 at Abingdon, Gloucester County, m. circa 1709 at Corotoman, Elizabeth, eldest dau of Colonel Robert ‘King’ Carter of Corotoman and his first wife Judith, dau of Colonel John Armistead of Hesse, Gloucester County. See CARTER formerly of GARSTON – Burke’s Distinguished Families of America. He d. 1721 (and she m. 2ndly George Nicholas, M.D., and had further issue) and she d. 1734 having had issue:
    1. Lewis, President of the Council, Acting Governor of Virginia 1750-51, of White Marsh, b. 1710 in Gloucester County, educ Eton, Caius College, Cambridge, Burgess for Gloucester County, m. Oct 1736, Mary, dau of Colonel Francis Willis of Gloucester County and his wife Ann (née Rich). She d. 22 May 1746 and he d. May 1756 having had issue:
      1. Lewis, Burgess for Gloucester County 1769-74, b. 1737 at White Marsh, educ William and Mary College, Williamsburg, Balliol College, Oxford, Inner Temple, m. Judith, dau of Mann Page of Rosewall, Gloucester County and his first wife Alice, dau of The Hon. John Grymes, Auditor General of Virginia, of Middlesex County and d. 19 Mar 1779 having had issue:
        1. Lewis, bapt 4 Jul 1764 in Richmond, m. 30 May 1789, Judith, youngest dau of Colonel William Kennon, Burgess for Charles County 1758-65, and his wife Priscilla, dau of Colonel Francis Willis. He d. 24 Aug 1833 and she d. 20 Jul 1849 having had issue:
          1. Francis Page, b. 19 Sep 1790.
          2. William Kennon, b. 26 Sep 1791.
          3. Lewis, b. 19 Aug 1797, m. Mary Meade, second dau of Charles Grymes of King George County and his wife Jane, dau of Thomas Whiting and had issue:
            1. Lewis Whiting.
            2. Mary Eliza.
            3. Jane Grymes.
          4. George Washington, b. 1 Apr 1799.
          5. John Perrin, b. 5 Apr 1803.
          6. Nathaniel, b. 4 Apr 1806, d. 5 Jul 1806.
          7. Peter B. Whiting, b. 31 May 1809.
          8. Elizabeth Ann, b. 25 Oct 1793, m. 26 Feb 1812 in Henrico County, Norborn K. Thomas and d. 15 Oct 1867.
          9. Alice Williams, b. 12 Mar 1795.
          10. Ann Price, b. 11 Oct 1801.
          11. Mary Blair, b. 23 Sep 1811, m. 1838 in James City County, The Hon. William Mason McCarty, Governor of Florida, of Cedar Farm, Fairfax County, who d. 1863 having had issue.
        2. Mann, b. 1768, m. Miss Hubbard and had issue:
          1. William Mann.
        3. Nathaniel, Sheriff of Gloucester County 1808-10, m. 1stly Susannah, dau of George Holden of Ware Parish and his wife Susannah (née Perrin). She d. 1795 and he m. 2ndly 1798, Nancy, dau of Francis Willis.
        4. Judith Carter, m. George Miles.
        5. Alice Grymes, m. 15 Mar 1794 in Henrico County, William Clayton Williams, lawyer, of Woodstock and Richmond, Virginia, son of William Williams of Cedar Farm, Culpeper County and his wife Lucy, dau of Major Philip Clayton. He d. 24 Oct 1817 having had issue: 2 sons and 2 daus.
      2. Nathaniel.
      3. Elizabeth, m. Peter Beverley Whiting of Elmington, Gloucester County, son of Beverley Whiting and his wife Mary (née Skaife) and had issue.
      4. Anne, bapt 19 Jul 1741 at Abingdon, Gloucester County, m. 1stly Armistead Lightfoot of Yorktown, son of The Hon. Philip Lightfoot, member of the Council, and his wife Mary, widow of James Burwell (see below) and eldest dau of William Armistead. He d. 19 Sep 1771 having had issue and she m. 2ndly 1774, Charles Grymes of Gloucester County.
      5. Rebecca, b. 20 May 1746, bapt 29 May 1746 in Gloucester County, supposed to have been proposed to by Thomas Jefferson, m. 24 May 1764 at White Marsh, Jaquelin Ambler, member of the Council, Treasurer of Virginia, third son of Richard Ambler and his wife Elizabeth (née Jaquelin) and had issue.
    2. Nathaniel, d. young.
    3. Carter, Colonel, Burgess for James City County 1742-55, built Carter’s Grove, near Williamsburg 1750-55, b. 25 Oct 1716, bapt 4 Nov 1716 at Abingdon, educ William and Mary College, m. 5 Jan 1737/38 at Christchurch, Middlesex County, Virginia, Lucy, dau of The Hon. John Grymes, Auditor General of Virginia, of Middlesex County and his wife Lucy, dau of The Hon. Philip Ludwell and d. May 1756 having had issue:
      1. Nathaniel, Colonel, member of the Committee of Safety 1776, Burgess for James City County, built Carter Hall, Clarke County (formerly Frederick County) 1797-98, b. 15 Apr 1750 at Carter’s Grove, m. 1stly 28 Nov 1772 at Brandon, Middlesex County, Susanna, second dau of The Hon. Philip Grymes of Brandon and his wife Mary, dau of Sir John Randolph of Williamsburg. She d. 24 Jul 1788, aged 36, at Carter’s Grove having had issue:
        1. Carter, of Carter’s Grove, b. 16 Oct 1773 at Carter’s Grove, m. 1816, Mary Duncan (who m. 2ndly Nov 1819, William Jones of Warwick County, who d. 1824). He d. 9 Feb 1819 at Carter’s Grove and she d. 1826 having had issue:
          1. Philip Lewis Carter, b. 5 Sep 1817, m. 25 Jan 1836, Susan Ann, dau of Colonel Daniel Lee of Winchester and his wife Elizabeth (née Nicholson), d. 2 Nov 1878 and was buried in Mount Hebron Cemetery having had issue:
            1. Philip Lewis Carter, Captain, Confederate States Army (C.S.A.), b. 19 Nov 1838, m. 16 Oct 1866, Sallie, dau of George Bastable and his wife Mary (née Bassel). He d. 30 May 1909 and she d. 1 Dec 1925 having had issue:
              1. Lewis Carter, b. 24 Nov 1869, d. 24 Nov 1915 in Florida.
              2. Mary, b. 29 Nov 1871, d. unmarried May 1893.
              3. Antoinette Lee, b. 3 Jul 1876, d. 15 Dec 1876.
              4. Sarah Angelica, b. 29 Sep 1878.
              5. Louisa, b. 11 Nov 1884, m. 16 Jan 1911, Herman, son of Christian Heineken and his wife Maria (née Engelken). He d. 17 Nov 1940 having had issue.
