Home for Christmas Home for Christmas 2007
This anthology, which covers the last 230 years, explores Christmas during times of war, in the words of the combatants of different nationalities, and also of their families. The unpolished voices of the lowest-ranking servicemen and women are here, alongside what would now be called 'spin' of the political leaders and military commanders. Whether serving in the Peninsula, in the Crimea, in South or East Africa, on the Western Front, in northern India, in Italy, on the Home Front, in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan or Iraq, or being held in captivity, valiant attempts have been made - often in the most unfavourable conditions - to celebrate the birth of Christ.

"A wonderfully vivid and moving collection of war-time Christmas stories." - Sir Max Hastings
Away at Christmas Away at Christmas 2009
Christmas has been celebrated in some of the most remote, unlikely and inhospitable places on the planet. Away at Christmas draws on the journals, diaries, reminiscences and memoirs of many of the world’s best-known explorers, adventurers and travellers.

"A thoroughly enjoyable book" - Sir Ranulph Fiennes
The Old West Country Regiments The Old West Country Regiments 2011 Buy Now
Drawing on the distinguished records of the three original West Country Regiments, this delightful and substantial book brings together a superb and varied collection of military anecdotes. Reflecting Britain's Imperial history, these cover empire building in India, the American War of Independence, the Napoleonic era, the Crimean, Zulu and Boer Wars, as well as the horrors and heroism of The Great War.As fascinating as the events and battles themselves is the rich cast of Regimental characters: selfless heroes mix with spies, explorers, scientists, radical agitators and philanderers. Whatever their experiences, exploits and the occasional scandal, what they all have in common is service, both to Crown and also to the Regiment.Lovingly researched and compiled by Jeremy Archer, with some 340 illustrations, of which many are in colour, The Old West Country Regiments is a hugely satisfying and entertaining read, richly deserving of a place on the bookshelves of every military enthusiast, particularly those who served in these, or the successor, Regiments." I enjoyed The Old West Country Regiments very much: it is simply full of real gems, admirably researched and beautifully presented" - Richard Holmes

"I enjoyed The Old West Country Regiments very much: it is simply full of real gems, admirably researched and beautifully presented." - Richard Holmes
A Royal Christmas A Royal Christmas 2012 Buy Now
'A Royal Christmas' is a Christmas pudding of a book, full of silver threepenny pieces. Organised thematically, it covers such topics as Christmas and conflict in the 20th century, Christmas pastimes, festive feasts, Christmas and the Commonwealth, and many more, it looks at the many ways in which the Royal Family have celebrated Christmas through the ages. Jeremy Archer has delved into the royal archives to uncover the personal thoughts of many royals during the Christmas period. What comes over most strongly from Queen Victoria's journals is the importance of family: the joys they shared, the trials they endured, and the carefully selected gifts they exchanged. Although there is much happiness, tragedy is a common bed-fellow, particularly in earlier times. And conflict is seldom very far away. But this is a celebration - both of an enduring festive season and an extraordinary family.

"An easy to read treat for royal enthusiasts, skilfully assembled to highlight significant episodes in our history from the comic to the tragic ... informative and enjoyable." - Sarah Bradford
"Jeremy Archer takes Christmas as his springboard and thus, in a series of fascinating vignettes, he brings to life many varied members of the Royal Family over two centuries. A rich achievement full of glorious anecdotes." - Hugo Vickers
A Military Miscellany A Military Miscellany 2013
From Napoleon Bonaparte to Winston Churchill, military experience has provided both men and women down the ages with a wealth of sage advice and wise council, not only on wartime strategy, but on lessons for living a good life; from the moral and political dimensions of conflict, to leadership, work, marriage, family and friendship. Historian Jeremy Archer has delved into his personal archives to compile an absorbing and illuminating collection of advice from military figures through the ages, from great generals and military strategists, to wartime leaders, soldiers, writers and poets. Ranging in tone from the heartfelt – such as letters of advice written from fathers to sons – to more light-hearted instruction, Jeremy Archer's collection of military wisdom provides a wealth of wise words, humorous anecdotes and witty bon mots, as well as life lessons learned by military figures that still resonate strongly today.