Copy made by Agnes Senior of the Undated Letter from Agnes Senior to her Cousin Edith Pocock

2, Gloucester Gardens
Richmond Hill

No wonder you say you cannot “fathom the Senior family” when my three uncles had families 11-14-& 10!! & some of their descendants continued in the same style - We cannot find that the Nassau Senior’s are related to us - My mother & her three brothers had a large property in Jamaica but their father had come to England owing to ill-health leaving it in the hands of an Agent, who robbed them, & then the Emancipation of the Slaves rendered the land useless.

The father & mother both died within a year, at Hot Wells, & Mrs Laird, a great Aunt, brought up all four children - “Grandmamm Laird” she was called - Mary Estlin remembered her well. My Mother never left her ‘till she died at 86, & then married my father, having at the time still an income (tho’ lessened) from Jamaica. Her eldest brother Lewis G. Senior married before he was 21 (a Miss Husey) and had eleven children in no time - His wife had the estate of Compton Pauncefote left her by a former admirer, a Mr Hunt, on condition that her husband & his descendants took the double name of “Husey-Hunt” - the property being entailed. There is a large country house (called a “Castle”!) a nice living (with very little to do) a pretty little church with a spire, & a most comfortable Rectory which of course was given the 2nd son of Lewis G. Husey Hunt as the eldest was to succeed his father - Now I am sorry to say, there is no Senior to hold the Living & it has gone out of the family. The present Husey Hunt is the 4th - he lets the “Castle” & lives at Brighton.

Alfred & I often used to drive over to Compton to see our various cousins (9 at the Rectory) & round about. - Such a pretty little village it is 10 miles from Sherborne - “Emily” was a daughter of my Mother’s 2nd brother “Bernard” who went out to Jamaica & half populated it! My husband is a son of the 3rd brother “James” - Nellie Bennett with whom Isabel stayed at St. Leonards is 2nd cousin to Emily & her two unmarried sisters still live in a pretty “cottage” at Compton.

Now have I enlightened you or puzzled your brains? Love to you & D.

Your afft cousin

Agnes L. Senior

Edith Pocock born 1862 at Clifton Bristol - daughter (3rd child) of Edith Prichard and Rev Nicholas Pocock married abt 1852.

Edith Prichard, daughter (9th child) of Anna Maria Estlin and Dr. James Cowles Prichard.

Edith Prichard and Agnes Estlin Senior were 1st cousins. Their common ancestor was Rev. John Prior Estlin.