            2. Robert Saunders, cotton broker, b. 2 Sep 1842, m. Anne Elizabeth, dau of Edward Clayton of Augusta and his wife Elizabeth (née Bradford). She d. 20 Jun 1923 having had issue:
              1. Edward Clayton, b. 3 Feb 1871, m. Oct 1906, Elizabeth Eve, dau of Richard Allen of Augusta.
              2. Lewis Carter, b. 11 Feb 1878, m. 1905, Saida Stoney, dau of Colonel Hamilton Chamberlain Jones of Charlotte and his wife Convere Springs (née Myers) and had issue:
                1. Hamilton Jones, b. 14 Jun 1906, d. 11 May 1907 at Charlotte.
                2. Lewis Carter, U.S. Navy, b. 23 Apr 1908, m. 1stly 21 Jun 1932, Frances, dau of J.P. Stowe of Charlotte and had issue: 1 dau. He m. 2ndly 6 Oct 1942, Edith, dau of H.W. Branson of Greensboro and had further issue: 2 sons.
                3. Clayton Lee, Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy, b. 29 Oct 1910, m. 6 Feb 1943, Deloise Ann, dau of Lieutenant General Delos Carleton Emmons and had issue: 1 son.
                4. Convere Jones, b. 3 Dec 1912, m. 20 Aug 1945, William Wesley White, son of Frederick White of Colorado.
                5. Saida Jones, b. 5 Dec 1921, unmarried in 1946.
              3. Lizzie Lee, b. 14 Oct 1872, m. 27 Aug 1890, Rev Clarence Croft Leman, son of William Walker Leman and his wife Catherine Ann (née Rembert). He d. 2 Mar 1914 having had issue.
              4. Mary, b. circa 1875, d. circa 1879 in Augusta.
            3. Louisa Carter, b. 17 Dec 1836, m. 16 Jan 1866 in Dougherty County, Georgia, Dr. Benjamin Mellichamp Cromwell, son of Warham Cromwell and his wife Josephine Celestine Louisiana (née Heins). She d. 8 Mar 1883 and he d. 16 Apr 1917.
            4. Laura Lee, b. 17 Nov 1840, m. 1868, Spencer Livingstone Davidson, son of Alexander Brown Davidson and his wife Anna Louisa (née Walls) and d. 1886 having had issue.
        2. Philip, b. 15 Jan 1776 at Williamsburg, m. 16 Nov 1797 at Carter Hall, Elizabeth, dau of Robert Page and his wife Elizabeth (née Carter), d.s.p. 11 Feb 1849 at Chapel Hill and was buried at Old Chapel.
        3. Nathaniel, member of the Virginia Legislature, Vestryman of Frederick Parish, b. 16 Feb 1779 at Carter’s Grove, m. 1 Nov 1797, Elizabeth, dau of Dr. Nathaniel Nelson and his wife Jane Byrd (née Page). He d.s.p. 1 Nov 1849 at Saratoga, Clarke County and was buried at Old Chapel and she d. 11 Jun 1850.
        4. Lewis, b. 4 Jan 1781 at Carter’s Grove, d. 28 Sep 1782.
        5. William, b. 14 Jul 1782 at Carter’s Grove, d. 2 Oct 1782.
        6. Lewis, of Prospect Hill, b. 26 Sep 1783 at Carter’s Grove, m. 28 Sep 1808, Maria Mann, dau of Mann Page, member of the Continental Congress, of Mannsfield, Spotsylvania County and his second wife Annie Corbin, dau of John Tayloe of Mount Airey, Spotsylvania County. He d. 24 Feb 1826 at Prospect Hill and she d. 26 Jan 1835 having had issue:
          1. Nathaniel, b. circa 1815, d. unmarried circa 1838 from yellow fever.
          2. Lewis, b. 1817, d. unmarried 11 Sep 1838 at Saratoga after being struck by a runaway horse.
          3. Susan Gwynn, b. circa 1810, d. unmarried 24 Jan 1869 in Winchester.
          4. Roberta Page, b. circa 1812, d. unmarried 14 Dec 1856 in Winchester.
          5. Mary Mann, b. 10 Jun 1819, m. 19 Sep 1838, Frank Burwell Meade, son of Bishop William Meade and his wife Mary, dau of Philip Nelson. He d. 5 Sep 1886 and she d. 12 Mar 1898.
          6. Lucy Gwynn, b. 20 Aug 1822, m. 1849, Addison Bowley Carter, farmer, of Fauquier County, son of Wormeley Carter and his wife Sally (née Edwards) of Fauquier County. He d. 29 Jul 1886 and she d. 14 Mar 1909 having had issue.
        7. Robert Carter, b. 24 Jul 1785 at Carter’s Grove, d. unmarried 22 Aug 1813 at New Market.
        8. Lucy, b. 20 Nov 1777 at Carter’s Grove, m. 6 Apr 1797 at Carter Hall, Captain Archibald Cary Randolph, 12th U.S. Infantry, son of Thomas Isham Randolph of Ben Lomond, Cumberland County and his wife Jane (née Cary). She d. 22 Mar 1810 at Carter Hall and he d. 14 Nov 1813 having had issue.
