Privacy Policy


This web site uses telemetry to collect information on how it is used and general site health. The following events will collect telemetry:

This is powered by the Application Insights service (part of Azure Monitor) on Microsoft Azure. All Application Insights resources are hosted within the UK South region in Microsoft Azure. The data collected are only visible to me, Jeremy Archer, and Benedict Hazel, as webmaster, (“we”) as part of his personal Microsoft Azure account and subscription.

As part of the telemetry, the following personal information is collected and is retained for 90 days:

Data Example
Date & Time 27/03/2021, 10:30:00 (Local Time)
Device Type & Model Browser, Other
Operating System macOS 10.15
Browser Version Safari 14.0
IP Address
City, State/Province, Country/Region Wimbledon, London, United Kingdom

Each telemetry event is assigned a session and user ID by Application Insights, however, these are comprised of random numbers, letters and special characters and cannot be used to identify a user personally.

We only use these data for the purpose of monitoring how the site is used and do not share it with any other individual or organisation.