Hunt Family History

Hunt Family Memorial, Compton Pauncefoot, Somerset

John Hunt of Compton Pauncefoot, Somerset, b. circa 1565, m. Katherine, dau of John Ewins of Sudden, Wincanton. See HUNT – Visitations of Somerset 1672 and monumental inscription in Yeovilton Parish Church. She d. 21 May 1626 and he d. 3 Apr 1660, aged 94, having had issue:

  1. Robert, of whom presently.
  2. Henry, M.A., of Oxfordshire, b. circa 1617, matriculated Magdalen Hall, Oxford, aged 17, on 10 Oct 1634, elected a Fellow in 1639, appointed Proctor in 1647.
  3. Katherine, m. William Daw of Ilchester, Somerset.
  4. Ann.

Robert Hunt of Compton Pauncefoot and Speckington, Somerset, b. circa 1609, m. 24 Sep 1635, Elizabeth, third dau of John Browne of Frampton, Dorset and his wife Elizabeth, dau of Sir George Trenchard of Wolfeton, Charminster, Dorset. See Lineage of Browne, Burwell and Floyer below. She d. 24 Sep 1675, aged 55, and he d. 20 Feb 1679/80, aged 71, (P.C.C. will dated 10 Jan 1679/80 and proved 30 Jun 1680) having had issue:

  1. John, of whom presently.
  2. Robert, barrister-at-law, Middle Temple, also of Compton Pauncefoot, b. circa 1648, matriculated Magdalen Hall, Oxford, aged 19, on 2 Oct 1667, buried in Temple Church on 27 Feb 1676/77 (P.C.C. will dated 19 Oct 1675 and proved 2 May 1677).
  3. George, M.A., Fellow of Magdalen Hall, Oxford 1681-99, educ Magdalen Hall, Oxford, d. 29 Jan 1699/1700 and was buried in the College Chapel.
  4. Katherine, m. Richard, son of Christopher Brodrepp and his wife Katherine, dau and co-heir of Thomas Davy of Salisbury, Wiltshire. She was buried on 29 May 1679 and he was buried on 4 Feb 1706/07 (P.C.C. will proved 30 Apr 1707) having had issue (see below).
  5. Elizabeth, m. 14 Apr 1658, Henry Bull of Shapwick, Somerset and d. 19 Jun 1712.
  6. Grace.
  7. Susan.
  8. Joane, d. 24 Aug 1679.

John Hunt of Compton Pauncefoot, b. circa 1639, m. 1stly Elizabeth, dau of Charles Roscarrick of Roscarrick, Cornwall. She d.s.p. 13 Jan 1697/98 and he m. 2ndly, Elizabeth, dau of Edmund Loyd of London. He d. 20 Apr 1721, aged 82, and she d. 9 Sep 1750, aged 72, (P.C.C. will dated 12 Mar 1749/50 and proved 23 Nov 1756) having had issue:

  1. John, of whom presently.
  2. Rev Dodington, M.A., Rector of Compton Pauncefoot, Rector of Sandford Orcas 1745-50, b. circa 1707, educ Hart Hall, Oxford, m. 7 Dec 1738 at Pitcombe, Somerset, Susanna Webb, sister of Nathaniel Webb of Roundhill, Somerset. According to his diary, she was visited on 15 Jul 1782 by Rev James Woodforde. He d. 1749/50 (P.C.C. will dated 20 Feb 1749/50 and proved 10 Aug 1750) and she was buried at Pitcombe on 27 May 1784, aged 63, (P.C.C. will dated 2 Jan 1775 and proved 16 Dec 1785) having had issue:
    1. Dodington, D.C.L., of Charlton Kings, Gloucestershire, barrister-at-law, Inner Temple, b. circa 1744, educ Brasenose College, Oxford, became of Freeman of the City of Gloucester on 15 Jan 1789, m. 1stly 27 Aug 1771 at Charlton Kings, Elizabeth, dau of William Prinn of Charlton Kings and his wife Elizabeth (née Ridler). She d. 10 Aug 1772 and was buried at Charlton Kings having had issue:
      1. William (later Hunt Prinn), M.A., of Charlton Park, near Cheltenham, b. circa 1772, educ Corpus Christi College, Oxford, m. 20 Apr 1802 at St. Cuthbert’s, Wells, Hester, youngest dau of John Salmon of Eastcot House, Wookey, near Wells. He d. 10 Jan 1821 (P.C.C. will proved 9 Jun 1821) and she d. 28 Dec 1822 at Charlton Park.
      He m. 2ndly 9 Nov 1797 at Charlton Kings, Anne, younger dau of Thomas Nettleship of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and his wife Mary (née Buckle). He d. 2 Nov 1803 and she d.s.p. 3 Jun 1813 and they were both buried at Charlton Kings.
    2. Rev John, D.C.L., B.A., Rector of Pitcombe, Somerset, b. circa 1748, educ Corpus Christi College, Oxford, m. 7 Jul 1794 at Cheltenham, Catherine, elder dau of Thomas Nettleship of Cheltenham and his wife Mary (née Buckle) and d.s.p. 1816.
    3. Elizabeth, b. circa 1740, m. 3 Jun 1786 at Pitcombe, Thomas Millard of the parish of St. Cuthbert, Wells and d. 24 Aug 1818, aged 78. See monumental inscription in Pitcombe Parish Church.
    4. Jane, living in 1750.
  3. Elizabeth, b. circa 1711, m. William Bragge of Hatfield Peveral, Essex. He d. 24 Oct 1778, aged 70, and she d. 24 May 1741, aged 30.

