Rev. Thomas Toller

The Times 12th December 1885

The death is announced of the Rev. Thomas Toller, of Kettering, the oldest minister in the Congregational body. Deceased was born on the 1st of April, 1796, so that he died in his 90th year. He was educated at the Kettering Grammar School and trained for the ministry at Wymondley College. In 1824 he succeeded to his father’s charge at Kettering, which he held upwards of 54 years. It is a remarkable circumstance that the united pastorates of father and son over the same church extended over more than 100 years. The Rev. Thomas Northcote Toller, the father of the deceased, was a contemporary of Andrew Fuller and Robert Hall, and his published works are well-known in religious literature. In 1871 the ministerial jubilee of the Rev. Thomas Toller, now deceased, was celebrated at Kettering, the discourse being delivered by the Rev. Dr. Binney. Mr. Toller is survived by three brothers, whose united ages amount to not less than 232 years. A fourth brother devoted himself to missionary service and died in India in early manhood.