Couchman Family History

Couchman Family Coat of Arms

JACOB COUCHMAN, farmer, of Somerden Hundred in the parish of Leigh, Kent and later husbandman, of Sevenoaks Weald in the parish of Sevenoaks, Kent, m. CATHERINE – . She was buried at Leigh on 4 Jul 1714 and he was buried at Leigh on 7 Mar 1735/36 (Deanery of Shoreham will dated 21 Feb 1732/33 and proved 20 May 1736) having had issue:

  1. WILLIAM, of whom presently.
  2. Jacob, yeoman, of Brasted, Kent, bapt 2 Mar 1685/86 at Seal, Kent, m. 1stly 10 Jul 1709 at Brasted, Anne Holmeden, who was buried at Brasted on 12 Dec 1721 having had issue:
    1. William, bapt 1 May 1710 at Brasted, apprenticed to Henry Chapman, haberdasher, of London in 1724, m. 29 Jul 1738 by licence at St. Ethelburga, Bishopsgate, London, Elizabeth Nash (who m. 2ndly 20 Apr 1742 at St. Lawrence Jewry, Edward Cummins of the parish of St. Lawrence Pountney) and was buried at Brasted on 23 May 1739 having had issue:
      1. William, b. 19 Jul 1739, bapt 22 Jul 1739 at St. Mary Colechurch, London, living in 1750.
    He m. 2ndly 12 Aug 1725 at Brasted, Jane Cackot. She was buried at Brasted on 6 Jan 1743/44 and he was buried at Brasted on 18 Aug 1750 (P.C.C. will dated 14 Apr 1750 and proved 16 Aug 1750).
  3. Richard, bapt 30 Oct 1687 at Sevenoaks, m. 8 Feb 1712/13 at Sevenoaks, Elizabeth Wells and was buried at Leigh on 26 Dec 1756 having had issue:
    1. Thomas, bapt 28 Dec 1714 at Leigh.
    2. Richard, buried at Leigh on 26 Aug 1716.
    3. Jacob, principal beneficiary of his paternal grandfather’s will, bapt 23 Oct 1717 at Leigh, m. 23 Nov 1742 at Sevenoaks, Elizabeth Humphrey. He was buried at Leigh on 10 Feb 1768 and she was buried at Leigh on 26 Dec 1776 having had issue:
      1. Thomas, bapt 12 Jun 1743 at Sevenoaks.
      2. Richard, bapt 21 Nov 1751 at Tonbridge, Kent.
      3. William, bapt 14 Jan 1753/54 at Tonbridge.
      4. Sarah, bapt 18 May 1755 at Tonbridge.
    4. William, bapt 18 Dec 1719 at Leigh.
    5. John, bapt 3 May 1728 at Sevenoaks, buried at Sevenoaks on 4 Mar 1789 having had issue:
      1. Mary, bapt 10 Jan 1747/48 at Sevenoaks.
      2. Sarah, bapt 28 Apr 1751 at Sevenoaks, m. 25 Dec 1768 at Seal, John Blackgrove and was buried at Seal on 29 Jul 1787.
      3. Ann, bapt 18 May 1753 at Sevenoaks, buried at Sevenoaks on 12 Oct 1755.
    6. Mary, bapt 8 Nov 1713 at Leigh, m. 9 Nov 1734 at Sevenoaks, William Humphrey.
    7. Elizabeth, bapt 22 Aug 1722 at Leigh, m. 26 Oct 1748 at Sevenoaks, James Cooper.
  4. Thomas, bapt 14 Sep 1694 at Leigh, m. 5 Jan 1712/13 at Sevenoaks, Mary Wakelyn and was buried at Sevenoaks on 19 Aug 1748 having had issue:
    1. Thomas, living in 1750.
  5. Mary, bapt 10 Aug 1690 at Sevenoaks, buried at Sevenoaks on 11 Aug 1690.
  6. Elizabeth, bapt 21 Oct 1691 at Sevenoaks, m. 21 Oct 1718 at Leigh, William Pocock of Tonbridge and had issue.
  7. Catherine, bapt 1 Aug 1697 at Leigh, buried at Leigh on 13 Jun 1704.
  8. Mary, bapt 4 Dec 1701 at Leigh, m. John Tayler of Leigh, who was buried at Leigh on 30 Sep 1773 having had issue.

WILLIAM COUCHMAN, carpenter, surveyor, parish clerk and Churchwarden of Ightham, Kent, licensee of The George Inn, Ightham, to whom Thomas Buttonshaw was apprenticed for 3 guineas in 1718, bapt 17 Feb 1683/84 at Seal, m. MARY, bapt 2 July 1685 at Leybourne, Kent, dau of HENRY ALLCHIN of Leybourne and his wife DOROTHY. She was buried at Ightham on 9 Dec 1745 and he was buried at Ightham on 22 Apr 1769 having had issue:

  1. Thomas, blacksmith and farrier, of Greenhithe and later of Swanscombe, Kent, b. circa 1712, m. 1stly 15 Aug 1736 at Aylesford, Kent, Mary, younger dau of Thomas Allchin of West Malling, Kent and his wife Ann (née Keble). She was bapt 6 Feb 1714/15 at West Malling, d. 6 Sep 1759, aged 47, and was buried at Swanscombe on 9 Sep 1759. He m. 2ndly 31 Aug 1760 at Swanscombe, Sarah Aungier of Stone, d.s.p. 28 Jul 1761, aged 49, and was buried at Swanscombe on 31 Jul 1761 (P.C.C. will dated 26 Jul 1761 and proved 13 Aug 1761).