        He m. 2ndly 24 Jan 1789 at Mannsfield, Lucy, widow of Colonel George Baylor, 3rd Dragoons and General Washington’s staff (who d. 1784 in Barbados, having been wounded at Old Tappan in 1778) and second dau of Mann Page of Mannsfield and his second wife Annie Corbin, dau of John Tayloe and d. 29 Mar 1814 at Carter Hall having had further issue:
        1. Tayloe Page, b. 24 Nov 1789 at Carter’s Grove, d. unmarried 23 Oct 1811 at Carter Hall.
        2. William Nelson, of Glen Owen, Frederick County, b. 23 Apr 1791 at Carter’s Grove, m. 1812, Mary, second dau of George Brooke and his wife Judith, second dau of Colonel Thomas Marshall. He d. 12 Aug 1822 at Glen Owen (and she m. 2ndly 21 Feb 1826 in Fauquier County, Alexander Newman) and she d. 1838 having had issue:
          1. Nathaniel, of Glenvin, b. 17 Aug 1819 at Glen Owen, educ University of Virginia, m. 8 Dec 1842 at The Briars, Clarke County, Dorothy Willing, second dau of Dr. Robert Powell Page of The Briars and his wife Mary, dau of Thomas Frances of Philadelphia. She d. 2 Jul 1893 and he d. 29 Nov 1896 having had issue:
            1. Robert Powell Page, Lieutenant, Stuart’s Light Horse Artillery, wounded at Brandy Station and d. 31 Aug 1863 at Staunton.
            2. George Harrison, b. 14 Mar 1847 in Prince William County, entered the service of Prince Maximilian and was killed in action in 1865 in Mexico.
            3. Philip, M.D., of Parkersburg, West Virginia, b. 17 Jan 1848, m. 28 Oct 1874, Maria, elder dau of Henry Harrison of Huntingdon, Clarke County and his wife Frances Tabb, dau of George Harrison Burwell (see below). He d. 22 Sep 1896 and she d. 28 Dec 1905 at Millwood, Clarke County having had issue.
            4. John Page, M.D., of Wilmington, Delaware, b. 8 Nov 1853, m. 1stly 24 Sep 1872, his first cousin, Elizabeth, elder dau of Commodore Mayhew Wainwright, U.S. Navy, of New York City and his wife Maria Burwell, dau of Dr. Robert Powell Page of The Briars, Clarke County. She d.s.p. 27 Sep 1883 and he m. 2ndly Mary Warrington of Maryland and d. 16 Feb 1906.
            5. William Nelson, M.D., of Parkersburg, West Virginia, b. 12 Jun 1858, m. 21 Oct 1885, Nellie Scott Nelson, second dau of Colonel William Nelson Chancellor and his wife Ellen (née King) and had issue.
            6. Thomas Hugh Nelson, of Carter Hall, b. 17 Feb 1861 at Glenvin, m. 11 Oct 1882, Virginia, dau of Jessie Sharpe of Wilmington and his wife Elizabeth (née Rowan). She d. 17 Sep 1888 at Carter Hall having had issue:
              1. Sybilla Sharpe, b. 4 Jul 1883 in Wilmington, m. Edward Jacobs and had issue.
              2. Marguerite Crenshaw, b. 29 Oct 1884 in Wilmington, m. 10 Apr 1915, Lewis Burwell Meade, son of Philip Cooke Meade and his wife Althea Collins, dau of Nathaniel Burwell Cooke and had issue.
            7. Susan Randolph, b. 15 Aug 1849, m. 1stly 26 Oct 1875, Colonel Mathis Winston Henry of Kentucky, son of Mathis Winston Henry and his wife Juliette (née Pitts). She m. 2ndly 6 Apr 1897, Dr. Archibald Cary Randolph and d. 22 Mar 1910.
            8. Evelyn Carter, of Millwood, b. 19 Oct 1864, m. Jun 1892, Edmund Wickham Byrd, eldest son of George Harrison Byrd and his wife Lucy Carter, dau of Edward Fanning Wickham. She d. 18 Oct 1918 and he d. 7 Nov 1931.
            9. Edith Dorothy, b. 2 Nov 1867, d. 19 Sep 1868.
          2. Lucy Marshall, b. 13 Jan 1812 at Glen Owen, m. 17 Sep 1835, John Jolliffe of Winchester. He d. 15 Sep 1860 and she d. 8 May 1888 having had issue.
          3. Elizabeth Gwyn Page, b. 18 Nov 1816 at Glen Owen, m. 4 Aug 1835, David Holmes McGuire, lawyer, of Berryville, Clarke County, son of Edward McGuire and his wife Elizabeth, dau of Joseph Holmes. She d. 30 May 1865 and he d. 11 Feb 1882 having had issue.
          4. Willianne Corbin Tayloe, b. 29 Apr 1818 at Glen Owen, m. 2 May 1837 at Saratoga, Philip Pendleton Cooke, lawyer, of Winchester, Virginia. He d. 1850 and she d. 23 Nov 1899 having had issue.
        3. Mann Page, b. 19 Dec 1793 at Millwood, d. 5 Aug 1794.
        4. George Harrison, of Carter Hall, b. 6 Oct 1799 at Millwood, m. 1stly 28 Mar 1820 at Airville, Gloucester County, Isabella Smith, dau of John Peyton Dixon of Airville and his wife Sarah (née Throckmorton). She d. 24 Mar 1830 having had issue:
          1. William Taylor, b. 2 Jul 1824, shot to death on 15 Feb 1869 in a field near his home Spout Run having had issue.
          2. John Langbourne, M.D., b. 8 Oct 1828, d. unmarried 24 Oct 1856.
          3. Sally Throckmorton, b. 28 Apr 1821, d. 29 Oct 1822.
          4. Lucy Mann, b. 17 Sep 1822, m. 18 Dec 1843 at Carter Hall, John Page of Longwood, Clarke County, second son of William Byrd Page of Pagebrook and his first wife Evelyn Byrd, dau of Judge William Nelson. He d. 14 Sep 1885.
