Hayne Family History

WILLIAM HAYNE of Ireton Wood, m. ALICE ROWLAND. See HAYNE – Familiae Minorum Gentium (pps. 1015-16). They had issue:

WILLIAM HAYNE m. JANE GREGSON of Turnditch, Derbyshire and had issue:

  1. JOHN, of whom presently.
  2. William, m. 6 Mar 1698/99 at Atlow, Derbyshire, Elizabeth, dau of George Gregson of Turnditch and his wife Alice, dau of Richard Miles of Chesterfield.
  3. Joseph, of Ashbourne, Derbyshire, possibly Steward of the Manor of Brassington, Derbyshire in 1747, possibly Clerk of the Peace for Derbyshire 1710-60, conveyed lands in Offcote Underwood to John Sleigh on 15-16 Oct 1720, m. Susan, dau of George Wood of Ashbourne.

JOHN HAYNE of Ashbourne, probably County Coroner for Derbyshire from 1683 to 17 Nov 1713, m. 1stly ELIZABETH, bapt 14 Jan 1637 at Bakewell, Derbyshire, dau of GEORGE RUDDIARD of Bakewell and had issue:

  1. JOHN, of whom presently.

He m. 2ndly 27 Apr 1671 at Fenny Bentley, Derbyshire, Dorothy, dau of James Bullock of Brampton, Derbyshire and his wife Sarah, dau of John Berisford of Newton Grange, Derbyshire and had further issue:

  1. Dorothy, bapt at Wilne, Derbyshire, m. Rev Thurstan Dale of Bakewell, bapt 3 Jul 1667 at Parwich, Derbyshire, son of Robert Dale of Parwich and his wife Alice, dau of German Buxton of Brassington, Derbyshire and had issue. See DALE of ASHBOURNE – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1850 Edition.

He m. 3rdly Dorothy Wingfield, who d.s.p. and he m. 4thly Elizabeth, widow of Samuel Mellor of Idridgehay, Derbyshire and dau of George Stonhewer of Barley Ford, Cheshire. He d. 1716 (Lichfield will dated 14 Nov 1711 and proved 9 Apr 1716) and she d. 1730 (Lichfield will dated 9 Oct 1728 and proved 14 Apr 1730) having had further issue:

  1. George, gentleman, of Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, b. 1682, m. 1stly and had issue:
    1. John, of Ashbourne Green Hall, Ashbourne, Derbyshire, leased the Winsill Mills, Burton-upon-Trent from Lord Paget in 1730, bapt 14 Dec 1705 at Wirksworth, Derbyshire, d. unmarried.
    2. Anne, m. Mr. Howarth, merchant, of Hull.
    3. Mary, m. 30 Apr 1730 at Carsington, Derbyshire, George Tomlinson of Hopton, near Wirksworth.
    4. Jane, d. unmarried.
    5. Sarah, bapt 3 Jun 1713 at Wirksworth, m. 11 Dec 1739 at Gorton, near Manchester, James Tyldesley of Holcroft Hall, only son of Edward Tyldesley of Holcroft Hall and Morleys Hall. He d. 4 Aug 1765, aged 46, and was buried at Leigh, Lancashire having had issue: 6 sons and 2 daus.
    6. Elizabeth, d. an infant.
    He m. 2ndly 18 Oct 1716 at Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, Sarah Homer, dau of John Hutchinson and d. 1724 (Lichfield will dated 27 Dec 1722 and proved 13 Apr 1724).
  2. Henry, executor to his brother George.
  3. Jane, m. 13 Aug 1711 at Fenny Bentley, Thomas Sutton.

JOHN HAYNE of Ashbourne, bapt 5 Sep 1658 at Wilne, m. at Ashbourne (Faculty Office marriage licence dated 29 Nov 1682), HANNAH, bapt 26 May 1661 at St. Michael’s, Derby, dau of SAMUEL HOUGHTON of Derby and his wife JANE (née BOURNE) and had issue:

  1. JOHN, of whom presently.
  2. Elizabeth, bapt 17 Jun 1684 at Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.
  3. Hannah, bapt 6 Jun 1687 at Uttoxeter, m. 3 Aug 1710 at Bramshall, Staffordshire, Thomas Garratt of Uttoxeter, son of Francis Garratt of Weston Underwood, Derbyshire. See GARRATT – Familiae Minorum Gentium (pps. 466-7). He d. 1719 (Will proved 10 Oct 1719) having had issue: 1 son and 2 daus.