  2. William, clerk, cabinet maker, builder and Churchwarden of Ightham, to whom Alexander Berry was apprenticed for 5 guineas in 1749, b. circa 1715, m. 25 Dec 1736 at St. Nicholas, Rochester, Elizabeth Dormor of Wrotham, Kent. He d. 21 Sep 1781, aged 66, and was buried at Ightham on 30 Sep 1781 and she d. 22 Mar 1799, aged 84, and was buried at Ightham on 31 Mar 1799 having had issue:
    1. William, bapt 18 Sep 1737 at Ightham, buried at Ightham on 29 Oct 1799.
    2. John, bapt 7 Jun 1741 at Ightham, buried at Ightham on 14 Jul 1762.
    3. Thomas, bapt 2 Sep 1743 at Ightham, buried at Ightham on 15 Jun 1764.
    4. Henry Haestrecht James, bapt 30 Mar 1752 at Ightham, m. 20 Jan 1780 at Ightham, Ann Witton, widow, who was buried at Ightham, aged 59, on 11 Jul 1802. His unusual name comes from William James of Ightham Court whose wife Elizabeth was a dau of Major Haestrecht James of Reigate.
    5. Mary, bapt 18 Nov 1739 at Ightham.
    6. Elizabeth, bapt 8 Jun 1746 at Ightham, m. 19 Mar 1773 at Ightham, Richard Atkins of Ightham and had issue: 3 sons and 1 dau.
    7. Margaret, bapt 15 May 1748 at Ightham, apprenticed to Thomas Brown of the Waxchandlers’ Company on 7 Aug 1766.
    8. Ann, bapt 27 Jan 1754 at Ightham.
    9. Katherine, bapt 5 Nov 1755 at Ightham.
  3. HENRY, of whom presently.
  4. Jacob, buried at Ightham on 6 Sep 1719.
  5. Mary, m. 9 Nov 1740 at Ightham, John Carr and was buried at Ightham on 8 Nov 1759 (Administration dated 1764) having had issue: 1 son and 1 dau.

HENRY COUCHMAN, carpenter and joiner, of Ightham, b. circa 1718, m. SARAH, only dau of GEORGE LUCK, yeoman and freeholder, of Wrotham. She d. 21 Jun 1763, aged 50, and was buried at Ightham on 30 Jun 1763 and he d. 10 Dec 1771, aged 54, and was buried at Ightham on 15 Dec 1771 (Lambeth will dated 6 Dec 1771 and proved 8 Jan 1772) having had issue:

  1. HENRY, of whom presently.
  2. Thomas, blacksmith and farrier, of Gravel Hill, Swanscombe, bapt 2 Sep 1739 at Ightham, m. 1stly 16 May 1763 at Darenth, Kent, Mary, dau of Thomas Beale of Darenth. She was buried at Darenth on 15 Aug 1773 and he m. 2ndly 22 Mar 1774 at Swanscombe, Afra Ralph of Swanscombe. He d. 17 Jun 1820, aged 81 (P.C.C. will dated 1 Jul 1816 and proved 6 Oct 1820), and she d. 20 Jun 1823, aged 79, and they were both buried at Swanscombe having had issue:
    1. Thomas, bapt 23 May 1774 at Swanscombe, buried at Swanscombe on 13 Mar 1779.
    2. Henry William, bapt 9 Feb 1778 at Swanscombe, m. 10 Jan 1801 at Dartford, Kent, Elizabeth Archer and was buried at Swanscombe on 24 Apr 1807 having had issue:
      1. Thomas, Relieving Officer and Registrar, of Rushington Lane, Eling, Kent, bapt 2 Feb 1807 at Dartford,
        m. Eleanor - and had issue:
        1. Thomas, b. circa 1831.
        2. Henry, b. circa 1837.
        3. William, b. circa 1841.
        4. Mary, b. circa 1835.
        5. Anne, b. circa 1839.
      2. Eliza, bapt 24 Apr 1803 at Dartford.
      3. Selina, bapt 24 Mar 1805 at Dartford.
    3. Mary, bapt 9 Apr 1776 at Swanscombe, m. 31 Jul 1811 at St. Anne’s Chapel, Blackfriars, Robert Turner, Deputy Surveyor of the Crown Lands of the New Forest, of New Park, Lyndhurst, Hampshire and 34 Marlborough Place, Brighton. He d. 1836 (P.C.C. will dated 2 Aug 1832 and proved 26 Mar 1836) and she d. 20 Aug 1857, aged 81, at Thornby having had issue (an only dau):
      1. Mary, b. 12 Aug 1813, bapt 27 Aug 1813 at Lyndhurst, m. 25 Jul 1837 at Temple Balsall, her second cousin, Rev John Couchman, M.A., Rector of Thornby, Northamptonshire and had issue (see below).
    4. Sarah, bapt 14 Mar 1780 at Swanscombe, buried at Swanscombe on 5 Nov 1781.
    5. Elizabeth, bapt 20 Jan 1783 at Swanscombe, unmarried in 1836.
    6. Sophia, bapt 11 Jun 1787 at Swanscombe, buried at Swanscombe on 19 Dec 1788.
  3. William (twin), bapt 30 Sep 1744 at Wrotham, d. 30 Jan 1745/46.
  4. Sarah (twin), bapt 30 Sep 1744 at Wrotham, unmarried in 1772, who had natural issue:
    1. Thomas, b. circa 1762, m. 24 Jul 1786 at Wrotham, Elizabeth Ashby. He was buried at Wrotham on 19 Dec 1824 and she was buried at Wrotham on 15 Jan 1832 having had issue:
      1. James, bapt 2 Sep 1787 at Wrotham.
      2. Elizabeth, bapt 3 Apr 1790 at Wrotham.
  5. Elizabeth, bapt 1 Feb 1746/47 at Wrotham, m. 13 Sep 1768 at Ightham, George Jeffery of Ightham and had issue: 1 son and 3 daus.
  6. Mary, bapt 29 Dec 1751 at Wrotham, unmarried in 1772, who may have had natural male issue by Robert Batt, farmer, of Ightham, according to the West Kent Quarter Sessions which took place on 11 Jan 1770.