          5. Frances Tabb, b. 5 Mar 1827, m. 1 Feb 1846, Henry Harrison of Huntingdon, Clarke County, elder son of Benjamin Harrison of Berkeley and his wife Mary Willing, dau of John Page of Pagebrook, Clarke County. He d. 4 Oct 1887 and she d. 6 Aug 1897 having had issue.
          6. Georgette, b. 4 May 1830, d. 12 Jun 1830.
          He 2ndly 4 Aug 1831, Agnes, dau of Robert Atkinson of Mansfield, Dinwiddie County and his wife Mary Mayo (née Tabb). He d. 5 Oct 1873 at Carter Hall and she d. 4 Dec 1885 at Saratoga having had further issue:
          1. Nathaniel, Regimental Sergeant Major, 2nd Virginia Regiment, C.S.A., b. Sep 1838, unmarried, wounded at the second battle of Manassas, d. 5 Sep 1862 of his wounds at Aldie, Loudon County and was buried at Old Chapel.
          2. George Harrison, lawyer, of Carter Hall, educ William and Mary College, b. 19 Nov 1848 at Carter Hall, m. 1stly 27 Sep 1877 in Leesburg, Laura Dunbar, dau of Major Charles Henry Lee, C.S.A., and his wife Elizabeth (née Dunbar). She was b. 21 Jul 1846 and d. 25 Apr 1883 having had issue:
            1. Townsend, of Carter Hall, b. 8 Jul 1878, m. 1 Apr 1909, Rosalie Leslie Wheat of Morgan Spring, Clarke County and d. 30 Sep 1972 having had issue:
              1. John Townsend, b. 24 Dec 1912 at Carter Hall, m. Katharine Despard and was killed in a car crash having had issue: 2 sons and 1 dau.
              2. Charles Lee, b. 17 Sep 1917 at Carter Hall, m. Natalie Benedict and had issue: 1 son and 1 dau.
            He m. 2ndly 10 Jun 1886, Lucy Burwell, dau of Nathaniel Burwell Whiting of Pleasant Hill, Clarke County and his wife Mary Camilla, dau of John Pemberton Pleasants of Baltimore. He d. 25 Feb 1926 and she d. 9 Apr 1943 having had further issue:
            1. George Harrison, b. 20 Jun 1891, m. 24 Oct 1946, Elizabeth Amiss, widow of William Beverley and dau of Edwin Amiss Palmer of Richmond and his wife Alice Duane (née Hemming).
          3. Mary Atkinson, b. 12 Oct 1835, d. 8 Sep 1847.
          4. Isabella Dixon, b. 21 Feb 1841, m. 23 Oct 1861 at Christ Church, Captain Peter Helms Mayo of Richmond, son of Robert Atkinson Mayo of Powhatan, Henrico County and his wife Sarah (née Taliaferro). She d. 3 Oct 1912 and he d. 1920 having had issue.
          5. Alice Carter, d. young.
          6. Eliza Page, m. 4 Feb 1868 at Christ Church, Thomas Hugh Burwell Randolph of Newmarket, Clarke County, who d. 23 Apr 1900 having had issue.
          7. Agnes Atkinson, m. 28 Sep 1873, Robert Powell Page of Saratoga, son of Dr. Robert Powell Page of The Briars and his wife Mary, dau of Thomas Frances of Philadelphia. He d. 31 Aug 1930 having had issue.
        5. Thomas Hugh Nelson, b. 29 Jan 1805 at Carter Hall, d. unmarried 11 Sep 1841 at Old Point Comfort and was buried in Williamsburg.
        6. Susanna Grymes, b. 16 Oct 1792 at Millwood, d. 19 Oct 1793.
        7. Elizabeth Gwyn, b. 26 Jun 1795 at Carter’s Grove, m. 17 Jun 1817 in Frederick County, Dr. James Hay, son of William Hay of Richmond and his second wife Elizabeth, youngest dau of Captain Bennet Tompkins of Bennet’s Creek, York County. He d. 3 Dec 1847 and she d. 13 Apr 1855 at Millwood and was buried at Old Chapel having had issue.
        8. Mary, b. 18 Jan 1798 at Millwood, m. 16 Oct 1816, Francis Beverley Whiting, U.S. Navy, of Clay Hill, Willwood, Virginia, son of Henry Whiting and his wife Elizabeth (née Braxton). He d. 14 Jun 1867 and she d. 15 Dec 1880 at Clay Hill having had issue.
      2. Carter, b. 25 Jan 1754 at Carter’s Grove, educ William and Mary College 1770-74, d. unmarried 24 Sep 1775 in London and was buried at St. Martin Orgar, London on 25 Sep 1775.
      3. Lewis, b. 5 Jun 1755 at Carter’s Grove, d. young.
      4. Lucy, b. 3 Oct 1740 at Brandon, m. Thomas Lilly, who served as a Captain in the Virginia State Navy during the Revolutionary War and had issue.
      5. Elizabeth, b. 21 Feb 1741/42 at Carter’s Grove.
      6. Judith, b. 11 Apr 1744 at Brandon, m. Colonel Samuel Griffin of Williamsburg, member of Congress 1789-96, and had issue.
      7. Alice, b. 4 May 1745 at Brandon.
      8. Sarah, b. 30 Nov 1746 at Williamsburg, m. 13 Sep 1776, Rev John Bracken, Rector of Bruton Parish, Williamsburg 1773-1818, President of William and Mary College 1812-14, who d. 15 Jul 1818 having had issue.
      9. Mary, b. 6 Apr 1749, m. her second cousin, Colonel Edmund Berkeley, grandson of Edmund Berkeley and his wife Lucy, dau of Lewis Burwell (see below).
