Edwards Family History

RICHARD EDWARDS of Neen Savage, Shropshire, Churchwarden of Neen Savage in 1667, m. 29 May 1665 at Bucknell, Shropshire, ANN DAVIES, who was buried at Neen Savage on 7 Dec 1693 having had issue:

  1. EDWARD, of whom presently.
  2. Richard, gentleman, of Chesterton, Huntingdonshire, Churchwarden of Neen Savage in 1692, bapt 21 Apr 1668 at Neen Savage, m. Jane – , d.s.p. 6 Jul 1730, aged 63, and was buried at Chesterton on 8 Jul 1730 (P.C.C. will dated 4 Feb 1729/30 and proved 8 Oct 1730). See monumental inscription in Chesterton Parish Church. He left money to the Church in the parish of Neen Savage and left Rowton Farm in the parish of Broseley, Shropshire to his nephew Richard Edwards (see below). In his will he named his uncle William Ward and his wife Mary, his nephew John Guyer, his niece Ann Guyer and his brother-in-law Thomas Edwards and his wife Catharine.
  3. Ann, bapt 25 Mar 1670 at Neen Savage.
  4. Mary, bapt 24 Feb 1674/75 at Neen Savage, buried at Neen Savage on 7 Nov 1679.
  5. Mary, buried at Neen Savage on 2 Feb 1682/83.

EDWARD EDWARDS of Broseley, ‘had a toll road that ran from Norman Cross to the north of Water Newton, m. 24 Apr 1707 at Neen Savage, KATHERINE, bapt 19 Nov 1682 at Neen Savage, dau of JOHN HINCKESMAN and his wife ELIZABETH (née ROWLY). See monumental inscription to the Hinckesman family in Neen Savage Parish Church. He was buried at Broseley on 9 Dec 1728 and she d. Mar 1758 (P.C.C. will dated 13 May 1750 and proved 5 Jan 1759) having had issue:

  1. Richard, of Chesterton and later of Water Newton, Huntingdonshire, bought the Manor of Water Newton in 1735 and sold the Hall in 1742, bapt 4 Mar 1707/08 at Burford, Shropshire, m. 6 Feb 1733/34 at Water Newton, Mary, dau of William Fuller of Caldecote, Huntingdonshire. He d. 1753 (P.C.C. will dated 20 Nov 1741 and proved 5 Jun 1753) and she lived later in the parish of St. George, Stamford, Lincolnshire, d. 7 Oct 1801 (P.C.C. will dated 11 Feb 1788 and proved 21 Oct 1801) and was buried at Water Newton having had issue:
    1. Richard, of the parish of St. Martin, Stamford Baron, Northamptonshire, bapt 4 Apr 1737 at Water Newton, m. 12 Jan 1768 at Godmanchester, Huntingdonshire, Elizabeth Hunsdon of Godmanchester, d. 24 Nov 1808 (P.C.C. will dated 13 Aug 1806 and proved 23 Aug 1808) and was buried at Water Newton having had issue:
      1. Richard, B.A., of Shrewsbury, Shropshire in 1805, may have been b. 1772, educ St. John’s College, Cambridge, Curate of Wilton, Wiltshire 1799, and may have been living in Great Russell Square, Bloomsbury in 1816.
      2. William, of Colebrooke Dale, Shropshire in 1806.
    2. William, of Glatton, Huntingdonshire, owned land at Woodston, Huntingdonshire, bapt 12 May 1740 at Water Newton, m. 15 Sep 1781 at All Saints’, Sawtry, Elizabeth Dawes, widow, of Glatton (witness Charlotte Dawes), d. 4 Mar 1784 (P.C.C. will dated 16 Feb 1784 and proved 26 Mar 1784) and was buried at Water Newton.