JOHN HAYNE, gentleman, of Uttoxeter, b. circa 1688, m. LETTICE, bapt 11 Jan 1690 at Badger, Shropshire, dau of RICHARD LEIGHTON of Leighton, Shropshire, High Sheriff of Shropshire in 1695, and his wife ELIZABETH, dau of ANTHONY KYNNERSLEY of Wrickton. See KYNNERSLEY-BROWNE of LEIGHTON HALL – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1952 Edition and monumental inscription in Leighton Parish Church. He d. 28 Oct 1733, aged 45, and was buried at Leighton on 30 Oct 1733 (P.C.C. will dated 11 Oct 1733 and proved 22 Mar 1734/35) and she d. 4 May 1755 (P.C.C. will dated 23 Mar 1754 and proved 19 Jul 1755) and was buried at Leighton on 9 May 1755 having had issue:

  1. John, bapt 5 Oct 1721 at Uttoxeter, d. young.
  2. RICHARD, of whom presently
  3. John, bapt 28 May 1724 at Uttoxeter, d. young.
  4. Leighton, of Uttoxeter, bapt 14 Oct 1725 at Uttoxeter, who d.s.p. and was buried at Uttoxeter on 15 Jul 1783 (Lichfield Administration dated 5 Nov 1783).
  5. John, of Uttoxeter, bapt 4 Jan 1727/28 at Uttoxeter, m. Mary – and d. 1782 (P.C.C. will dated 2 Jul 1782 and proved 3 Sep 1782) having had issue:
    1. John, bapt 9 Sep 1759 at Uttoxeter.
    2. James, bapt 29 Apr 1761 at Uttoxeter, buried at Uttoxeter on 1 Dec 1763.
    3. Mary, bapt 21 May 1758 at Uttoxeter.
    4. Diana Charlotte, bapt 10 Apr 1765 at Uttoxeter.
  6. Letitia, of Uttoxeter, d. unmarried and was buried at Uttoxeter on 13 Jan 1763 (Lichfield Administration dated 21 Apr 1763).

RICHARD HAYNE, J.P., of Ashbourne Green Hall, Ashbourne, Lord of the Manors of Brassington and Offcote Underwood, Derbyshire, apprenticed to William Turner, attorney-at-law, of Derby for £40 in 1742, worked in the family business of Richard, John and William Hayne, appointed J.P. for Derbyshire on 13 Jul 1755, bapt 26 Mar 1723 at Uttoxeter, m. 22 Jan 1754 at St. Oswald’s, Ashbourne, MARY, bapt 29 May 1734 at Hartshorne, Derbyshire, eldest dau of Rev WILLIAM NEWTON, M.A., of Ashbourne, holder of the advowson of Church Langton, Leicestershire, who d. 25 Oct 1747 (Lichfield will dated 4 Oct 1747 and proved 7 Jun 1748). See Chancery Proceedings: Newton vs. Hayne dated 23 Jan 1762. According to A Portrait of Ashbourne by A. Henstock, the Hayne family invested heavily in the Nottingham hosiery trade in the 1770s and by 1812 had built up an empire of over 1,000 domestic lace machines scattered over the East Midlands: Richard Hayne’s three sons took over the business of a Mr. Morris, from whom they obtained a patent for making point net by machinery. Richard Hayne d. 10 Oct 1787 in Bath and was buried there (P.C.C. will dated 21 Aug 1783 and proved 18 Dec 1787) and Mary Hayne d. 18 Jan 1802 at Uttoxeter (Lichfield will dated 24 Nov 1796 and proved 2 Apr 1802) having had issue:

  1. John, J.P., of Ashbourne Green Hall (which, having been tenanted and used as a ladies’ boarding school for some years, was finally sold by the family in 1858), Lord of the Manors of Brassington and Offcote Underwood, Captain of a Troop in the Derbyshire Regiment of Fencible Cavalry from 22 Oct 1794, bapt 26 Nov 1754 at St. Oswald’s, Ashbourne, educ Repton, m. 9 Mar 1795 at St. Oswald’s, Ashbourne, Elizabeth, bapt 20 Jan 1775 at St. Oswald’s, Ashbourne, dau of Anthony Bradley of Ashbourne and his wife Mary (née Shore) and d. 19 Jan 1808 in Bath (P.C.C. will dated 6 Apr 1807 and proved 13 Feb 1808).
  2. William, of Milk Street and 4 Grove Place, Camden Town, London, bapt 21 Sep 1757 at St. Oswald’s, Ashbourne, apprenticed to Henry Parker of the Armourers’ and Braziers’ Company on 6 Oct 1772, d. unmarried 25 Dec 1816 (P.C.C. will dated 18 Sep 1816 and proved 1 Feb 1817).
  3. Thomas, hosier and point net manufacturer, of Thomas Hayne & Co., who lived in Wood Street, London, at Texon Park, Staffordshire, and also in Jersey and Torquay, bapt 2 Jun 1767 at St. Oswald’s, Ashbourne, m. 23 Oct 1800 at St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury, London (Faculty Office marriage licence dated 21 Oct 1800), Hannah, dau of James William George Thwaites of the parish of St. Andrew, Holborn. He subsequently became a bankrupt and d. 16 May 1833, aged 66, at Torquay (P.C.C. will dated 13 Nov 1832 and proved 27 Aug 1833) and she d. 20 Nov 1852, aged 71, at Mount Cottage, Mount Radford Terrace, Exeter having had issue:
    1. Rev Richard, D.D., J.P., Rector of Mistley with Bradfield, Essex 1861-71, Rural Dean of Ardleigh, bapt 22 Feb 1802 at St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury, educ Eton, Magdalen Hall, Oxford, Rector of St. Olave’s, Exeter 1835-40, m. 1 Feb 1824 in Jersey, Margaret, dau of James Hemery of Plaisance, St. Helier. He d. 4 Dec 1871 at Bradfield (Will dated 24 Nov 1871 and proved 29 Dec 1871) and she d. 6 Mar 1874 at The Vicarage, Buckland Monachorum, Devon (Will dated 1 Nov 1873 and proved 8 Apr 1874) having had issue:
      1. Rev Richard James, M.A., Vicar and Patron of Buckland Monachorum 1855-1920, Prebendary of Exeter Cathedral, b. circa 1825, educ Eton, matriculated Wadham College, Oxford, aged 17, on 20 Oct 1842, m. 22 Dec 1846 at Pilton, Barnstaple, Devon, Georgiana, youngest dau of William Austin White of Goswell House, Barnstaple. She d. 16 Apr 1912, aged 92, at The Vicarage, Buckland Monachorum and he d.s.p. 18 Mar 1920, aged 95, at The Vicarage, Buckland Monachorum (Will dated 18 Jan 1918 and proved 18 Aug 1920).
      2. Herbert William Thomas, d. unmarried 30 Aug 1874 at 90 Oakley Street, Chelsea (Will dated 18 Apr 1873 and proved 3 Nov 1874).
      3. Rev Leighton George, D.Mus. (biography), Chaplain of Queen’s College, Oxford, Vicar of Helston, Cornwall 1866-67, Succentor of Eton 1867-71, Rector of Mistley, Essex 1871-83, b. 28 Feb 1836 at St. David’s Hall, Exeter, bapt 30 Mar 1836 at St. David’s, Exeter, educ Eton, precentor at Queen’s College. Oxford 1860-66, appointed Coryphaeus (conductor of the chorus) to the University and public examiner in music 1863, Curate, St. John the Baptist, Oxford 1864-66, Vicar of Helston, Cornwall 1866-68, succentor and organist, Eton College 1868-71, co-editor of The Merton Tune Book (1863), author of Hints on the purchase of an organ (1867), m. 4 Jan 1866 at St. Thomas, Lymington, Agnes Louisa, eldest dau of Major General William Henry Pickering, Royal Artillery. He was a distinguished organ builder and wrote the music for the well-known hymns: Loving Shepherd of Thy Sheep and Thy Kingdom Come, O God. See Modern English Biography by Frederic Boase.