    4. Robert Carter, Colonel, member of the Council 1764, of Warrasqueake (now Burwell) Bay, Isle of Wight County, b. 3 Jun 1720 at Carter’s Creek, Lancaster County, bapt 29 Jun 1720 at Abingdon, m. 1stly 1742, Sarah, dau of ‘Scotch’ Tom Nelson and his wife Margaret, dau of John Wilson of Yorktown and had issue:
      1. Nathaniel, member of the Committee of Safety 1775, clerk, Isle of Wight County 1772-87, educ William and Mary College, m. Mary, youngest dau of Ralph Wormeley of Rosegill and his wife Jane, dau of James Bowles of Maryland and had issue:
        1. Robert Carter, Captain, 51st Regiment, Virginia Militia during the War of 1812, built Long Branch, Clarke County 1805-06, d. circa 1817 at Long Branch.
        2. Sarah Nelson, m. 27 Jun 1789 at Christ Church, her second cousin, Philip Nelson, son of Thomas Nelson, Governor of Virginia, and d. 9 Dec 1856.
        3. Jane, bapt 15 Jan 1769 at Christ Church.
      2. Frances, b. 1747, m. 1765, John Page, Governor of Virginia 1802-05, son of Mann Page of Rosewall, Gloucester County and his first wife Alice, dau of The Hon. John Grymes, Auditor General of Virginia, of Middlesex County. She d. 1784 and he d. 1808 having had issue.
      He m. 2ndly 31 Aug 1774, Mary, widow of George Braxton and dau of The Hon. John Blair, President of the Council, of Williamsburg and his wife Mary, dau of Rev John Monro of St. John’s Parish, King William County and d. 30 Jan 1777 (Will dated 16 Aug 1772 and proved 13 Oct 1777).
    5. Lucy, b. 21 Apr 1715, bapt 20 May 1715 at Abingdon, d. young.
    6. Elizabeth, bapt 22 Jan 1718/19 at Abingdon, m. 2 Feb 1736/37 at Abingdon, William Nelson, President of the Council, and had issue. Their son Thomas Nelson, Major General, Virginia Forces, was Governor of Virginia in 1781 and a signer of the Declaration of Independence.
  2. Lewis, b. 9 Oct 1682, bapt 8 Nov 1682 at Abingdon, d. 17 Sep 1696.
  3. Bacon, b. 22 Feb 1685/86, bapt 10 Mar 1685/86 at Abingdon, d. before 15 Mar 1691/92 (Will of Nathaniel Bacon).
  4. James, of King’s Creek, York County, Burgess for York County 1715 and 1718, b. 4 Feb 1689/90, bapt 2 Mar 1689/90 at Abingdon, m. Mary, eldest dau of William Armistead and his wife Anna, dau of Hancock Lee of Ditchley. See ARMISTEAD – Burke’s Distinguished Families of America. He d. 6 Oct 1718 (and she m. 2ndly The Hon. Philip Lightfoot, member of the Council and had further issue) and she d. 30 Jun 1775 having had issue:
    1. Nathaniel Bacon, Captain, of King’s Creek, York County, m. Jemima, dau of Dr. William Cocke, Secretary of State for Virginia, and his wife Elizabeth (née Catesby) and d. 10 Mar 1791 having had issue:
      1. James, of King’s Creek, entered Eton on 30 Sep 1760, m. his first cousin, Anne, third dau of Colonel Thomas Jones and his wife Elizabeth Pratt, dau of Dr. William Cocke, Secretary of State for Virginia. She d. 30 Oct 1779 having had issue:
        1. Nathaniel, educ William and Mary College, m. 19 Apr 1796 in Richmond, Elizabeth, dau of John Smith and had issue:
          1. James Bacon.
        2. James, m. 15 Nov 1797 in Northumberland County, Judith, youngest dau of Captain Spencer Mottson Ball of Coan, Northumberland County and his wife Elizabeth, dau of Francis Waring of Goldberry, Essex County and had issue:
          1. Ann Eliza, m. William Catesby, b. 14 Apr 1788, son of William Latane of Essex County. He d. Aug 1846.
        3. Bacon, postmaster, of Millwood, Clarke County in 1800, m. 27 Nov 1813 in Berkeley County, Priscilla Merchant.
        4. Anne, living in 1771.
        5. Rachel, m. 7 Feb 1795 in Williamsburg, Thomas Emmerson.
      2. Elizabeth, m. 1stly Rev Richard Hewitt and had issue: 4 daus. She m. 2ndly 1779, Colonel Edward Harwood, son of Colonel William Harwood, Burgess for Warwick County 1744-75.
    2. Lucy, d. unmarried circa 1719.
  5. Jane, d. before 15 Mar 1691/92.
  6. Joanna, b. circa 1675, m. 28 Nov 1693, Colonel William Bassett, member of the Council, Burgess for New Kent County, of Eltham, New Kent County, son of William Bassett and his wife Bridget, dau of Colonel Miles Carey of Warwick County. He d. 11 Oct 1723 and she d. 7 Oct 1727 having had issue.
  7. Elizabeth, bapt Jun 1677 at Abingdon, m. Benjamin Harrison, Treasurer and Attorney General of Virginia 1697-1702 and 1705-10, of Berkeley, Charles City County, eldest son of Benjamin Harrison. He d. 10 Apr 1710 and she d. 30 Dec 1734 having had issue. Their grandson Benjamin Harrison signed the Declaration of Independence on 4 Jul 1776 and served as Governor of Virginia 1781-84. His youngest son William Henry Harrison was the 9th President of the United States and W.H. Harrison’s grandson, Benjamin Harrison, was the 23rd President of the United States. See HARRISON – Burke’s Presidential Families.
  8. Lucy, b. 21 Nov 1683, bapt 5 Dec 1683 at Abingdon, m. 1 Dec 1704 in Gloucester County, Edmund Berkeley, member of the Council 1713-18, of Barn Elms, Middlesex County, son of Edmund Berkeley. She d. 16 Dec 1716 and he d. 15 Dec 1718 having had issue: 2 sons and 3 daus.