    3. Edward, Admiral of the White Squadron, R.N., from 4 Jun 1814, of Southampton Row, St. George, Bloomsbury, owned land at Denver, Norfolk and Farcet, Huntingdonshire, bapt 1 Sep 1741 at Water Newton, d. unmarried 13 Apr 1815 (P.C.C. will dated 12 Dec 1805 and proved 13 Jun 1815) and was buried at Water Newton. He was appointed Lieutenant on 7 Sep 1759, Captain on 25 Apr 1781, suffered a mutiny by his crew on H.M.S. Narcissus in 1782, was involved in considerable controversy as Captain of H.M.S. Pandora after being sent to seek mutineers from H.M.S. Bounty, some of whom died of drowning in his care when the ship was wrecked on the Great Barrier Reef on 29 Aug 1791 and was subsequently only promoted on half-pay: to Rear Admiral on 14 Feb 1799, Vice Admiral on 9 Nov 1805 and Admiral of the Blue on 9 Jul 1810,
    4. Samuel, attorney-at-law, of Stamford, in business as Messrs. Edwards & Son, bapt 1 Jul 1743 at Water Newton, apprenticed to Thomas Thoresby of the Inner Temple for £125 in 1765, m. 27 Sep 1775 at All Saints’, Sawtry, Huntingdonshire, Mary Brown. She d. 18 Aug 1816, aged 70, he d. 13 Dec 1816 (P.C.C. will dated 5 Dec 1816 and proved 30 Jun 1817) and they were both buried at Water Newton having had issue:
      1. Samuel, attorney-at-law, of Stamford and later of Spalding, Lincolnshire, m. 16 Aug 1803, Anne Foster and d. 1839 (P.C.C. will dated 24 Feb 1836 and proved 28 Aug 1839) having had issue:
        1. Samuel, bapt 21 Dec 1805 at All Saints’, Stamford, living in 1836.
        2. Thomas Foster, farmer of 440 acres employing 10 men and 6 boys in 1881, of Tan Holt, Eye, Northamptonshire, bapt 3 Aug 1808 at Spalding, m. 1848, Elizabeth Parr, bapt 11 May 1814 at Spalding, dau of Arthur Pratt and his wife Elizabeth (née Parr). He d. 1889 and she lived later at 15 Brighton Road, Southampton and d. 13 Aug 1895 having had issue:
          1. Elizabeth Parr, b. circa 1849, unmarried in 1895.
          2. Annie, b. circa 1851, unmarried in 1895.
        3. William, bapt 10 Feb 1810 at Spalding, living in 1836.
      2. William Brown, banker and brewer, of the parish of St. Michael, Stamford, m. 10 Feb 1814 at St. Andrew, Sawtry, Elizabeth Smith (witnesses Thomas Smith, Lucy Smith) and d. 1849 (P.C.C. will dated 25 Apr 1849 and proved 4 Aug 1849) having had issue:
        1. William, bapt 7 Jan 1815 at St. Michael, Stamford, living in 1849.
        2. Henry, solicitor, partner in the firm of Messrs. Goodwin & Sons, Captain, Lynn Rifles, of The Chace, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, b. 1819, educ Stamford Grammar School, m. 1849, Maria Elizabeth, eldest dau of Philip Wilson of King’s Lynn and d. 24 Mar 1868 (Will dated 15 Feb 1868 and proved 25 Jun 1868) at The Chace having had issue. See memorial window in Water Newton Parish Church.
        3. Samuel, solicitor, of Sawtry Lodge, Lewisham and Lincoln’s Inn, b. circa 1822, m. Harriet Fanny Blanche Hughes and d. 14 May 1882 (Will dated 13 May 1882 and proved 26 Aug 1882). See memorial window in Water Newton Parish Church.
      3. Mary, m. 25 Aug 1815, Rev Robert Boon, B.D., M.A., Bursar, St. John’s College, Cambridge 1798-1809, Rector of Stockerston, Leicestershire 1793-1844, Rector of Ufford, Northamptonshire 1808-1844, who d. 24 Mar 1844, aged 85, at Ufford. See monumental inscription in Ufford Parish Church.
    5. Jane, bapt 3 Feb 1735/36 at Water Newton, d. unmarried 13 Jan 1780 and was buried at Water Newton.
  2. John, bapt 12 Jun 1709 at Burford, d. between 1729 and 1741.
  3. Rev Samuel, B.A., of Water Newton, bapt 4 Oct 1721 at Broseley, educ St. Catharine’s College, Cambridge, attached to the Diocese of Lincoln on 25 Sep 1743, d. unmarried 1744 (P.C.C. will dated 11 Feb 1743/44 and proved 21 Jan 1744/45).