        He d. 3 Mar 1883 (Will dated 16 Mar 1881 and proved 18 Apr 1883) and she d. 12 Mar 1890 at 63 North End Road, Fulham (Will dated 15 May 1880 and proved 19 May 1890) having had issue:
        1. Richard William, of Bedford Row House, Theobalds Road, London, nephew of Rt Rev William Walsh, Bishop of Mauritius, b. circa 1867 at Helston, d. unmarried 14 Nov 1902 (Will dated 3 Oct 1898 and proved 5 Jan 1903).
      4. Augusta Margaret, b. circa 1828, m. 1stly John Risdon Davy of Pilton Parsonage, Barnstaple, who d. 11 Dec 1860 having had issue. She m. 2ndly Alexander Thomas of Haulbowline, Queenstown, Co. Cork, Ireland and d. 11 Oct 1880, aged 52, at H.M. Dockyard, Haulbowline.
    2. Rev Thomas, Headmaster of Ashbourne Grammar School, Vicar of Rastrick, near Huddersfield, Yorkshire, bapt 28 Feb 1803 at St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury, educ Eton, m. 17 Jul 1827 at St. Oswald’s, Ashbourne, Louisa Susanna, dau of Rev Paul Belcher, Vicar of Mayfield, Staffordshire, and his wife Lydia Elizabeth, dau of Rev George Greaves. He d. 12 Mar 1871 at Rastrick (Will dated 16 Aug 1867 and proved 12 May 1871) and she lived later at 90 Upper Sandgate Road, Folkestone and d. 25 Dec 1891, aged 87, at 15 Kenilworth Road, St. Leonard’s-on-Sea (Will dated 10 Sep 1888 and proved 6 Feb 1892) having had issue:
      1. Rev Alfred Thwaites, B.A., Curate of Long Ashton, Somerset 1856-57, b. 14 Nov 1829, bapt 11 Jan 1831 at Mayfield, educ Sedburgh, St. John’s College, Cambridge, d. unmarried 3 Jul 1857 at The Parsonage, Ogden Lane, Rastrick.
      2. Frederick Greaves, M.R.C.S., of 1 The Hill, Northfleet, Kent, b. 1832 at Halifax, educ Sedburgh, m. 25 Feb 1869 at Southfleet, Kent, Mary Ann, only dau of J.W. Collins of Northfleet. He d. 19 Nov 1881 at 1 The Hill (Will dated 27 Mar 1880 and proved 8 Dec 1881) and she lived later at 18 Harmer Street, Gravesend and d. 18 Jan 1925 (Will dated 12 Apr 1921 and proved 5 Aug 1926) having had issue:
        1. Richard Hamerton, A.M.Inst.E.E., electrical engineer, of Martin, 37 Cherry Orchard Road, Bromley Common, Director and Secretary, F.A. Glover & Co. Ltd., b. 27 Jan 1874 at 2 Manor Place, Northfleet, educ Epsom College, m. 27 Jun 1900 at All Saints’, Maidstone, Nellie Hart, elder dau of George Henry Heffernan of Maidstone and d. 21 Dec 1915 having had issue:
          1. George Greaves, b. 4 Jul 1901 at 37 Cherry Orchard Road.
          2. Leslie Richard (later changed his name to O’Connell), of 7 Hardy Street, Hollywood, Western Australia, b. 27 Dec 1906 at 37 Cherry Orchard Road.
          3. Phyllis Frances, of Birnam, Ebford, Topsham, Devon and later of Flat 3, 26 Denbigh Street, London SW1, b. 4 Mar 1903 at 37 Cherry Orchard Road, d. unmarried 30 May 1962 (Will dated 1 Apr 1952 and proved 23 Jul 1962).
        2. Mary Theresa (Tissie), of The Lodge, Ashton Wold, Oundle, Northamptonshire, b. 19 Nov 1869 at Northfleet, m. 19 Jun 1902 at St. Mark’s, Rosherville, Kent, Frederick Charles Constant, L.D.S., R.C.S.Eng., dental surgeon, of 196 Parrock Street, Gravesend and later of 9 Victoria Park, Dover, son of Amos Constant, Trinity House pilot, of Milton-next-Gravesend and his wife Mary Martha, dau of John Francis Martin, R.N., later the Marquess of Anglesey’s Yacht Master. He d. 2 May 1944 and she d. 20 Mar 1957 having had issue:
          1. Paul, Senior Engineer, English Electric Company, b. 29 May 1903, d. unmarried 7 Oct 1938 of tuberculosis at Mundesley Sanatorium, Norfolk.
          2. Hayne, C.B., C.B.E., F.R.S., F.R.Ae.S., M.I.Mech.E., of Ripelhyrst, Kiln Way, Grayshott, Hindhead, Surrey, Chief Scientist (R.A.F.), Ministry of Defence from 1964, b. 26 Sep 1904, educ Queen’s College, Cambridge, Director, National Gas Turbine Establishment 1948-60, awarded the Gold Medal of the R.Ae.S. in 1963 for his outstanding contribution to gas turbine development. See Who’s Who. He d. unmarried 12 Jan 1968.
          3. Rev Arden, M.A., Vicar of Kirkby-in-Malhamdale, Yorkshire 1966-73, of 38 Bushwood Road, Kew, educ King’s College, Cambridge, Chaplain, R.N.V.R. 1941-46, Chaplain of Ragetta, Ceylon 1947-59, b. 25 Oct 1909, m. 9 Dec 1943 at St. Columba’s, Bradford, Alfreda, youngest dau of Captain J.A. Emsley of Bradford and d. 4 Feb 2001 having had issue: 1 son.
          4. Anthony, M.A., Head of Training Department, Delta Group of Companies, of Old Bonham’s, Wardington, Banbury, Oxfordshire, b. 30 Aug 1916, educ Dover College, King’s College, Cambridge, Director of Studies, R.A.F. College, Cranwell 1953-59, Educational Advisor, Ministry of Defence 1959-62, m. 9 Apr 1947, Pamela Mary Pemberton of The Priory, Elton, Peterborough. See Who’s Who. She d. 7 Aug 1989 and he d. 23 Sep 1996 having had issue: 1 son.
          5. Lettice, O.B.E., Civil Servant at The War Office, of Balcombe, Sussex, b. 3 Feb 1906, d. unmarried 19 May 2002 at Ashton House, Haywards Heath.
          6. Betty, b. 28 Jun 1907, m. 3 Feb 1940 at St. Mary’s, Alverstoke, Hampshire, Vernon Godfrey Mellor, Lieutenant Commander, R.N.V.R., of Lyminge, near Folkestone, b. 7 Mar 1912, only son of Rev Wilfrid Paget Mellor, M.A., of 18 Waterloo Mansions, Dover and his wife Olive Mary, dau of Henry Brooks. See MELLOR – Burke’s Family Records 1897. He d. 9 Mar 1995 and she d. 10 Aug 1996 having had issue: 1 son and 1 dau (twins).
        3. Margaret Ethel (Etty), b. 8 Jan 1872 at 2 Manor Place, Northfleet, m. 10 Oct 1894 at St. Botolph’s, Northfleet, Harry Barton Sandford, bank manager, youngest son of Horace Vavasour Sandford, M.D., of Hereford and his wife Martha (née Rallings). He d.s.p. before 1926.
        4. Eva Louisa, b. 3 Sep 1876 at 2 Manor Place, Northfleet, d. 9 Sep 1881 at Northfleet.
      3. Arthur, of Manildra Hotel, Manildra, New South Wales, b. 29 Mar 1841 at Halifax, living in 1910.
      4. Charles Irton, b. 29 Sep 1842 at Halifax, educ Aldenham, living in 1888.
      5. Stanley, b. 10 Feb 1844, d. 19 Apr 1844 and was buried at St. Matthew’s, Rastrick on 22 Apr 1844.
      6. Frances Lydia, of Teignmouth, Devon, b. 12 May 1828 at St. Helier, Jersey, bapt 11 Jan 1831 at Mayfield, d. unmarried 25 Mar 1905 at 2 Great Bedford Street, Bath (Will dated 7 Nov 1877 and proved 19 Jul 1905).
      7. Theresa, of 22 The Circus, Bath, b. 1833 at Lightcliff, Yorkshire, d. unmarried 3 Feb 1921 (Will dated 10 Jan 1910 and proved 28 Jul 1921).
      8. Louisa, b. 1835, buried at St. Matthew’s, Rastrick on 25 May 1839.
      9. Alice, b. 3 Sep 1837, d. 20 Nov 1837 and was buried at St. Matthew’s, Rastrick on 23 Nov 1837.
      10. Louisa Susannah, b. 13 Aug 1839 at Halifax, m. Paul Berger of La Hulpe, Belgium.
  4. Mary, bapt 3 May 1756 at St. Oswald’s, Ashbourne, m. 22 Jan 1784 at St. Mary’s, Nottingham, Thomas Bolton, hosier, of Nottingham.
  5. Harriet, bapt 22 Jan 1759 at St. Oswald’s, Ashbourne, d. young.