  9. Martha, bapt 16 Nov 1685 at Abingdon, m. 1703 in Gloucester County, Colonel Henry Armistead, Lieutenant of Caroline County, younger son of Colonel John Armistead of Hesse, Gloucester County. He d. 1740 having had issue: 2 sons and 2 daus. Their great great grandson General Lewis Addison Armistead was killed while leading Pickett’s Charge at the Battle of Gettysburg on 3 Jul 1863. See ARMISTEAD – Burke’s Distinguished Families of America.
  10. Jane, bapt 16 Nov 1688 at Abingdon, d. before 15 Mar 1691/92.

He m. 2ndly MARTHA, eldest dau of Colonel JOHN LEAR, member of the Council in 1688, of Nansemond County, who d. 27 Jun 1696, and widow of Colonel William Cole, Secretary of State for Virginia 1690-92, of Bolethorpe, Warwick County, by whom she had issue: 2 sons and 2 daus. Lewis Burwell built Carter’s Creek in 1694: it was burnt down in 1898 and the Burwell family graves were moved from Fairfield to the graveyard of Abingdon Church in 1910. Martha Burwell d. 4 Aug 1704, aged 36, and Lewis Burwell d. 19 Dec 1710 (Will proved 19 Feb 1710/11) having had further issue:

  1. Lewis, Colonel of Militia, Burgess for James City County 1742-44, of Kingsmill, James City County (built in 1736), b. circa 1699 at Carter’s Creek, Lancaster County, educ William and Mary College, Vestryman of Bruton Parish Church, Williamsburg, m. Lucy, dau of Colonel John Armistead, High Sheriff of Gloucester County, and his wife Judith (née Robinson). See ARMISTEAD – Burke’s Distinguished Families of America. He d. 6 Sep 1744 having had issue:
    1. Armistead, of Stoneland, Mecklenburg County, Burgess 1752-53, Churchwarden of Bruton Parish 1750, m. 1744, Christian Ladd, dau of The Hon. John Blair, President of the Council, of Williamsburg and his wife Mary, dau of Rev John Monro of St. John’s Parish, King William County. He d. 1754 and she d. 2 Jan 1784 having had issue:
      1. Lewis, Colonel, of Stoneland, Mecklenburg County, commanded a Regiment during the Revolutionary War, member of the Virginia Legislature for 14 years, b. 26 Sep 1745 in Bruton Parish, m. 1stly 1768, Anne, dau of Colonel John Spotswood and his wife Mary, dau of Captain William Dandridge and grand-dau of Alexander Spotswood, Governor of Virginia. She d. 1789 having had issue:
        1. Armistead, b. 26 Jun 1770, m. 14 Nov 1791 in Mecklenburg County, Lucy Crawley of Granville County, North Carolina and had issue:
          1. John Armistead, m. Lucy Hunt.
          2. Nancy, m. Mr. Taylor of Granville County.
          3. Lucy, m. Dr. Sturtivant.
          4. Matilda, m. 21 Aug 1842 in Mecklenburg County, her first cousin, Lewis, third son of Spotswood Burwell (see below).
          5. Polly (twin).
          6. Elizabeth (twin).
        2. John Spotswood, of Franklin County, b. 15 May 1776, m. 11 Jun 1806 in Franklin County, Elizabeth Woods and had issue:
          1. Blair, who d.s.p.
          2. Lewis, M.D., of San Francisco.
          3. William, lawyer, of Patrick County.
          4. Armistead Lewis, of Ohio, b. 12 Apr 1810 in Franklin County, m. Miss Bowlin of Franklin County.
          5. Letitia, m. 20 Jan 1835, James Mitchell, who d. 1872 at Houston.
          6. Ann Spotswood, m. Beverly Sydnor of Halifax County.
          7. Jennie, m. Joseph Kennerly.
        3. Lewis, b. 14 Dec 1779, m. 10 Oct 1803 in Amelia County, Sarah Edwards, dau of Colonel Armistead Green of Amelia County and had issue:
          1. Abraham Lewis, b. 1805 in Mecklenburg County.
          2. Allen A., b. 1806 in Mecklenburg County.
          3. Lewis, b. 1811 in Mecklenburg County.
          4. John S.S. Ravenscroft, of Finney Wood, b. 1814 in Mecklenburg County, m. 1stly 21 Aug 1840 in Warren County, North Carolina, his first cousin, Panthea E. Boyd and had issue:
            1. Richard B., b. circa 1842.
            2. John S., b. circa 1847.
            3. Sally Ann, b. 26 Oct 1841 in Mecklenburg County, m. 24 Dec 1863 in Mecklenburg County, William Gaines Friend.
            4. Christiana, b. circa 1843.
            He m. 2ndly 2 Dec 1852 in Charlotte County, Mary E. Roberts and had further issue:
            1. Lewis, b. 1854 in Mecklenburg County.
            2. Abraham A., b. 15 Aug 1855 in Mecklenburg County.
          5. William Armistead, C.S.A., died during the Civil War.
          6. Anne Eliza, b. 1807 in Mecklenburg County, m. 12 Mar 1827 in Mecklenburg County, Theodorick M. Roberts.
        4. Blair, b. 26 May 1783, m. 1stly Elizabeth Hatcher and had issue. He m. 2ndly 1 Mar 1827 in Chesterfield, Delia Adelaide Harris of Powhatan and d. 8 Aug 1871 having had further issue:
          1. William P., lawyer, Colonel, C.S.A., of Richmond, d. unmarried.
          2. Blair, M.D., m. Virginia, dau of Robert A. Picket of Turkey Island, Virginia.
          3. John R., of Indian Camp, Powhatan, m. 16 Mar 1860 in Powhatan, Sallie W. Hobson.
          4. Helen Lee, m. Captain R.G. Pegram, C.S.N., of Petersburg.
          5. Mary Louisa, m. Major P.C. Warwick, C.S.A., President of the Gallego Mills, Richmond.
          6. Margaret Wilson, b. 19 Mar 1837 in Manchester County, m. 24 Apr 1862 in Petersburg, Charles Simion Stringfellow, lawyer, of Petersburg.