John Hunt of Sandford Orcas, b. circa 1703, educ Wadham College, Oxford, m. his second cousin, Elizabeth, dau of Richard Brodrepp of Maperton, Dorset and his wife Elizabeth Whitton and grand-dau of Richard Brodrepp (see above). He d. 11 Apr 1740, aged 37, (P.C.C. will 21 Mar 1739/40 and proved 2 May 1740) and she d. 31 Aug 1743, aged 42, having had issue:

  1. John, of whom presently.
  2. Rev Richard, M.A., Rector of Compton Pauncefoot, b. circa 1727, educ Merton College, Oxford, d. 1795.
  3. Rev Dodington, B.A., Rector of Broadchalke, Wiltshire, b. circa 1736, educ Oriel College, Oxford, d. 1773 (P.C.C. will dated 27 Apr 1770 and proved 5 May 1773).
  4. Catharine, unmarried in 1770.

John Hunt of Compton Pauncefoot and Jerards, Sandford Orcas, b. circa 1725, matriculated Oriel College, Oxford, aged 18, on 29 April 1743, m. 7 May 1769, Honor, dau of Hubert Husey of Charlton Horethorne, Somerset and his wife Honor (née Prowse). See HUSEY-HUNT of COMPTON CASTLE – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1906 and 1925 Editions and Husey Family History. He d. 14 Jan 1807 (P.C.C. will dated 1 Feb 1793 and proved 4 May 1807), aged 82, and was buried at Compton Pauncefoot on 20 Jan 1807 and she d. 30 Oct 1823, aged 86, and was buried at Compton Pauncefoot on 7 Nov 1823 having had issue:

John Hubert Hunt, b. circa 1774, the builder of Compton Castle, Compton Pauncefoot, d. unmarried 28 Feb 1830 (P.C.C. will dated 28 Sep 1829 and proved 16 Apr 1830), aged 55, and was buried at Compton Pauncefoot on 9 Mar 1830. He left the Compton Pauncefoot property, including Compton Castle, to his first cousin Elizabeth, wife of Lewis Goodin Senior: there was a name and arms clause in the will which made it necessary for the beneficiaries to change their name to Husey-Hunt. On 29 Jul 1795, according to Rev James Woodforde’s diary: ‘Young Mr. Hunt of Compton called here this morning to look at the late Mrs. Pounsetts House as an Uncle of Hunts by name Hussey of Salisbury wants such a one.’

Lineage of Browne, Burwell and Floyer (see The Visitation of Dorset 1677)

Sir JOHN BROWNE of Frampton, Dorset, educ Exeter College, Oxford, admitted to the Middle Temple 1575, m. JANE, dau of HENRY PORTMAN of Orchard, Somerset. See PORTMAN – Burke’s Peerage. He was buried at Frampton on 20 May 1634 having had issue:

  1. JOHN, of whom presently.
  2. George, B.A., M.P. for Lyme Regis 1614, educ University College, Oxford, admitted to the Middle Temple 1602.
  3. Robert, B.A., M.P. for Bridport 1624, educ Magdalen College, Oxford, barrister-at-law, Middle Temple 1615.