  4. Charles, bapt 27 Dec 1722 at Broseley, d. young.
  5. Elizabeth, m. 17 Oct 1735 at Oldbury, Shropshire, John Weston, bagweaver, of the Welch Gate, Bewdley, Worcestershire, who d. circa 1765 (P.C.C. will dated 13 Nov 1764 and proved 7 Mar 1765) having had issue:
    1. Thomas, bapt 5 May 1745 at Ribbesford, Worcestershire, living in 1765.
    2. John, bapt 4 May 1747 at Ribbesford, living in 1764.
    3. Samuel, bapt 12 Aug 1749 at Ribbesford, living in 1764.
    4. Elizabeth, bapt 18 Jul 1736 at Ribbesford, living in 1764, m. Thomas Beale.
    5. Mary, bapt 5 May 1738 at Ribbesford, unmarried in 1764.
    6. Jane, bapt 14 Apr 1741 at Ribbesford, unmarried in 1764.
  6. Katherine, bapt 12 Dec 1714 at Broseley, m. 21 May 1734 at Sutton Maddock, Shropshire, Robert Maxwell of Folksworth, Huntingdonshire, Land Agent to the Cotton family, Baronets, of Connington, Huntingdonshire, son of George Maxwell, 9th of Carnsalloch in the county of Dumfries, and his second wife Mary, widow of Matthew Hairstanes of Craig and dau of James Douglas of Pinzerie. He d. 1762 (P.C.C. will dated 1 Oct 1761 and proved 1 Mar 1762) and she d. 22 Apr 1803, aged 89, at Fletton Lodge and was buried at Fletton, Huntingdonshire having had issue:
    1. William, b. 9 Sep 1735 at Woodston, Huntingdonshire, buried at Folksworth on 29 Oct 1735.
    2. Robert, b. 14 Jan 1738/39, bapt 8 Feb 1738/39 at Folksworth, buried at Folksworth on 5 Feb 1739/40.
    3. William, b. 9 Nov 1742, bapt 19 Dec 1742 at Folksworth, living in 1761.
    4. George, of Fletton Lodge, Fletton, agriculturalist, Steward to Lord Eardley, wrote several pamphlets on the subject of land drainage and taxation of the North Level 1781-93, one of the pioneers of modern surveying, had his portrait painted by Benjamin West, said to have enclosed more parishes in England than any other man, b. 2 Jun 1744, bapt 3 Jun 1744 at Folksworth, m. 20 Nov 1776, his first cousin, Frances, fourth dau of Feast Goodman, grocer and tallow chandler, of Peterborough, Northamptonshire and his wife Mary, third dau of Edward Edwards (see below). See Goodman Family History. She d. 26 Jun 1790 having had issue and he m. 2ndly Mary Marlborough of Baldock, Hertfordshire, dau of Thomas Marlborough of Hertford and his wife Dorcas (née Moors). She d.s.p. 30 Dec 1806 (P.C.C. will dated 11 Oct 1799 and proved 4 Feb 1807), he d. 25 Dec 1816 (P.C.C. will dated 2 Mar 1816 and proved 7 Jan 1817) and all three were buried at Fletton.
    5. Catherine, b. 10 Oct 1736, bapt 15 Nov 1737 at Folksworth, m. 16 Aug 1757 at Folksworth, William Higby of Stilton, bapt 30 Nov 1735 at Yaxley, Huntingdonshire, son of Samuel Higby of Yaxley and his wife Mary (née Styles).
    6. Jane, b. 23 Jul 1740, bapt 27 Jul 1740 at Folksworth, m. 1stly 16 May 1762 at Folksworth, William Nichols of All Hallows, London Wall. She m. 2ndly 11 Apr 1782 at St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Robert Bromfield and d. 19 Jul 1818 at Hordley, near Woodstock.