  6. Harriet, bapt 15 Feb 1760 at St. Oswald’s, Ashbourne, m. 30 Aug 1787 in Bath, Edmund Lamplugh Irton of Irton Hall, near Whitehaven, Cumberland, bapt 30 May 1762 at Irton, eldest son of Samuel Irton of Irton and his wife Frances (who m. 2ndly Rev Reginald Braithwaite and d. 19 Jul 1802, aged 70), only dau of Robert Tubman of Cockermouth. See monumental inscriptions in Irton Parish Church. He d. 3 Nov 1820 at Whitehaven and was buried at Irton on 7 Nov 1820 and she d. 8 Nov 1849 at Irton Hall having had issue:
    1. Edmund, bapt 22 Jul 1795 at Irton, buried at Irton on 6 Aug 1795.
    2. Samuel, D.L., J.P., M.P. for West Cumberland 1833-47 and 1852-57, b. 29 Sep 1796, bapt 2 Oct 1796 at Irton, educ Shrewsbury, St. John’s College, Cambridge, m. 25 Jul 1825, Eleanor, dau of Joseph Tiffin Stenhouse of Calder Abbey, Cumberland. He d.s.p. 10 Jul 1866 at Irton Hall and she d. 27 Aug 1883. See monumental inscriptions in Irton Parish Church.
    3. Richard, Lieutenant Colonel, commanded 2nd Battalion, The Rifle Brigade, bapt 5 Dec 1798 at Irton, m. 4 Jul 1829 at All Souls’, Marylebone, Sarah, youngest dau of Joseph Sabine. She d. 13 Aug 1843 in Nova Scotia and he d. 9 Jun 1847, aged 49, in London and was buried in Kensal Green Cemetery. See monumental inscription in Irton Parish Church.
    4. Harriet, bapt 26 May 1789 at Irton, d. unmarried 14 Jul 1833 in Bath and was buried in Walcot Cemetery, Bath.
    5. Mary, bapt 22 Sep 1791 at Irton, d. unmarried 28 Jul 1829 in Bath and was buried in Walcot Cemetery, Bath.
    6. Frances, m. 6 Oct 1842 in Bath, Sir Edmund Saunderson Prideaux, Bt, of Netherton, Devon, second son of Sir John Wilmot Prideaux, Bt, and his wife Phoebe Ann (née Priddle) and d.s.p. 7 Nov 1852 at Netherton (and he m. 2ndly 7 Aug 1855 at St. James’s, Piccadilly, Louisa Watlington and d. 1875, aged 82). See PRIDEAUX – Burke’s Extinct and Dormant Baronetcies.
  7. Frances, bapt 26 Jan 1761 at St. Oswald’s, Ashbourne, m. 30 Dec 1801 at St. Oswald’s, Ashbourne, Charles Pennington, M.D., widower, of Nottingham (who m. 1stly 31 Aug 1791 at Bramcote, Nottinghamshire, Ann Robinson, who d. 25 May 1796 having had issue: George James, b. 23 Jan 1795 at Bramcote, who m. 18 Aug 1821 at St. Oswald’s, Ashbourne, Selina, third dau of Thomas Jekyll Rawson, J.P., and his wife Sarah Hayne (see below)) and d. 13 Jan 1834 at Torquay.
  8. Catherine, of Nottingham and later of Torquay and Hempshill, Nottinghamshire, d. unmarried 1839 (P.C.C. will dated 24 May 1834 and 25 Feb 1839).
  9. Selina, b. at Ashbourne Green Hall, bapt 22 Nov 1768 at St. Oswald’s, Ashbourne, m. 21 Aug 1789 at St. Mary, Nottingham, Samuel Bolton of Pelham Street and later of Thurland Hall, Nottingham and was living at Bulwell Hall in 1851 having had issue:
    1. Rev Henry, living in 1834.
    2. Selina, bapt 17 Apr 1790 at St. Mary’s, Nottingham, d. 22 Apr 1790.
    3. Selina, of Bulwell Hall, Bulwell, Nottingham, bapt 9 Dec 1793 at St. Mary’s, Nottingham, m. 19 Nov 1823 at St. Mary’s, Nottingham, Rev Alfred Padley, Curate and Lord of the Manor of Bulwell. He d. 11 May 1856 and she d. 25 Apr 1858 at Bulwell Hall having had issue.
  10. SARAH, of whom presently.

SARAH HAYNE, bapt 28 Oct 1771 at St. Oswald’s, Ashbourne, m. 14 Sep 1794 at St. Oswald’s, Ashbourne, THOMAS JEKYLL RAWSON, J.P., hosier, of Nottingham, only son of THOMAS RAWSON and his wife PRISCA (née LEE). See RAWSON of SOWERBY – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1972 Edition and Jekyll Family History. She d. 16 Aug 1843 and he d. 12 Oct 1843 having had issue.