HENRY COUCHMAN (autobiography), builder and architect, Clerk of the Works to Matthew Brettingham, worked for the 3rd Earl of Aylesford at Packington Hall from Sep 1766, designed the saloon at Arbury Hall for Sir Roger Newdigate, responsible for the Drapers’ Hall in Coventry and the House of Correction in Warwick, County Bridgemaster, b. 19 Jan 1737/38, bapt 22 Jan 1737/38 at Ightham, m. 25 Dec 1764 at St. George’s, Hanover Square, SUSANNAH, b. 9 Nov 1737, dau of THOMAS BARNES of Swanscombe, Kent. See the Biographical Dictionary of British Architects 1600-1840 by Howard Colvin. He d. 20 Jan 1803 (P.C.C. will dated 13 Feb 1799 and proved 20 May 1803) at Temple House, Temple Balsall, Warwickshire and was buried at Temple Balsall on 27 Jan 1803 and she d. 24 Mar 1804 and was buried at Temple Balsall on 31 Mar 1804 (see monumental inscriptions in Temple Balsall Church) having had issue:

  1. HENRY, of whom presently.
  2. Sophia, b. circa 1767, m. 12 Dec 1795 at Temple Balsall, George Penrice, widower of Mary Holland of Wickhamford, Worcestershire, of Abbots Salford, Warwickshire. He purchased the advowson of the Vicarage of Dodderhill and the Chapelry of Elmbridge, Worcestershire and d. 12 Jun 1827, aged 67, (P.C.C. will dated 23 Mar 1826 and proved 7 Jan 1828) and she d. 20 Mar 1834, aged 66, at Elmbridge having had issue: 3 sons and 2 daus.
  3. Susannah, m. 25 Dec 1798 at Temple Balsall, Thomas Wedge, surveyor, of Sealand, Flintshire, son of Francis Wedge of Fernhill House, near Forton, Staffordshire, author of A General View of the Agriculture of the County Palatine of Chester, published in 1794. Thomas Wedge established the Church of England Primary School at Saughall in 1852 and d.s.p. 1853 (P.C.C. will dated 3 Aug 1842 and proved 6 May 1853).
  4. Sarah, m. 17 Sep 1810 at Temple Balsall, Rev John Sleath, D.D., Assistant Master, Rugby 1787-1814, High Master of St. Paul’s 1814-37, Prebendary of St. Paul’s Cathedral, Chaplain in Ordinary to H.M. Queen Victoria, son of Rev William Sleath of Leighton, near Kimbolton, Huntingdonshire. She d.s.p. 16 Jun 1834, aged 65, and he d. 30 Apr 1847, aged 80, and they were both buried in the crypt of St. Paul’s Cathedral.
  5. Selina, of Thornby, Northamptonshire, bapt 23 Aug 1778 at Temple Balsall, d. unmarried 9 Apr 1865 at Thornby Rectory and was buried at Thornby.

HENRY COUCHMAN, Special Bailiff to Lady Katherine Leveson’s Charity, Surveyor of Highways, County Bridgemaster and farmer, of Temple House, Temple Balsall, Warwickshire, b. 29 May 1771, m. 16 Jan 1809 at Solihull, ELIZABETH, youngest dau of JOHN SHORT, Surgeon Feoffee of Solihull Grammar School for 57 years, and his wife JANE, dau of Rev RICHARD MASHITER, B.A., Headmaster of Solihull Grammar School. See COUCHMAN of SOLIHULL – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1952 Edition and Short Family History. He d. 29 Dec 1838 (P.C.C. will dated 20 Oct 1838 and proved 2 Feb 1839) and was buried at Temple Balsall on 5 Jan 1839 and she d. 5 May 1860 at Bedford and was buried at Temple Balsall on 11 May 1860 having had issue:

  1. Henry, M.A., b. 20 Oct 1809, bapt 12 Dec 1809 at Temple Balsall, educ St. Paul’s, Trinity College, Cambridge, admitted to Lincoln’s Inn on 23 Apr 1838, d. unmarried 5 Oct 1839 at Temple Balsall and was buried at Temple Balsall on 12 Oct 1839.
  2. Rev John, M.A., Rector of Thornby, Northamptonshire 1847-1901, 55th Lord of the Manor of Solihull 1859-1901, b. and bapt 9 Mar 1811 at Temple Balsall, educ St. Paul’s, Clare College, Cambridge, m. 25 Jul 1837 at Temple Balsall, his second cousin, Mary, only child of Robert Turner of New Park, Hampshire (see above). She d. 26 Jun 1878, he d. 4 Mar 1901 at Thornby Rectory and they were both buried at Thornby having had issue:
    1. John, b. 13 Sep 1838 at Elmbridge, Worcestershire, d. 11 Oct 1840 at Freshwater, Isle of Wight.
    2. Rev Henry (Harry) (alternative photograph), M.A., Assistant Master, Haileybury 1863-1900, 56th Lord of the Manor of Solihull, of Haileybury, 7 Crick Road, Oxford, b. 1 Dec 1839, bapt 5 Jan 1840 at Elmbridge, educ Rossall, Trinity College, Oxford, m. 27 Aug 1871 at Scotter, Kirton-in-Lindsey, Lincolnshire, Mary Jane, eldest dau of Rev John Henry Pooley, M.A., J.P., Rector of Scotter 1833-86, and his wife Sarah Gundry, dau of Colonel Ralph Fletcher of Bolton-le-Moors, Lancashire. See POOLEY formerly of UPWOOD – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1972 Edition. He d. 6 Nov 1922 at 7 Crick Road and was buried at Thornby on 10 Nov 1922 and she d. 4 Feb 1933, aged 89, at 7 Crick Road and was buried at Thornby on 8 Feb 1933 having had issue:
      1. Rev Reginald Henry, M.A., Headmaster, St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir School 1914-37, Principal of St. Luke’s (Exeter Diocesan) Training College, Exeter 1906-14, of Manor Lodge, Vale of Health, Hampstead, b. 20 Jun 1874 at Haileybury College, Berkshire, educ Haileybury, Worcester College, Oxford, m. 27 Dec 1906 at St. Cross, Holywell, Oxford, Catherine Seton, dau of Captain Walter Percival Acton Ogle, R.N. He d.s.p. 3 Feb 1948 and she d. 29 Jan 1953 at 17 Holly Hill, Hampstead.
