Mr. Edmund Painter Stacpoole

The Times 16th September 1980

Mr. Edmund Painter Stacpoole, CBE, who died recently at the age of 78, deserves tribute for the selfless and matchless service he gave to Britain’s parliament, government and press as the Lobby correspondent of the Press Association for 30 years.

He joined the PA from the Southend Times in 1924 and was sent to Westminster in 1936. From then until his retirement after the general election of 1966 he carried the immense burden of that job day and night, serving morning and evening papers, entirely on his own. Never once during those years of receiving non-attributable briefings and private confidences did he betray a trust. Nor did his patience ever reach its limit, even at times of intense pressure like the Suez crisis of 1956.

Staccie, as he was known to prime ministers and PA messengers alike, played a vital part in giving the PA its reputation for total reliability. With it all, he possessed great kindness and an exceptional sense of humour. And his generosity made him pick up a junior colleague’s dinner bill as readily as he would share his knowledge with him.

His marriage in February 1979, to Enid Hanson give his last 18 months an exceptional dimension of happiness.