        5. Spotswood, b. 15 Jan 1785, m. 1808, Mary Green Marshall. He d. 1 Jan 1855 and she d. 1856 having had issue:
          1. William Armistead, b. 4 Sep 1809, m. Mary Williams and had issue: 1 son.
          2. John Spotswood, b. 1811, m. Sally Hayes and had issue: 1 son and 2 daus.
          3. Lewis, b. 13 Jul 1813, m. 21 Aug 1842 in Mecklenburg County, his first cousin, Matilda, third dau of Armistead Burwell (see above) and his wife Lucy (née Crawley) and d.s.p.
          4. Blair, b. 6 Oct 1815, m. Mary Davis and had issue: 1 son and 1 dau.
          5. Henry Harrison, b. 5 Mar 1818, m. 27 Aug 1851 in Vance County, North Carolina, Susan Caroline Hargrove and had issue: 2 sons and 3 daus.
          6. Armistead Ravenscroft, b. 30 Oct 1820, m. 7 Apr 1852 in Granville County, North Carolina, Elizabeth Kyle Norman and had issue: 4 sons and 2 daus.
          7. George Washington, M.D., b. 12 Mar 1823, m. 30 Aug 1849 in Mecklenburg County, Fanny Elizabeth Gayle. She d. 1872 and he d. 1873 having had issue: 3 sons and 2 daus.
          8. Robert Randolph, b. 16 Jan 1829, m. 9 Nov 1858, Jessie Atherton Dawson and had issue: 7 sons and 4 daus.
          9. Mary Anne Spotswood, b. 25 Jun 1825, m. 20 Dec 1843 in Mecklenburg County, Dr. Otis F. Manson and d. 1874 having had issue.
        6. Mary Armistead, m. 28 Sep 1786 in Mecklenburg County, Colonel Samuel Goode of Whitby, Chesterfield County, youngest son of Robert Goode and his wife Mary (née Turpin) and d. 14 Nov 1822 having had issue.
        7. Anne Spotswood, b. 14 Feb 1773, m. 13 Aug 1792 in Mecklenburg County, Rt Rev John Stark Ravenscroft, first Bishop of North Carolina, son of Dr. John Ravenscroft of Maycock’s and his wife Lillias, dau of Hugh Miller. He d.s.p. 1830 at Raleigh, North Carolina.
        8. Elizabeth Blair, b. 19 Jun 1774, m. Edward Lowry Tabb, clerk, Mecklenburg County 1814-31, son of John Tabb and his wife Mary (née Mallory) and d. 27 Aug 1833 having had issue.
        9. Christian, m. 18 Dec 1794 in Mecklenburg County, William Browne Hamlin of Amelia County, son of Stephen Henry Hamlin and his wife Mary (née Browne) and d.s.p.
        10. Panthea, m. 22 Nov 1799 in Mecklenburg County, John Richard Boyd, third son of Alexander Boyd of Mecklenburg County and his wife Ann, dau of Richard Swepson. She d. 14 Nov 1848 and he d. 13 Oct 1860 having had issue.
        11. Matilda, b. 10 Jan 1787, m. 20 Oct 1803, Alexander Boyd of Rose Hill, Boydton, Virginia, fourth son of Alexander Boyd of Mecklenburg County and his wife Ann, dau of Richard Swepson. He d. 28 May 1836 and she d. 9 May 1867.
        12. Harriet, d. young.
        He m. 2ndly 25 Sep 1789 in Surry County, Elizabeth, dau of Henry Harrison and his wife Elizabeth, dau of Richard Avery of Sussex County. He d. 2 Jul 1800 and she d. 19 Nov 1824 having had further issue:
        1. Henry Harrison, b. 23 Dec 1790, m. 14 Oct 1814 in Cumberland Parish, Catherine Buford. She d. 2 Jan 1815 and he d. 3 Jan 1815 after the burning of Stoneland on 1 Jan 1815.
        2. Peyton Randolph, of Millgrove, Mecklenburg County, b. 29 Jul 1792, m. Jane, dau of John Seawell of Gloucester County and his wife Fanny, dau of John Hobday and d. 1875 having had issue:
          1. Henry Harrison, b. circa 1816, educ William and Mary College 1834-35.
          2. Selina Skipwith, b. 1822, m. 1851, Henry Tucker, son of Lewellen Tucker of Mecklenburg County and his wife Ursula (née Poole) and had issue.
        3. Jane Blair, b. 22 Feb 1794, m. Colonel William Eaton of Warren County, North Carolina and d.s.p.
        4. Martha Christian, b. 5 Oct 1795, m. 1stly Grandison Field and had issue. She m. 2ndly John Field.
      2. John Blair, b. 30 Nov 1746 in Bruton Parish, m. 5 Dec 1771, Ann, youngest dau of The Hon. Benjamin Powell of Williamsburg. He d. 26 Feb 1788 and she d. 1800 having had issue:
        1. Armistead, of Dinwiddie County, b. 13 Dec 1777, m. 13 Dec 1800, Mary Cole, youngest dau of Robert Turnbull of White Hill, near Petersburg and his wife Mary, dau of Rev Roscow Cole. He d. 1841 and she d. 23 Apr 1860 at Vicksburg, Mississippi having had issue:
          1. Rev Robert, D.D., of Hillsboro, Charlotte County and Raleigh, North Carolina, Principal of Charlotte Female Institute, b. 12 Jun 1802, m. Anna Robertson of Petersburg and d. Jun 1895 having had issue: 8 sons and 4 daus.
          2. John, b. 2 Jan 1804, d. 1883 in Texas.
          3. Lewis, b. 7 Sep 1807, d. 27 Jun 1808.
          4. Armistead, b. 10 May 1810, m. 15 Oct 1839 at Vicksburg, Priscilla, youngest dau of Thomas Bolling Manlove and his wife Nancy (née Turnbull) and d. 1879 having had issue: 6 sons and 4 daus.