      2. Herbert Edward, b. 10 Nov 1877 at Haileybury College, bapt 15 Dec 1877 at Great Amwell, Hertfordshire, d. 31 Oct 1878 at Haileybury College.
      3. Sir Harold John, Kt, D.S.O., M.C. (obituary), Brigadier, Royal Engineers, Surveyor-General of India 1933-37, b. 29 July 1882 at Haileybury College, bapt 2 Sep 1882 at Great Amwell, educ Haileybury, m. 23 Feb 1925, Evelyn Beatrice (who m. 1stly 14 Feb 1906 (marriage dissolved) at the Church of the Assumption, Bellary, South India, Brigadier Robert Henry Thomas, C.S.I., D.S.O., Royal Engineers, Surveyor-General of India 1928-33, son of Lieutenant Edward Charles Thomas, Secretary, Royal Military Asylum, Chelsea and had issue: 1 son), younger dau of Colonel William Lewis Clinton Baddeley, R.E., and his wife Catherine Elizabeth (née Daniell). See BADDELEY of CASTLE HALE – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1952 Edition and the Dictionary of National Biography. He d.s.p. 30 Nov 1956 and she d. 25 Jun 1977, aged 95.
      4. Edith Mary, of The Grange, Goring-on-Thames, b. 19 Jul 1872 at Haileybury College, m. 16 Apr 1895 at Great Amwell, Rev Henry Charles Wright, M.A., Assistant Master, Haileybury College 1880-1913, Curate of Ware with St. Margaret’s, Stanstead 1913-25, second son of John Freeman Wright of 52 Seymour Street, London. He d. 26 Aug 1925 and she d. 25 Feb 1954 having had issue.
      5. Margaret, b. 25 Mar 1876 at Haileybury College, bapt 7 May 1876 at Great Amwell, d. 10 Feb 1896 at Haileybury College.
      6. Phyllis, of The Croft, Wendover, b. 5 Nov 1880 at Haileybury College, bapt 18 Dec 1880 at Great Amwell, m. 22 Apr 1908 at St. Philip and St. James, Oxford, Canon Reginald Morton Nicholls, M.A., R.N. Chaplain 1915-31, appointed Chaplain, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Valletta, Malta in 1931, only son of Albert Chapman Nicholls of Acombe House, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham. He d. 20 Dec 1946 and she d. 1 Jul 1956 at Rockmoor, Yelverton, Devon.
      7. Mary Frances, of The Lee Vicarage, Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire, b. 9 Oct 1883 at Haileybury College, bapt 2 Dec 1883 at Great Amwell, m. 4 Apr 1907 at St. Philip and St. James, Oxford, Rev John Francis Carter, M.A., Assistant Master, Repton 1904-37, Vicar of The Lee, son of Rev C.C. Carter of Bridge Street, Chester.
    3. Robert Edward, F.S.I., land agent, of New Street, Birmingham, who lived at 12 Vicarage Road, Birmingham, b. 11 Jun 1847, educ Rossall, m. 16 Jun 1880 at Edgbaston, Frances Louisa, second dau of John Dent Goodman and his wife Mary (née Buck). See GOODMAN – Burke’s Family Records 1897. He d. 3 Feb 1915 and she d. 14 Jan 1921 at Downing Street, Farnham and they were both buried at Thornby having had issue:
      1. Hugh John, M.B., B.Ch., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., medical practitioner, of Upton-on-Severn, Worcestershire, b. 25 Apr 1886, educ Marlborough, Caius College, Cambridge, served in the R.A.M.C. during the First World War (mentioned in despatches), m. 27 Apr 1927 at St. Mary the Virgin, Ripple, near Tewkesbury, Worcestershire, Alma Doris, elder dau of Rev Samuel Wallis Frost, Rector of Ripple and Vicar of St. Mary, Worcester, and his wife Alma Elizabeth, third dau of James Dormer of Nottingham. He d. 18 Mar 1960 and she d. 5 Jan 1991 having had issue: 2 sons and 1 dau.
      2. Cecily Frances, b. 10 Feb 1882 at 17 Highfield Road, Edgbaston, educ Edgbaston Church of England College for Girls, m. 28 Jun 1906 at St. George’s, Edgbaston, Philip Boughton Chatwin, O.B.E., second son of Julius Alfred Chatwin, architect, and his wife Edith Isabella, dau of Edmund Boughton and great-uncle of Bruce Chatwin, the well-known author. He was a partner in the firm of J.A. Chatwin & Son (Architects), of York House, Great Charles Street, Birmingham and d.s.p. 17 Dec 1964 at 26 Binswood Avenue, Leamington Spa (Will dated 21 Mar 1949 and proved 26 Jan 1965).
      3. Mary Beatrice, of Abbotshill, Abbey Road, Malvern, b. 3 May 1884 at 17 Highfield Road, Edgbaston, educ Edgbaston Church of England College for Girls, m. 21 Aug 1915 at St. George’s, Edgbaston, Gerald Theodosius Leigh Spencer, son of Rev Gerald Leigh Spencer, M.A., and his wife Harriet Agnes, dau of Rev Theodosius Egerton Boughton Ward-Boughton-Leigh. He served as Lieutenant and Adjutant, 14th Battalion, Royal Warwickshire Regiment during the First World War and was later a solicitor in Hereford. See WARD-BOUGHTON-LEIGH of BROWNSOVER HALL – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1972 Edition. He d. 9 Sep 1948 and she d. 1 Mar 1950 having had issue: 1 son.