JOHN BROWNE of Frampton, Dorset, M.P. for Dorset 1641-53, High Sheriff of Dorset in 1632, educ Magdalen College, Oxford, admitted to the Middle Temple 1599, m. 13 Nov 1607 at Charminster, Dorset, ELIZABETH, bapt 28 Feb 1586/87 at Charminster, dau of Sir GEORGE TRENCHARD of Wolfeton, Charminster (m. 31 Aug 1573 at Charminster) and his wife ELIZABETH (buried at Charminster on 27 Jan 1588/89), dau of Sir GEORGE SPEKE and his wife ELIZABETH, dau of ANDREW LUTTRELL. Sir George Trenchard was M.P. for Dorset, commanded the troops in Dorset at the time of the Spanish Armada in 1588, was knighted the same year and was buried at Charminster on 30 Jan 1630/31. Elizabeth Browne d. 25 Jan 1656/57 and John Browne d. 1659 (P.C.C. will proved 7 May 1659) having had issue:

  1. John, of Frampton, High Sheriff of Dorset in 1666, m. Aug 1634, Elizabeth, dau of Sir Thomas Wyes, K.B., and had issue.
  2. Thomas, J.P., of Frampton, b. circa 1620, admitted to the Middle Temple 1657, d. 1680 (P.C.C. will proved 16 Dec 1680).
  3. George, J.P., of Forston, Charminster, b. circa 1624, m. Anne, widow of John Gundrey of Lincoln’s Inn and dau of Henry Hunt, merchant, of London. He was buried at Godmanstone on 1 Jan 1677/78 (P.C.C. will proved 2 Jul 1678) and she d. 1684 (P.C.C. will proved 16 Mar 1684/85) having had issue: 3 sons and 1 dau.
  4. Robert, ‘a merchant beyond the seas’.
  5. JANE, of whom presently.
  6. Grace, m. John Steevens of Lypiatt, Gloucestershire.
  7. Elizabeth, m. 24 Sep 1635 at Frampton, Robert Hunt of Compton Pauncefoot (see above) and had issue.
  8. Anne, m. 23 Dec 1637 at Frampton, William Gould of Hayes and Dunscombe, Devon and was buried on 18 Feb 1641/42.
  9. Joan, m. 6 Jan 1642/43 at Frampton, Robert Coker, J.P., M.P. for Dorset 1656-58, of Mappowder, Dorset. She d. 29 Oct 1653 and he d. 19 Sep 1698 (Archdeaconry of Dorset will proved 16 Sep 1699) having had issue.
  10. Susan, m. 31 Aug 1654 at Frampton, George Fulford of Toller Fratrum, Dorset.

JANE BROWNE m. 1stly Rev Walter Newburgh, Rector of Symondsbury, Dorset. She m. 2ndly 18 Jan 1635/36 at St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury, Rev JOHN STOUGHTON, D.D., M.A., Rector of Aller, Somerset 1624-32, Pastor of St. Mary, Aldermanbury, London 1632-39, son of THOMAS STOUGHTON of Naughton, Suffolk and his wife KATHARINE. He d. 4 May 1639 and was buried at St. Mary, Aldermanbury on 9 May 1639 having had issue:

JANE STOUGHTON m. 15 Sep 1659 at Frampton, THOMAS BURWELL, M.D., of Dorchester, younger son of EDMUND BURWELL of Rougham, Suffolk and his wife MARY, dau and co-heir of JEFFREY PITMAN of Woodbridge, Suffolk and had issue:

HAMEY BURWELL of Waxway, Dorset and London, b. circa 1664, m. ELIZABETH – and had issue:

SARAH BURWELL, bapt 4 Apr 1699 at St. Laurence Jewry, London, m. 25 Oct 1717 at Ottery St. Mary, Devon, Rev WILLIAM FLOYER, M.A., Rector of Trusham, Devon, who was buried at Trusham on 1 Sep 1742 (Will dated 20 Aug 1742) having had issue. See Wadham, Floyer and Cornish Family History.

Note: Mary, dau of Edmund Burwell’s elder son, Sir Jeffrey Burwell of Rougham Place, m. 25 Apr 1671 at Rougham, Robert Walpole, M.P. for Castle Rising, of Houghton, Norfolk, and was the mother of Sir Robert Walpole, 1st Earl of Orford. Horatio, Viscount Nelson was also descended from this marriage.