    7. Cordelia, b. 29 May 1746, bapt 8 Jun 1746 at Folksworth.
    8. Mary, b. 20 Feb 1748, bapt 21 Feb 1747 at Folksworth, m. 17 May 1767 at Folksworth, Henry Edmonds of All Hallows, London Wall and was living in 1816 having had issue:
      1. George Maxwell, of Spalding, bapt 10 Apr 1774 at All Hallows, London Wall, m. 1 Feb 1808 at Spalding, Anna Maria Robinson. He d. 18 Dec 1847, aged 75, at Spalding and she d. 25 Jan 1855, aged 79, at Spalding having had issue.
      2. Henry, bapt 19 May 1782 at All Hallows, London Wall.
      3. Mary, bapt 7 Sep 1772 at All Hallows, London Wall.
    9. Elizabeth, bapt 17 May 1750 at Folksworth, m. 1stly William Jeyes. She m. 2ndly 6 Oct 1789 at Castor, Northamptonshire, Robert Bate and was living in 1816.
    10. Ann, b. 31 Jul 1754, bapt 8 Oct 1754 at Folksworth, buried at Folksworth on 28 Apr 1759.
  7. MARY, of whom presently.
  8. Jane, of Water Newton, bapt 9 Feb 1719/20 at Broseley, m. 31 Aug 1738 at Water Newton, John Cleaver of Carburton, Nottinghamshire, bapt 3 Apr 1711 at Bodington, Northamptonshire, younger son of John Cleaver of Bodington and his wife Mary, eldest dau of Edward Buckerfield of Bodington. There is a good pedigree of the family of Cleaver of Carburton at the College of Arms. He was buried at Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire on 26 Oct 1779 and she d. 21 Oct 1803 and was buried at Edwinstowe having had issue:
    1. Edward, banker, of Leeds and Nunnington Hall, Yorkshire, m. 20 Jun 1763 in Leeds, Anne, eldest dau of William Banks. She d. 14 Mar 1804 and he d. 6 Jun 1812 having had issue: 4 sons and 3 daus.
    2. Rev John, D.D., M.A., Rector of Slingsby, Yorkshire, Vicar of Crambe, Yorkshire 1814-23, bapt 28 Sep 1743 at Terrington, Yorkshire, educ Eton, King’s College, Cambridge, m. 17 Apr 1775 at St. Michael, New Malton, Yorkshire, Eliza, dau of James Fenton of The Glass House, Leeds. She d. 1 Feb 1818 and was buried at New Malton and he d. 5 Aug 1823 at Holme Pierrepont, Nottinghamshire having had issue: 2 sons and 2 daus.
    3. Mary, of East Retford, b. 14 Jul 1739, d. unmarried 3 May 1818 and was buried at Edwinstowe.
    4. Anne, of East Retford, b. Jan 1742, d. unmarried 20 Oct 1818 and was buried at Edwinstowe.
    5. Arabella, m. 19 May 1771 at Terrington, Benjamin Hutton of Newington, Middlesex. She d. 6 Jul 1820, he d. 28 Aug 1823 and they were both buried at Islington.
    6. Jane, b. 28 Mar 1750, m. 31 Dec 1782 at East Retford, William Mason of Welham, Nottinghamshire, youngest son of George Mason of Eaton, Nottinghamshire and his wife Elizabeth, dau of William Colton of North Leverton, Nottinghamshire. He d. 21 Sep 1803 and she d. 12 Feb 1823 having had issue. See MASON of MORTON HALL – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1952 Edition.
    7. Catherine, b. 17 Dec 1754, d. unmarried 19 Jun 1820 and was buried at Edwinstowe.

MARY EDWARDS, bapt 9 Oct 1717 at Broseley, m. 17 Nov 1744 at Woodston, Huntingdonshire, FEAST GOODMAN, grocer and tallow chandler, of Peterborough, Northamptonshire, second son of THOMAS GOODMAN of Peterborough and Caistor, Lincolnshire. She d. 31 Aug 1780 and was buried at St. John’s, Peterborough on 3 Sep 1780 and he d. 8 May 1784 (Consistory Court of Peterborough will dated 21 Apr 1784 and proved 2 Jun 1784) and was buried at St. John’s, Peterborough on 12 May 1784 having had issue. See GOODMAN – Burke’s Family Records 1897 and monumental slab in the aisle of St. John’s, Peterborough.