    4. Rev Charles Edward, M.A., Rector of Thornby 1909-27, b. 7 Jan 1853, educ Rossall, Magdalen College, Oxford, Vicar of Sibbertoft, Northamptonshire from 1889, m. 1stly 5 Aug 1885 at Beccles, Suffolk, Catherine Mary, dau of Rev Roland Kenrick Edwards, Chaplain, R.N. She d. 15 Feb 1921, aged 63, at Thornby Rectory and was buried at Thornby having had issue:
      1. Rachel Mary, b. 15 Mar 1887 at Long Buckby, Rugby, m. 1stly 8 May 1912 at St. Helen’s, Thornby, Captain Carlisle Kelly, R.A.M.C., son of Brigade Surgeon Lieutenant Colonel James Bennett Kelly, Army Medical Service. She m. 2ndly William Bruce and d. 2 Nov 1925 in South Africa.
      2. Katharine Audrey, b. 6 Feb 1890 at Sibbertoft Vicarage, m. 27 Oct 1915 at St. Helen’s, Thornby, Lieutenant Bernard Thomas Cox, D.S.O., R.N.R., son of Rev Cecil Walter Cox, B.A., Rector of North Kilworth, Leicestershire and his wife Louisa Florence (née Bridges) and d. 1956. Bernard Cox was b. 22 Jun 1884, educ St. Cuthbert’s College, Worksop and was severely wounded when in command of Trawler No. 318 during the attempt to clear minefields and force the Narrows of the Dardanelles Straits on 13/14 Mar 1915 (D.S.O.).
      3. Lois Mary, b. 8 Oct 1892 at Sibbertoft Vicarage, m. 1stly 11 Jun 1914 at St. Andrew’s, Ashley Place, London, Philip Arthur, son of Arthur J.M. Martin. She m. 2ndly William Heydeman of Rhodesia.
      He m. 2ndly Nellie, widow of Harry Hughes, farmer, of Smarden, Kent and eldest dau of James Wood, blacksmith, of Smarden. He d. 2 Feb 1948 at Chipping Campden, she d. 4 Dec 1962 and they were both buried at Thornby.
    5. Mary, b. 21 May 1842 at Thornby, d. unmarried 20 Feb 1911 at Oxford and was buried at Thornby.
    6. Elizabeth (Bessie), of The Rectory, Thornby, b. 7 Oct 1843 at Thornby, d. unmarried 21 Jul 1929 at Manor Farm, Wootton, Oxford (Will dated 2 Mar 1923 and proved 8 Oct 1929) and was buried at Thornby.
    7. Katherine Maria, b. 23 Apr 1849 at Thornby, d. 3 Apr 1850.
    8. Alice Selina, of The Rectory, Thornby, b. 1 Nov 1851, d. unmarried 2 Jan 1933 at Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire (Will dated 16 Jan 1930 and proved 4 Mar 1933) and was buried at Thornby on 6 Jan 1933.
  3. Frederick, b. and bapt 11 May 1812 at Temple Balsall, d. 12 May 1812.
  4. Charles, J.P., land agent and farmer of 517 acres employing 17 labourers in 1851, of Temple House, Temple Balsall and later of Conway Lodge, Milverton Hill, Leamington Spa, b. 15 Sep 1816, bapt 16 Sep 1816 at Temple Balsall, educ St. Paul’s, m. 30 Sep 1845 at Edgbaston, Annette Elizabeth, eldest dau of Theophilus Richards of Edgbaston. He d.s.p. 8 Jan 1886 and she d. 16 Oct 1903 at Conway Lodge and they were both buried at Temple Balsall.
  5. Robert, M.R.C.S., L.S.A., surgeon, Mayor of Bedford in 1862, bapt 26 Jul 1818 at Upper Shuckburgh, educ St. Paul’s, King’s College Hospital, m. 15 Jul 1871 at St. Peter’s, Bedford, Mary Katharine, third dau of Alfred Jones of Bedford. He d.s.p. 21 Feb 1882 at 67 Marine Parade, Worthing, Sussex and she d. 11 Sep 1915 at 3 The Crescent, Bedford.
  6. Thomas Barnes, solicitor, of Beaudesert Park, Henley-in-Arden, Warwickshire and Grafton House, Milverton, tenant of certain lands at Temple Balsall, b. and bapt 15 Nov 1819 at Temple Balsall, educ St. Paul’s, m. 3 Sep 1857 at Aspley Guise, Bedfordshire, Sarah Whitby Smith, second dau of Rev Boteler Chernocke Smith, J.P., of Salford, near Woburn, and his second wife Sarah, dau of Dr. Whitby, M.D., of Warren House, Ashby-de-la-Zouch. See CHERNOCKE of HULCOTE – Burke’s Extinct and Dormant Baronetcies and DOWNES of ASPLEY GUISE – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1937 Edition. He d. 31 Jul 1893 at Milverton and she d. 12 May 1902 having had issue:
    1. Charles, J.P., solicitor, of Henley-in-Arden, High Bailiff of Henley-in-Arden 1893-1910, b. 21 Sep 1858 at The Yew Trees, Henley-in-Arden, bapt 18 Oct 1858 at Henley-in-Arden, educ Rugby, m. 29 May 1884 at St. Michael in Bedwardine, Worcester, Florence Catherine, eldest dau of Rev Richard Thursfield, M.A., Rector of St. Michael in Bedwardine 1872-1906, and his wife Catherine Battersby, dau of Richard Spencer. He d.s.p. 18 Jul 1932 at Jesmond, Bristol Road, Weston-super-Mare and was buried at Beaudesert on 21 Jul 1932 and she d. 13 Jul 1938.