          5. Benjamin Powell, b. 13 Feb 1813, m. Miss Moore of Alabama and had issue.
          6. Charles, b. and d. Sep 1816.
          7. Charles Blair, of Texas, b. 20 Nov 1817, who had issue.
          8. William Turnbull, Lieutenant, U.S. Army, killed in action on 8 Sep 1847 at Moline del Rey, Mexico.
          9. Nathaniel Harrison, d. young.
          10. Anne Powell, b. 3 Dec 1805, m. The Hon. Hugh Alfred Garland and d. 1855 having had issue.
          11. Mary Cole, b. 27 May 1809, m. Landon C. Garland and d.s.p.
          12. Frances King, b. 14 Nov 1814, m. John Catlett and had issue.
          13. Elizabeth Margaret, b. 7 May 1823, m. Mr. Putnam of Vicksburg, Mississippi.
        2. Elizabeth, b. 28 Feb 1773, m. Colonel Belfield Starke of Greenesville County and d.s.p. Nov 1804.
        3. Anne, b. 1 Aug 1775, d. 30 Apr 1801.
        4. Frances Powell, b. 17 Jan 1781, m. 15 Jul 1799 in Mecklenburg County, Captain Miles King of Mathews County and d.s.p. 7 Oct 1806.
        5. Hannah, b. 9 Sep 1782, m. Mr. Pelham and d. Mar 1806 having had issue.
        6. Annabella, b. 13 Mar 1788, m. 1stly 1801, John Edmonds Dawson. He d. 1811 and she d. 1835 having had issue.
    2. Lewis, of Kingsmill, Burgess for James City County 1758-74, m. 21 Jan 1744/45 in Middlesex County, Frances, widow of James Bray and dau of Edwin Thacker and his wife Elizabeth, dau of Eltonhead Conway and d. 1784 in James City County (Will dated 2 Aug 1784 and proved 13 Dec 1784) having had issue:
      1. Lewis, of Kingsmill, m. Lucy, dau of William Randolph of Wilton and his wife Anne, dau of Benjamin Harrison of Berkeley and d. 1779.
      2. Nathaniel, Captain in the Revolutionary War, Sheriff of King William County in 1798, b. 1750, m. 5 Mar 1780 at Vermont, King William County, Martha, dau of Dudley Digges of Williamsburg and his wife Martha, dau of Colonel Henry Armistead. He d. 1802 and she d. 3 Nov 1848 at Rustic Lodge, Botecourt County having had issue:
        1. Nathaniel, of James City and Roanoke Counties, b. 16 Jun 1785, m. Lucy, dau of Charles Carter of Shirley and his second wife Anne Butler, dau of Bernard Moore of Chelsea, King William County and d. 1866 having had issue:
          1. Nathaniel, of Spring Camp Farm, Willis, Virginia, b. 1817, m. Nancy Pendleton and d. 1886 having had issue: 4 sons and 3 daus.
          2. Charles William, m. 3 Jun 1858 in Hanover County, Mary Braxton.
          3. Ann Carter, b. 1810, m. Frederick Johnston, son of Charles Johnston of Botetourt County. She d. 1861 and he d. 1893 having had issue.
          4. Martha Digges, m. James Logan.
        2. Thomas N., Colonel, of Botetourt County, m. his second cousin, Elizabeth, dau of Andrew Nicolson and his wife Judith, dau of Dudley Digges.
        3. Frances Thacker, m. 20 Sep 1807 in Botetourt County, Colonel Lewis Harvey of Roanoke.
        4. Lucy, m. 20 Nov 1811 in Botetourt County, Captain William C. Bowyer of Roanoke.
        5. Maria, m. 25 Jan 1816 in Botetourt County, Dr. Samuel Gaines Dawson of Ohio and had issue.
      3. Thacker, b. 1752, m. Mary, third dau of Colonel Gill Armistead of Blissland Parish, New Kent County and his wife Betty (née Allen). See ARMISTEAD – Burke’s Distinguished Families of America. He d. 1780 (Will dated 28 Sep 1780 and proved 11 Dec 1780) having had issue:
        1. William Armistead, Republican member of Congress 1806-21, b. 15 May 1780 in Roanoke County, educ William and Mary College, m. Letitia McCrury of Baltimore and d. 16 Feb 1821 having had issue:
          1. William M., member of the Virginia Legislature, m. Frances Callaway, dau of James Callaway Steptoe of Bedford County and his wife Catherine (née Mitchell) and had issue:
            1. Letitia M., authoress, unmarried.
            2. Kate, m. Dr. Thomas Bowyer.
            3. Frances, m. James Breckenridge of Roanoke and d. 1872.
            4. Rosa, m. Dr. Charles Todd of Owensburg, Kentucky.
        2. Edwin Thacker, b. 1755, d. unmarried 1798 while on a ‘Grand Tour’.
        3. Elizabeth, living in 1780.
      4. Armistead.
      5. Elizabeth, m. 1764, John Page, son of John Page and his wife Jane, dau of Colonel William Byrd of Westover. See PAGE – Burke’s Distinguished Families of America. He d. 1789 and she d. 26 Dec 1811 in the burning of Richmond Theatre having had issue.
  2. Mary, b. circa 1698, d. 20 Jul 1704.
  3. Jane, living in 1710.
  4. MARTHA, of whom presently.

MARTHA BURWELL, b. circa 1703, m. Colonel JOHN MARTIN, J.P., Burgess for Caroline County, Virginia 1730-34 and 1738-40, youngest son of SAMUEL MARTIN of the parish of St. Michan, Dublin. See Martin Family History. He emigrated to Virginia from Ireland, settled originally in King William County and moved later to Caroline County, where he had an estate of 2,700 acres. She d. 27 May 1738, aged 35, and was buried at Clifton, Caroline County and he lived later in Bristol and Dublin and d. 1760 (Prerogative Court of Ireland will dated 30 Apr 1760) having had issue.