    2. Henry Boteler, land agent, of Home Farm, Rickmansworth, b. 23 Jan 1861 at The Yew Trees, Henley-in-Arden, bapt 22 Feb 1861 at Henley-in-Arden, educ Rossall, m. 29 Sep 1887 at Leeds, Kent, Mary Philipse, second dau of Rev Alphonse Philipse Morris, M.A., Vicar of Leeds. She d. 9 Jan 1918 at Frogmoor House, Rickmansworth and he d. 22 Apr 1941 having had issue:
      1. Charles Morris, of 39 Queen Adelaide Road, London SE20, b. 7 May 1892, educ Haileybury, served in the R.A.S.C. during the First World War, m. Mary Lee and had issue:
        1. Anne Boteler, m. Peter Powell.
      2. Henry Theodore, b. 17 Nov 1896, m. 8 Nov 1923, Ida Evelyn (who m. 1stly 6 Jul 1915 at Ore, near Hastings, Alfred Sidney, eldest son of J.A. Watson, J.P., C.C., of Chadwick Manor, Knowle, Warwickshire), dau of Charles Henry Jaques of Hurst Dene, Ore and The Dorridge, Dorridge, Warwickshire and d. 17 May 1928 at Yantic, Connecticut, U.S.A., having had issue:
        1. Henry Deryck, b. 12 Aug 1924, m. 1stly 12 Jul 1944 in New York, Marisue Rucker of Cleveland. He m. 2ndly 25 Feb 1955 in Sydney, Mary Jennifer Hain of Melbourne and has issue: 1 son and 2 daus.
      3. Helena Elizabeth Boteler, of 36 London Road, Rickmansworth, b. 1888 at Stratford, d. unmarried 14 Apr 1961 at Rickmansworth.
      4. Dorothy Philipse, b. 1891 at Stratford, m. 28 Dec 1918 at Rickmansworth, Captain Robert Reid Muras, M.C., tea planter in Ceylon, second son of Robert Muras, one of the founder members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, Secretary, Forder & Co. Ltd., carriage builders, who lived at 25 Tettenhall Road, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire. He d.s.p. circa 1983.
    3. Rev Ernest Henley, M.A., Vicar of Packwood, Warwickshire 1894-1915, b. 10 Oct 1862, bapt 7 Nov 1862 at Wootton Wawen, Warwickshire, educ Rugby, Balliol College, Oxford, Assistant Master, Uppingham, Rector of Chettle, Dorset, m. 1stly 2 Sep 1895 at St. Giles’s, Packwood, Lucy Jane, eldest dau of Edmund Tonks, B.C.L., of Packwood Grange, Knowle. She d. 4 Jun 1913, aged 57, and was buried at St. Giles’s, Packwood (her gravestone was carved by Eric Gill). He m. 2ndly 6 May 1915 at Swanmore, Isle of Wight, Ethel Maud, dau of William John White, house agent, of Swanmore and d. 25 Oct 1930 at Ledbury having had issue:
      1. Margaret, b. 22 Mar 1916 at Fairmont, Ryde, Isle of Wight, lived in Guernsey with Verity Edith Isabella Couchman (see below), d. unmarried 26 Jun 1995.
    4. Sir Francis Dundas, K.B.E., M.Inst.C.E., Director, The Madras and Southern Mahratta Railway 1927-41, of 1 Florence Street, Grahamstown, South Africa, b. 15 Feb 1864 at Henley-in-Arden, educ Rossall, Cooper’s Hill, m. 2 Jan 1902 at Christ Church, Rajkot, Kathiewar, Bengal, Daisy Isabella McLean, dau of Colonel Donat Edmond McMahon of Bedford. See Who’s Who. He d. 26 Nov 1948 at Grahamstown having had issue:
      1. Doris Lucy Frances, b. 14 Apr 1905, bapt 21 Jun 1905 at Simla, m. 1stly Dec 1928, Lieutenant George Maitland Edye, 7th Hussars, who was buried at Ballaugh, Isle of Man on 20 Sep 1975 having had issue: 1 son and 1 dau.
        She m. 2ndly 6 Jun 1941, Lieutenant Colonel Rowland (Rowly) Graham Hill, O.B.E., The Dorset Regiment, Commanding Officer, Somaliland Scouts, younger son of Captain Percy Graham Hill, The Rifle Brigade, and his wife Elizabeth Anne, dau of Thomas Raworth. See VISCOUNT HILL – Burke’s Peerage. He d. 2 Oct 1978 in Bath and she d. 18 May 1983 at Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol
      2. Verity Edith Isabella, of Water’s Edge, Rue de la Crocq, St. Saviour, Guernsey, b. 8 Dec 1910, bapt 14 Feb 1911 at Maymo, Bengal, India, d. unmarried 4 Feb 1997.
    5. Philip Holbeche, B.A., tea planter in Ceylon, later of 27 Milverton Crescent, Leamington and 57 Argyll Street, Ryde, Isle of Wight, bapt 28 Oct 1866, educ Rugby, Keble College, Oxford, m. 30 Jul 1914 at Plymouth Register Office, Lilian Mary, dau of Charles Edward Ryder, commercial clerk, of 7 Crescent Avenue, Plymouth and d.s.p. 5 Jul 1942.
    6. Malcolm Edward (obituary), C.S.I., B.A., Board of Revenue, Madras, Indian Civil Service, later of Annandale, Woodland Grove, Weybridge, Surrey, bapt 19 Sep 1869 at Beaudesert Park, educ Leamington College, Christ Church, Oxford, m. 4 Apr 1904 at St. Mary’s, Calicut, Madras, Emily Elizabeth Murcott, dau of Walter Alfred Ellis Ranking, tea planter, of Plantation House, Calicut. See Who’s Who. He d. 12 Dec 1938 and she d. 7 Mar 1941 having had issue:
      1. Sir Walter Thomas, K.C.B., C.V.O., D.S.O., O.B.E. (obituary), Admiral, R.N., Vice-Chief of the Naval Staff 1960, of Tandymead, Bromeswell, Woodbridge, Suffolk, b. 19 Mar 1905, m. 1stly 29 Jul 1937 (marriage dissolved) at Urghlin, Ireland, Phyllida Georgina, dau of Captain Corry Langrishe Connellan of Johnstown House, Carlow and his wife Geraldine Mary Georgiana, dau of Sir Charles Fairlie Cuninghame, Bt. See CONNELLAN of COOLMORE – Burke’s Landed Gentry of Ireland 1912 Edition and Who’s Who. She d. 4 Jul 2002, aged 96, and was buried at Johnstown House, Carlow having had issue: 1 son and 2 daus. He m. 2ndly 1965, Hughe Thelma, widow of Lieutenant Colonel David Walter Hunter Blair and dau of Captain Hugh Edward Reid, Royal Scots. See HUNTER BLAIR, Baronet – Burke’s Peerage. She d. 31 May 1972 and he m. 3rdly 1972, Daphne, widow of Captain Edmund H.N. Harvey, R.N. He d. 2 May 1981 and she d. 23 Jan 1997.
      2. Arthur Whitby, F.C.A., chartered accountant, with J.R. Freeman & Son, b. 21 Oct 1907, educ Clifton, m. 1946, Dinah, widow of Surgeon Lieutenant Commander James Oxenham Fielding, R.N., (who was lost when H.M.S. Hood was sunk by the Bismarck on 24 May 1941) and dau of Alfred Thomas, organist, of Shrewsbury. He d. 20 May 2001 having had issue: 2 daus.
      3. John Malcolm, D.S.C., M.B., B.Ch., medical consultant, b. 30 May 1913 at Bexhill-on-Sea, educ Sherborne, Christ Church, Oxford (rowing blue 1933-35), St. Thomas’s Hospital, bronze medallist in the eights at the Berlin Olympic Games 1936, Surgeon Lieutenant, R.N., during the Second World War, m. 11 Sep 1939 at Warborough, Oxfordshire, Anne Elizabeth, elder dau of 2nd Lieutenant Gerard Herbert Elsworth, 62nd Punjabis (who d. of illness in Mesopotamia on 27 Jun 1916) and his wife Mabel Gertrude (née Ascherson) and d. 17 Nov 2004 having issue: 1 son and 1 dau.
    7. Hervey Noel, Major, Middlesex Regiment, of Alnashee, Mardley Hill, Welwyn, bapt 14 Apr 1872 at Beaudesert, m. 22 Jan 1909 at St. Pancras Register Office, Mary Frances, dau of John Nolan, baker and confectioner, of 13 Charrington Street, St. Pancras and d. 21 Oct 1937 at Stotfold, Bedfordshire having had issue:
      1. Sarah Monica, Deputy Headmistress, St. Catharine’s Convent, Twickenham, later of 41 East Street, Littlehampton, West Sussex, b. 3 Jul 1909, d. unmarried 6 Dec 1981.
  7. EDWARD HOLBECHE, Colonel, Assistant-Adjutant-General, Madras Artillery, bapt 31 Aug 1822 at Temple Balsall, educ St. Paul’s, commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant on 10 Dec 1841, promoted Lieutenant on 3 Jul 1845, Captain on 10 Dec 1856, Brevet Major on 20 Nov 1865, Lieutenant Colonel on 12 Jun 1866, Brevet Colonel on 12 Jun 1871, m. 4 Dec 1858 at St. Mark’s, Bangalore, FEDERATA HARRIET, b. 18 Oct 1835 at Mercara, Coorg, bapt 30 Oct 1835 at Coorg, second dau of Lieutenant General Sir GEORGE CORNISH WHITLOCK, K.C.B., and his wife HARRIET, third dau of Sir SAMUEL TOLLER, Kt, Advocate General of Madras. See Whitlock and Toller Family Histories. She d. 13 Jun 1870 at 2 Toronto Villas, Tunbridge Wells, Kent and was buried there and he d. 26 Apr 1876 at Genoa, Italy on his way home from India on sick leave having had issue:
    1. George Henry Holbeche (Uncle Box) (obituary), D.S.O., Colonel, 13th Foot (later Somerset Light Infantry), of Hedges, Budleigh Salterton, Devon, b. 7 Dec 1859 in Madras, bapt 20 Feb 1860 at St. Thomas’s Mount, Madras, educ Haileybury, commissioned May 1878, served in Burma 1885-87 (D.S.O., despatches), Burma 1891-92 (medal with two clasps), received the Royal Humane Society bronze medal for saving a man from drowning in Burma, commanded 2nd Battalion, Somerset Light Infantry in England and Malta 1906-10, Area Commandant, B.E.F. 1914-18 (despatches), m. 2 Sep 1899 at Thatcham, Berkshire, Helen Mary (Aunt Nellie), second dau of Richard Samuel Chattock, R.E., R.B.S.A., etcher and print-maker, of Silhill House, Solihull and Thatcham House, near Newbury and his wife Fanny (née Birkett). See Who’s Who. He d.s.p. 25 Feb 1936 at Budleigh Salterton and she d. 5 Feb 1962.
    2. Bertram Cornish, Captain, Royal Marine Light Infantry, b. 12 Oct 1863, bapt 10 Dec 1863 at Secunderabad, educ Rugby, gazetted into R.M.L.I. on 1 Sep 1881, served in Egypt 1884-85: Suakin, Defence of Suakin, d. unmarried 12 Nov 1897 of pneumonia at Stonehouse, Plymouth and was buried in Plymouth Cemetery.
    3. AMY HARRIET, b. 10 Sep 1861 in Madras, bapt 31 Oct 1861 at St. Thomas’s Mount, Madras, m. 12 Sep 1882 at St. Helen’s, Thornby, Northamptonshire, CHARLES JOHN GOODMAN of Oxted, Surrey, second son of JOHN DENT GOODMAN, J.P., and his wife MARY MARTIN (née BUCK). See GOODMAN – Burke’s Family Records 1897. She d. 6 Sep 1915 and he d. 6 Dec 1927 having had issue: 1 son and 3 daus.
    4. Helen Federata Carrie, b. 20 Feb 1869 at Tunbridge Wells, d. 16 Jan 1870 at 6 Rue Kepler, Paris.
  8. Richard Short, Honorary Major General, 12th and 40th Madras Native Infantry, of 125 Victoria Street, Westminster and 40 Pembridge Villas, b. 22 Feb 1825, bapt 23 Feb 1825 at Temple Balsall, educ The Ford, Worcester, St. Paul’s, m. 22 Feb 1866, Margaret Elizabeth (Lily), only dau of Major Thomas Henry Pearce Kennan, 84th Foot, and his wife Anna Louise (née Brereton) and grandniece of Major General W.R.A. Freeman, Madras Army. See KENNAN – Burke’s Irish Family Records 1976 Edition and monumental inscription in St. Peter's, Eaton Square replacing the original one that was destroyed by fire in 1987. He retired from the Army on 12 Dec 1879, d. 8 Nov 1900 and was buried in Kensal Green Cemetery on 13 Nov 1900 and she d. 26 Jun 1919 at 125 Victoria Street and was buried in Kensal Green Cemetery on 1 Jul 1919 having had issue:
    1. Richard Henry, b. 25 Jun 1871 at Saugor, Central Provinces, India, d. 19 May 1872.
    2. Arthur Brereton, b. 27 Feb 1874 at 25 Hatherley Grove, Bayswater, d. 29 Jul 1875 at Mangalore, India.
    3. Elizabeth Anna, b. 7 Aug 1867 at Ootacamund, India, m. 5 Oct 1899 at St. Peter’s, Eaton Square, Herbert Clerk Lewis, 2nd Baron Merthyr, elder son of William Thomas Lewis, G.C.V.O., D.L., J.P., 1st Baron Merthyr and his wife Anne, eldest dau of William Rees. See MERTHYR – Burke’s Peerage. She d. 10 May 1925 at Hean Castle, Pembrokeshire and he d. 20 Mar 1932 having had issue.
    4. Lily Frances Hervey, of The Grange, Bampton, Oxfordshire, b. 5 Dec 1869 at Saugor, m. 28 Jan 1904 at St. Peter’s, Eaton Square, Henry Louis Vanneck Pryse, solicitor, of Surrey House, Leamington, only surviving son of Charles Pryse of Llanbadarn-ffynydd, Radnorshire and his wife Emma Amelia, eldest dau of Robert Jope Neck and d.s.p. 14 Apr 1948.
  9. William Dundas, Honorary Lieutenant Colonel, Bengal Artillery, of Cornlands, Shenfield, Essex and later of Frimley, Surrey, bapt 6 Nov 1826 at Temple Balsall, served during the Indian Mutiny (defence of Neemuch 8-22 Nov 1857 and operations in Oude 1858-59), retired from the Army on 1 Aug 1872, m. 14 Jul 1870 at St. James’s, Dover, Georgina Hester Mary Anne, widow of Captain Frederick Ponsonby Cramer-Roberts, 2nd Bombay Native Infantry, and dau of Marmaduke Coghill Cramer-Roberts of Sallymount, Co. Kildare. See CRAMER-ROBERTS formerly of SALLYMOUNT – Burke’s Landed Gentry of Ireland 1958 Edition. He d.s.p. 5 Dec 1889 at Frimley and she d. 10 Oct 1920, aged 82, at 89A Lexham Gardens, Kensington and was buried in Kensal Green Cemetery on 14 Oct 1920 having had issue by her first husband: Marian Edith, b. 2 Jan 1862, bapt 28 Apr 1862 at Belgaum, unmarried in 1881.
  10. Elizabeth, of Bedford, b. and bapt 11 Jul 1813 at Temple Balsall, d. unmarried 25 Feb 1869 at Woburn, Bedfordshire and was buried at Temple Balsall.
  11. Susannah, of 8 Dale Street, Leamington Spa, b. 8 Jun 1817, bapt 9 Jun 1817 at Temple Balsall, d. unmarried 30 Jul 1904 and was buried at Temple Balsall.
  12. Jane Mashiter, bapt 7 Apr 1821 at Temple Balsall, m. 1stly 23 May 1848 at Temple Balsall, Hugh Francis Burman, M.D., of Caius College, Cambridge, son of Thomas James Philip Burman, surgeon, of Henley-in-Arden. He d.s.p. 28 Aug 1850 and she m. 2ndly 1853, her first cousin, Rev John Holbeche Short, M.A., Vicar of Temple Balsall, eldest son of Rev John Short, M.A., Master and Chaplain of Temple Balsall, and his wife Elizabeth, dau of Joseph Boultbee. See Short Family History. He d. 11 Feb 1892 and she d. 17 Feb 1892 having had issue: 2 sons and 2 daus.
  13. Mary Sophia, bapt 18 Mar 1828 at Temple Balsall, m. 5 Jul 1870 at Hulcote, Bedfordshire, George Higgins, J.P., brewer, of Castle Close, Bedford, elder son of Charles Higgins, brewer, Mayor of Bedford in 1848, and his wife Mary (née Branson). She d.s.p. 18 May 1883 and he d. 3 Aug 1883. Cecil, George Higgins’s son by his first wife, was a collector of note whose collection forms the basis of the Cecil Higgins Art Gallery and Museum, which is housed in the old family home in Castle Close, Bedford.
  14. Selina Sarah, b. 13 Dec 1831, bapt 14 Dec 1831 at Temple Balsall, m. 28 Jun 1853 at Temple Balsall, Rev Boteler Chernocke Smith, B.A., elder son of Rev Boteler Chernocke Smith, J.P., of Salford, near Woburn and his second wife Sarah, b. 24 Apr 1795, dau of Dr. Whitby, M.D., of Warren House, Ashby-de-la-Zouch and brother of Sarah Whitby Smith (see above). He was educ Trinity College, Oxford and served as Vicar of Biddenham, Bedfordshire 1856-65 and Rector of Hulcote-cum-Salford, Bedfordshire from 1865. See CHERNOCKE of HULCOTE – Burke’s Extinct and Dormant Baronetcies and DOWNES of ASPLEY GUISE – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1937 Edition. He d. 21 Apr 1898 and she d. 12 Jan 1921 at Hulcote having had issue: 15 children.